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  1. Could you clarify what’s not working here? Are the members which purchase it not getting the badge and points ?
  2. There’s no setting for this, but I’m really curious .. why would you want to do this?
  3. thx I have fixed this for an upcoming release.
  4. HI, please submit a ticket and we'll take care of this.
  5. Well, there's your reason;) The ACP marketplace works only for stuff purchased direct via our marketplace
  6. What’s not working? Have you finished the MP onboarding process?
  7. Pleased contact tapatalk for support for their app.
  8. It seems that our amazing @Ryan Ashbrook rockstar located the issue, but I guess that it would be handy to still get the plugin to confirm that it was really this. Please just send an email to support@invisionpower.com mentioning this topic and asking to get it assigned to me with the plugin attached to the email. Thanks a lot for the cooperation 🙂
  9. Yea, import fixes get reviewed and approved ASAP;)
  10. We're having troubles to reproduce the issue, could you probably share your plugin with us?
  11. We're requiring PHP 7.2 and recommending PHP 7.4.0 for IPS 4.6 , but I would personally recommend to use PHP 8 if it is available on your system !
  12. Yea, even if the code is present, it won't run if Request->id isn't present:) To give you more insight, that's my bug report from today morning:
  13. Is this 4.6 or 4.5? I remember that I fixed here few bugs for 4.6. Could you please review ALL your groups and ensure that they have valid max.upload file size values. This MAY help, if not you'll have to wait for 4.6
  14. Could you please submit a ticket so that we can take a look a this.
  15. We're using here a custom template which doesn't have the id included, but I've noticed few issues with the current approach. I've posted an internal bug report for this
  16. Is your globalTemplate customised? It's already there: {{if isset( \IPS\Request::i()->id )}}data-pageID='{expression="(int) \IPS\Request::i()->id"}'{{endif}} My demo board output: body class="ipsApp ipsApp_front ipsJS_has ipsClearfix cCmsDatabase_articles" data-controller="core.front.core.app,core.front.widgets.manager" data-message="" data-pageapp="cms" data-pagelocation="front" data-pagemodule="pages" data-pagecontroller="page" data-pageid="7" data-pagename="articles.html"
  17. Welcome to part 3 ( Part 1 & Part 2 ) of our series for 3rd party developers. Let's recap the interesting stuff: A new extension was added to the core app to allow 3rd party apps to extend the achievements. Content Items can be marked as anonymous We have cleaned up our code and have removed almost all the deprecated methods and variables! One if the most concerning changes for IN_DEV users will probably be our new ACP warning once the CSRF Key is being exposed in the ACP That's nothing to worry about, it's only returned with enabled IN_DEV mode, but please take it serious and try to avoid any redirect to any URL containing the CSRF key and containing user generated content.
  18. Could you please submit a ticket so that we can take a look at this?
  19. Time to upgrade! 😉 From the 4.5 changelog:
  20. There should be a full error stack logged in your system log. Try to find the last error in the twitter_promote category
  21. Throughout the IPS Community Suite, content items can be posted as anonymous. Implementing page view tracking First, you need to implement the Anonymous interface in your content item model, like so: implements \IPS\Content\Anonymous Next, add a is_anon and last_comment_anon key to your $databaseColumnMap, with the value being the name of the database column that stores the bit. To determine if a content item or comment was posted anonymous, you can use the new Item::isAnonymous() method. Also Item::author() will return a guest object for anonymous content!
  22. We’ll mention the IP address in the support request once it gets necessary:)
  23. You can use the filter on the club - members page to show all invited members. That said, as far as I know, they won't get a duplicate invitation if they were already invited.
  24. There's indeed a rule for this in our guidelines https://invisioncommunity.com/developers/submission-guidelines/
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