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  1. When viewing a forum topic, the links in the footer cannot be clicked.
  2. This might be a long shot, but I had a question/suggestion for this. Is it at all possible for a member (who has their Discord account synced with their website account) to receive alerts of new website notifications in a single Discord private DM thread? Discord is used by a solid majority of my members, and since there is no native app for Invision communities yet, this could be an awesome alternative for mobile notifications for the time being.
  3. ACP > Community Tab > "Settings" under Forums > Scroll down to Topic Settings
    Best theme on the market for my type of community, hands down. I love the features and I love that the author is constantly adding more and improving what's already there. My members love customization and this will help scratch that itch for them when we finally release it. We're also able to get rid of a few old apps/plugins because of the built-in features. The only con I can think of is the renewal price being a tad steep (about half the cost of the theme itself). If the customer service and updates stay consistent, I'd look at it as an investment rather than a cost, but I know some may be deterred by it.
  4. On the ACP, the tabs and font colors clash with each other. (White text on very light gray background.)
  5. YES!!!! When I am home and on my PC I’ll purchase this!!
  6. There has been a lot of feedback suggesting ways to improve Commerce Support, and none of them were really asking them to be a contender for a Zendesk alternative like one of the Invision staff insinuated when someone else questioned the decision. I was hoping some improvements would be made in the last 2 years we've been here, things like front-end notifications for ticket replies or admins being assigned to a ticket, members receiving front-end notifications if their tickets were responded to by staff, etc. since we've been asking for this since day 1. Them moving to Zendesk only confirms the fear that support will forever remain as it is since they now no longer use it themselves, and the responsibility will be dropped on the laps of third party developers like so many other things that you would assume would be in the software by default. I don't work for them, so I'm not aware of the supposed extreme circumstances that made abandoning your own software to migrate to another make more sense than to improve on what you already have and charge others for, but I'm not here to argue about support numbers. It is what it is. We let our license expire until we felt there were substantial improvements that would justify the renewal since we ultimately pay for nothing except small patches that fix Invision's mistakes, not even support. We learned quickly how to solve our own issues since dealing with support often leads people in circles of blaming everyone else. I don't come here often anymore since there's really no need for me to, but each time I do I'm disappointed in most things I see posted here. The upcoming mobile app was a small glimmer of hope, but not enough to bring us back and restart our license. We'll probably start the steps to discuss migrating to a different platform by the beginning of 2020. We've already found a contender that checks 99% of our boxes and then some, but we were hoping Invision would catch up at some point to make me feel less guilty about all the money we've put into this software. They still advertise clubs as a new feature on the landing page when they've existed since we started here, so it's my fault for having higher expectations. Again, it is what it is.
  7. Same here. Our original community was shut down abruptly without warning and we literally scrambled to get a second place together. (I was only a member at the time.) After about 4 years of bad decisions, neglect from then current admins, and a bunch of messy details in between, I found myself with the entire community in my lap within the span of 2 months after only volunteering to help out with some technical related things.
  8. I'd buy the app if this became a feature.
  9. Would be nice to have a new ad location available within gallery image collages/grids. As a user is browsing images, there could be 1-2 placeholders for an advertisement banner to show up on each page. Example of how it's done on DeviantArt:
  10. Is this going to remain exclusively dark? I would love if there was a light version as well for accessibility reasons.
  11. I'm in 37 servers and can assure you none of them are gaming-focused. 😎 Discord is being used by people from all walks of life even though it did start out as a communication platform for gaming guilds and clans. Most of my servers are focused around artists and artisan crafters. I lied, I found one belonging to a twitch art streamer who sometimes plays games. Invision bums me out sometimes because it seems like their client base is saturated with gaming communities and questionably legal marketplaces, though I'm basing this on who I've encountered in my short 1+ year so far in this forum. It's severely evident in the marketplace with a lot of plugins, and themes especially, heavily geared towards those in the gaming side of the internet. I've said this before, but I usually have to do some sort of extra customization to get most third party content to work in the way we need it to. Discord was an easy decision to make and so far it's been extremely positive.
  12. @opentype That's interesting, and I don't mean that sarcastically. I have yet to find anyone who doesn't use it, let alone heard of it, but then again I am in a completely different demographic than most people here.. which I might have made minor complaints about once or twice. 😅
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