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  1. We have 5 social media buttons and each account gets updated at the minimum of twice a day by our social media team with any important news/updates/announcements, events, member spotlights, and sharing member content. It is also secondary support for members who can't access the site for whatever reason, including when we have our own technical issues. 15% of our new traffic/members come from our social media campaigns. We'll never hide them! 😜 Tips to anyone who needs help in the social media department: Don't be afraid to shop around for programs that allow you to post the same content to all of your socials at once. These are LIFE SAVERS. While you do have to change a few details between certain platforms you want to post to, it is still insanely faster and easier to use these programs than to manually manage each social channel individually. I can't recommend a program because one size does not fit all and really suggest you do your research. There are free ones available, but the ones that have a fee are well worth it if you're really serious about this. Do not.. DO NOT use social media as a replacement for users to visit your site and see the content directly. While sharing your community content isn't inherently bad, you want to build your posts to encourage engagement with the website still. Don't give them the whole pie in a twitter post. Let them take a bite of a slice and entice them to visit your community to really dig into whatever it is you're sharing. Engage. With. Your. Users. Offsite. Don't create a brickwall where your socials are only used to shove information down people's throats and remember that communication goes both ways. Check out the people who like your posts, respond to comments, create a friendly environment. Lastly, don't ignore or censor negative feedback. It's just as important, some could argue more important, as positive feedback. Open up a dialogue and speak with anyone who is unhappy about something. Disclaimer: I am not a professional. My experience with social media comes from a year of running the socials for a corporate company and the 3 years I've been running my current community. Before I took over, our social medias were dead and posted to at the most once a month and they've come a long way.
  2. I would love to join the beta, but nothing happens when I click sign up. 😟
  3. Hey @Makoto! Quick question before I purchase this. Is there a way to disable the delete option and only display the deactivate option for a member if they've received warnings? We keep all of our accounts with warnings for a minimum of 12 months in case legal action is taken against the user. (We deal with a lot of intellectual property infringement.) I know we can decline the deletion request, but it would avoid the argument of "well why did you give me the option if I can't use it."
  4. I thought I had posted here before, but I guess I haven't. This is similar to how I came to own the community my team currently runs. The original admins abandoned it because they expected overnight success, but weren't willing to do the work needed to get there and decided they deserved better. (lol) It was dumped into the lap of a very young and very naive person who had zero knowledge of how to run a website much less all of the technical know-how needed to move forward. I had been a member of the community since its creation, and pretty much was the only one with some technical knowledge to get things back up and going again, so I was asked to take over most aspects of the site. I'll admit there are times where I had to apply the fake it 'til you make it strategy. My knowledge pre-owning this community was limited to HTML/CSS/JS with a hodge podge of projects in-between, but I had zero knowledge with php or backend server management and depended on a lot of help. After about 3 years and several website development classes, I have most of it pretty much figured out. To prevent this from happening to someone else again in the future, we have a few admins that slowly get taught how to run things in a worst case scenario, because a lot of people earn their primary income through us and we don't want to put them in a position where they suddenly have no "job".
  5. Probably shouldn't steal copyrighted graphics from other websites, especially easily recognizable ones.
  6. Nah, I haven’t renewed since early 2019 and have bought/renewed many marketplace purchases since then. I’ll contact support then!
  7. I know but it’s not letting me. Normally it would say there’s a pending renewal invoice that needs to be paid, but it doesn’t say anything or give me any options. I have pending renewal invoices that are months old so I don’t know why I wouldn’t have one for a file that just recently hit its renewal date?
  8. Heya, The renewal was set for this month, but I never received a renewal invoice and now it says "Expired" and isn't letting me download the most recent version. I checked my orders page and my manage purchases page but there isn't a pending renewal for me to pay anywhere. 😞
  9. Search "Classifieds" in the marketplace and a few apps will pop up for you to choose from, however, none of them will be the same as uploading a product to the commerce store and a lot of the commerce features, such as coupon codes, integrated shipping, product fields, and the like will not exist.
  10. I've brought this up years ago, but wanted to know if there were any plans to improve the cropping of animated photos yet? Currently, the cropping system doesn't work on .gifs and forces the full image to display everywhere regardless of what is done in the cropping process, squishing and pulling it to fit into predefined places. Using max- attributes with a hidden overflow only works on static images and will still squish and pull images to fit within a space that it doesn't fit correctly in. The overflow of this static image is properly hidden, as the cAuthorPane_photo has a max height of 160px but this image is 220px tall: However, this image is being squished to fit in a 160x160 space instead of the extra height being hidden like the above. It is a .gif file:
  11. Our community uses their real info for billing purposes using IPS' Commerce app, otherwise transactions would more than likely be flagged as fraud if their billing info did not match their payment info, but as far as using it for their public usernames? No. I don't see the need, and having that private customer billing info should suffice for any law without violating the privacy of a member who prefers to go by an alias.
  12. Ahhhhhh why am I being spammed non stop??? @Matt I’m sorry if this isn’t your area but you’re the only staff member I know off the top of my head. I had to delete the app to stop the notifications from coming one after another!! @Fosters Thank you for the link. I’m a little hesitant to buy something that hasn’t been updated in almost two releases though.
  13. I've been asking for front-end notifications for support related pings since 2017. Don't expect it anytime soon. ;(
  14. We advertise our site on other sites with similar interests. We also make sure those sites cater their ads to their community's interests and don't just post a google ad-sense code for random ads.
  15. I'm not Robert, but members complained about not being able to design nice looking post templates and tables and having the ability to just quickly copy and paste anywhere they pleased from one source, google word documents specifically which has nice formatting options that we can't add to the editor for reasons Invision gives anytime someone asks for extra fonts and whatnot. I would love to turn the editor into plain text only, turn on html, and limit which html attributes/tags members can use, sorta like DeviantArt's post system where they can only make div boxes with basic css like align, background, text-decoration, font styles/colors, and borders.
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