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  1. Feature Request: Ability for club owners to upload and use unique emotes within their club chatrooms.
  2. Like it or not, no one said they weren’t working on it or asked you to comment about beta versions. If being told you shouldn’t use them on live sites gets you this crabby, find a new hobby.
  3. I know it's in beta, but it is not released yet. The current released version is still 4.4.10. You shouldn't be using beta versions on your live website.
  4. Wondering the same. This post was made two months ago and there's still no release. 😞
  5. Feature Request: When sending notifications to Discord regarding things like gallery images, files/products, etc. can the default image be embedded within the notification?
  6. All OSP/ISPs who follow proper guidelines have this protection automatically given to them by OCILLA, which was included in the DMCA. You don't need to pay anyone to handle this for you and you don't have to register anywhere or pay a fee for it either. That's the official act wording, but to put it in a more general sense, you would be found liable only if any of the following are true: you were proven aware of the infringing content and made no attempts to remedy it you refused to remove and/or ban repeat offenders you made a profit off the display/sale/distributi
  7. I would like this, too. I run an art site and we'd like custom fields such as Program Tools Completion Time Etc
  8. Bumping this up because I still think improvements need to be made to the ignore feature. I'm now having to deal with members reporting each other because people they've ignored are retaliating by down voting all of their recent content to lower their reputation. There needs to be a way for the person doing the ignoring's content to be hidden to those that are being ignored. They shouldn't still be able to antagonize people that want nothing to do with them. It still doesn't make sense to me that that a community platform has no proper tools for the member to control their experience.
  9. A lot of people might not notice it's there, or you may need to double check group permissions. I know an issue I had in the beginning was that people were freaking out over the constant dinging from new messages and ended up disabling the chat without realizing what they were doing and forgetting it existed.
  10. I would LOVE this. This was one of the downsides of Tapatalk; People were confused that they would have to sign up for the app and then have to find our community in a sea of other communities they didn't want/care about and assumed they had downloaded the wrong app initially.
  11. Hihi, I edited my post right before you replied and realized that you didn't have it in your quote, so I'll post it here again just in case you missed it. I can't wait until 4.5 is officially released so we can upgrade everything. 😄
  12. Seems like several countries are following in India's footsteps and looking to investigate and/or ban the app. 🤔
  13. Those changes look AWESOME! I have a small request if you'd consider it for a future update: We don't use the leaderboard, so the "Days Ranked" option in the AuthorPane goes to waste. Could we have the option to swap this out with the member's follower count instead? Also, an option to limit which usergroups can use the customization features (Accent Color, Circle/Square images and borders, and custom images) instead of just guests. Thanks!
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