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  1. I unfortunately have tested positive for Covid after struggling the last several days with even the most basic tasks of walking from one room to another. I just got the news today and will more than likely be admitted as my health is deteriorating. Trying to tie up some loose ends before the inevitable since I hold a pretty significant role in my community. For the last 6 months, I've done everything I was supposed to do. I stayed home, only went out when it was absolutely necessary, wore a mask, showered when I came back home, disinfected constantly, etc. Yet I see people who are sti
  2. Disclaimer: My community doesn't use the forums exclusively or even majorly, we're just a website built on Invision's software that has forums. We earn I would say a modest profit that is about 3x the cost of running the site, but I wish we could get Google Ads to actually work the way it should so we could earn even more. The bigger our community grows, the more money we invest into it to make sure we can keep up with everything, but we've tried twice to get Google set up and both times were absolutely horrible. Even though we had all video/sound/pop-up/full-screen ads disabled,
  3. This is for custom notifications you push manually, not for automatic notifications. You'll want something like this:
  4. Hello @Fosters just checking in. Any ETA on when this will be upgraded? It currently does not work on 4.5 and is the last essential application we're waiting on an upgrade for.
  5. I'm literally scouring Invision trying to find the plugin that does this. Could I pretty please have a link? Thank you!! Also @DawPi Yes, having it send an inline notification that links members to the content that was moderated instead of sending a PM would be absolutely amazing. We used the Rules app to create various triggers to send automatic notifications for nearly every moderator action and we would jump on your app immediately if it had this functionality. Sending a mass of PMs for everything is very old-school (in my opinion) and not something a lot of people like, especi
  6. I'll be sure to tell the US legal system that the last 8 years they've protected me against a third-party claim was done wrong because someone on Invision's forums said so. Crazy! 😋
  7. I send about 180k/m but it would cost more to choose the 100k plan and then be charged the fee for each additional email over that. A lot of our members prefer to get email notifications since they pop up on their mobile. Good alternative until our website's mobile app is finished and they finally get push notifications.
  8. No, still using our server. We send a lot of emails so even using Sparkpost, we'd have to use their $170/m plan to accommodate it.
  9. @breatheheavy SparkPost is compatible via SMTP only, but it used to be fully integrated just like SendGrid until Invision removed it. It's cheaper and more reliable in a lot of ways than SendGrid ever has been. I haven't looked too much into other options outside of SparkPost because we switched back to using our server which is doing okay for now. I forgot to also note that when I first created my SendGrid account, they suspended it a few hours later because they thought I stole someone's registered business information to sign up for an account without giving me the option to ver
  10. We stopped using SendGrid for this reason. More than half of our emails were not being delivered because we kept being assigned IP addresses that were blocked by most of the top providers. When I sent in a ticket, they told me I would need to pay more money or just deal with it because they don't try to get their IPs unblocked. I dealt with it by deleting my SendGrid account. They got rid of SparkPost integration because of numerous issues and terrible customer service, but I actually had zero issues using SparkPost where I've always had those issues with SendGrid.
  11. Thank you for the quick fix! I don't mind waiting for the new version to be approved.
  12. Thank you for the fix on the posts. We've run into another issue. Guests who try to register to our site receive an error after they submit their registration form. After long testing and troubleshooting, we've discovered that it only happens when this app is enabled. This is the full log from ACP: This is a very critical bug and we have to keep it disabled until this is resolved. The registrations will still go through, however, this bug allows them to bypass email verification and lets them have full access of the website upon leaving the error page. We made several acc
  13. I'm sure he'll get to it soon. This is one of the last apps on my site that needs an upgrade for 4.5. ☺️
  14. Ohohohoho it gets even funnier. They get mad when people download the files they upload to their site and put them on other sites. It's almost like.. like the exact same thing they're doing..
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