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  1. I can't find the bug tracker anymore, but we just upgraded to 4.6 and now the buttons are missing in the app marketplace. Example below of a free theme. Edit to clarify: The button to purchase or upgrade the app is missing from the small, empty rectangular box above "Resource Information"
  2. Hey there! Not here to rush, just wanted to say that I ran into another user having the same problem. The invoice expired, but no one can pin the shop still. The button doesn't appear even for staff. Since we remove expired invoices periodically, there's no invoice for me to go in and change from expired to cancelled to make the button show back up, so this topic is now sitting in limbo and the owner is wanting to get it pinned, but we can't make an invoice for it. Disabling and reenabling the app doesn't fix it either. Seems like the only way I'd be able to pin it is if I do it manually through the ACP which isn't ideal since it doesn't create an invoice to be paid. If worst case scenario I have to do a fresh install, I can do that, but I'm not sure if this would prevent it from happening again. Sorry again for the bother!!
  3. I personally would prefer this one. I feel it's more efficient as anyone who pulls out before the competition is over will not need an email. I'd want to use it to email all participants to let them know that the competition is officially over and then another email after winners have been announced. I'm not sure of the usage needed by the other poster who suggested the idea originally.
  4. Hey CodingJungle, do you have a video showing the features and system itself in use? I tried viewing it on your website, but a "Something gone wrong!" error continually pops up and I'm not able to see anything.
  5. Aw man. My community was looking into the idea of selling merch and I was really interested in this. Came here to see what's happened the last few months and it seems like this is abandoned. 😞
  6. I'd be interested in this as a trigger as well!
  7. How can I create a block that mimics the style/function of the Our Featured Clubs section on the clubs directory? There seems to be only one built-in block for clubs and it's just a forum-style list of club names, and you can't sort it by featured only. I've copied the code from the template, but it doesn't work for probably obvious reasons that go beyond my scope.
  8. Yes I understand. I have it set to expire after a week of non-payment. The issue I came across is that even after the invoice expires. The topic isn’t made available again as if the invoice is still pending. I checked I think it was 4 topics yesterday that were having the issue and I confirmed that the button was indeed not showing in the topic despite the invoices being expired. If I edit the expired invoices and change them to cancelled, the button does appear again and a pin can be purchased for it, but only when I make the manual change. Leaving it as expired for some reason is not allowing it to be pinned anymore. Deleting the expired invoice doesn’t make the button reappear either, only when it’s changed to cancelled. I’m not sure how long it’s been behaving this way. Most of those who brought it to our attention just assumed the limit was maxed out when the button never returned.
  9. These are some common feature suggestions from my community regarding the clubs feature. A lot of them are based around giving club owners more control over their own clubs and members. If there are any plugins/apps that can provide any of these functions, please point me in the right direction! Move "Edit this x" option from the drop-down menu to a button next to the tab title. The current placement for the edit option when a member wants to edit a specific club tab is not too user-friendly. Most would not know that they would have to click the club management menu just to make changes to one specific tab. An example of the new placement can be found on the calendar tab, which has a settings cog next to the tab title that is pretty useless since it has nothing to do with settings, which also confuses members. Add content creation permissions on the club level. Currently, there is no way for a club owner to set who can create topics in a forum tab, who can submit images in a gallery tab, and so on and so forth. It's basically all one blanket permission for the entire club which we get many complaints about. Some want forum tabs for informational purposes, or galleries to showcase their own artwork as a portfolio, for example. Ability for Owners/leaders/mods to mention the club member group and add club mentions as a notification setting option. This is a popular feature request due to platforms like Discord that allow you to tag members based on user groups/roles. People prefer to be mentioned or "tagged" for important replies instead of following content and getting spammed with notifications for every reply or action performed. Allow club owners the ability to change the club type on the frontend. (Public/Open/Closed/Private/Read Only) I'm not even sure why this doesn't exist already? Any other platform I've been apart of that had some kind of group system allowed owners to be able to change this freely. Currently, our members have to submit a support ticket for us to change it via the ACP and this is a need we would like to eliminate. It's common for owners to create a private group so that they can take the time to set it up before opening it up for invitations. Add membership tiers. Some of them would love to use our clubs as Patreon/Ko-Fi alternatives, but are held back by there only being one membership fee option. Allowing them to create however many tiers they need personally would be great, but if that's not possible, having at least 3 tier options built-in would be a great compromise for now. Then some permissions to choose who can view which club tabs based on their membership level would round this out. Ability to hide the "Overview" tab. Quite simply, some don't like it and would prefer to hide it, but this one isn't that important. Edit to clarify: With the ability to create custom pages added to clubs, they now prefer making custom pages as the new overview page without the activity feed, so that they can stylize it however they like with the use of tables and css. The overview tab becomes redundant and some owners would like to just hide it if they've chosen to replace it with a custom page.
  11. May have found a bug, but not sure. We started getting support tickets from members saying the button wasn't showing up in their topic, even when the max limit hadn't been reached. I looked into it and I noticed that they all had expired invoices for the topics they were attempting to pin. The system was still behaving as if they had a pending invoice to pay, preventing them or anyone else from being able to pin the topic. Is this intended behavior? The only way I can fix this and have the button show back up in the effected topics is to go through and manually cancel the expired invoices, but I wouldn't think that would be necessary since it wasn't pending anymore? We regularly clear out our expired invoices through a query, so I'd hate to accidentally delete an expired invoice for a pin and cause that topic to never be able to be pinned in the future. Thanks!
  12. So... basically nothing changes. 😉
  13. Everyone here has great points to make, and I'm leaning more to the side of it just being a custom thing that the few communities who would need it could take advantage of it rather than it being suite-wide. While my community has thousands of members on the LGBTQ+ spectrum, I wouldn't want this or have it enabled either. I've seen first hand what these pronoun labels invite on social media, such as Twitter and TikTok. It basically puts a target on the person's back for anyone who disagrees with anything that isn't cisgender or heterosexual. No amount of tools, staff, or community management style can effectively suppress that behavior. There are numerous studies that show how toxic social media in general is and how despite best efforts, this will never change until people themselves change. This will never happen because, well, humans. Right now, we have a couple custom fields that invite members to provide information about themselves in a broader sense. If they're comfortable enough to add that in, great, but I don't want them to feel pressured in any shape or form by having multiple fields for individual traits.
    One of our biggest advertisement related money makers, hands down.
  14. Yes, please remember this guys. The marketplace here is definitely not the only resource for Plugins/Apps. Lots of developers jump at the opportunity to earn more money by letting you purchase things on their own websites or even directly so they don't lose a chunk to fees. Don't be afraid to use the directory to contact someone privately, the worst they can say is no. It's how my community survives without an active license.
  15. Correct me if I'm wrong, but pretty much everything presented that way can easily be hovered over to see the exact amount, no?
  16. Quick report, With this enabled, we can't merge member accounts. We receive an error halfway through and some information will have been merged while some won't, and both accounts will still exist with duplicated information. Merging works fine when we temporarily disable it.
  17. You're right, it really wouldn't, but it would address the issue of us not being able to let withdrawals be automatic (not need approval and be paid out instantly when the request is sent). I am very much the work smarter, not harder personality... or lazy.
  18. Having the rank image there period is kinda ugly. Something I'll def remove if we upgrade to 4.6. Post profiles in general are really lacking structure and it's not cohesive at all in the style. For example on this website, you have rather large blurry rank images on top of small circular profile photos, the contributor image has weird capsule shading, the Invision Staff image looks like someone randomly screenshotted a logo from somewhere else, and the client pips... The staff badge is also kinda useless since there are multiple other visual cues that make it obvious someone is staff. First impression is that a handful of people all had very different ideas and someone allowed them all to contribute one thing each to make them happy. 🤣 Unless they reorganize some things or maybe even make the profile photo larger, it all just looks like clutter to me. I've heavily edited my postcontainer template to get rid of the everything-center approach.
  19. 😪 Is there any way this can be added as a feature soon?? We want to limit withdrawals to one per week, but we get HOUNDED by members if the request sits for more than a day even when we explain the weekly policy. Charging a $5 fee for multiple requests doesn't deter this behavior either, it only angers them more. We want it to be automatic, but because we can't limit how many withdrawals they can make, we're stuck doing everything manually. The maximum withdrawal setting is useless for us because we don't care how much they withdraw as long as it's just that one time a week. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease. Thanks for the link, but I'm not a client so I can't see half the stuff in the community.
  20. Daniel recently made this statement in his announcement to developers about 4.6. Does this mean that 4.6 comes with the ability to set how frequent users can request a withdrawal based on days/weeks/months? I've been asking for this feature since 2017 and I would be so happy if this is the case.
  21. I can't edit my comment above, but I did have an observation now after looking through the new achievements. Is the poor image quality forced by the system with some kind of weird compression, or did you guys just not use the right size when uploading them? The pixels are so poorly resized you can barely read out any wording or numbering details.
  22. Are those... RULES I SEE?!?! Just 100 more to go and that automation will be chef's kiss.
  23. I requested a change similar to this nearly 3 years ago, but nothing has happened. A lot of the currency functions in Commerce make no sense. On other websites, if someone sets a USD price, but the member has EUR selected, it will still show the USD price and automatically convert to their preferred when they go through checkout. For some reason Invision can't seem to handle this or even want to, so when my site had multiple currency options, it was a hodge podge of listings with no price and people assuming they couldn't buy it. The same issue carries over into Downloads. We had to resort to only allowing one currency which forces members to pay conversion fees through PayPal or their credit/bank company, but we had no other choice.
  24. I just submitted a new version to fix moderator permissions. It should be approved in a couple of days. Awesome! Thanks for looking into it. 😊
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