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  1. For example if you publish your own APP and need to fetch your community data.
  2. Return content a guest would see if no token has been sent with the request. Requesting the forum list (/api/forums/forums/ does not make any sense at the moment b/c you can not differentiate if you have a category or if an item is a parent of another one. Please organize the returned structure in a better way or give the possibility to organize the returned structure via parameters. Return unread content for authenticated members Return the topic a post is related to Upload images and other media Mark topic / posts as read Flag whether a topic / post is marked as read or not
  3. Hi, I looked it up and my plugin is working. Maybe I can help you to get it running? Please tell me if I can support you.
  4. Thanks for that. I will look it up. Didn't know that twitter moved its API to a new system.
  5. @Gilly in your screenshot you don't have selected any group the user must be in to get the icon displayed next to its username. You can only select one primary and one secondary group. Currently it's not possible to include all of your groups. Maybe you can assign a secondary group to all of your users and then select the group here?
  6. Sorry for my delayed answer. It's true, there is an error in my plugin. But since there is an official API I don't think it makes any sense to develop the plugin further. The plugin is not used by many members. So I have to look if I will delete it or bring it to the next level.
  7. I can not reproduce the error. Did you configure the group settings correctly? Can you reproduce the behaviour?
  8. I can not confirm that. I see all my posts I've ever made. Must be a token issue. Try the following: Go to the API Expolorer (https://developers.facebook.com/tools/explorer/) and put your access token into the token field. Then fetch the following endpoint: /your-pagename/posts. You should see all your posts or an error message. You also should check if the user where you create the permanent token from has enough rights. Therefore you can go to the Role tab in your app.
  9. Better late than never. Facebook updated their docs and it seems to be possible to use their API without reviewing your app. So I updated the plugin with a new field where you can put your access token. You can read in the plugin description how to create a never expiring token. Hope that helps! Works like a charme!
  10. Currently is not possible. I will put it on the feature list.
  11. Facebook wants you to make a screencast to review your app since they have new standards. There you must show how your app interacts with their login data and several tings more. But here comes the problem: my app does not interact with login data or anything else. I only need an active app to fetch posts from their API. I wrote that in the review description and they did not accepted that. Now I have to discuss with them how they accept my app in their forum. Seems to become a long way... ?
  12. Facebook currently disagreed my App. I have to give it in review again.
  13. Should work with all endpoints of type 'posts'. Currently I am still waiting until Facebook reviewed my app. I don't know why it costs so much time. I am really sorry for that ?
  14. I am currently waiting until facebook reviewed my app so that I can say whether this is the solution or not. Seems without approved App you will always get no data back. I am waiting since more than one week ?
  15. Looked it up right now. What exactly do you want to display from Tumblr? Blog Posts?
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