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  1. Currently I don't have any plans to write such a plugin. I think it's only possible to implement pro icons when you edit your theme templates.
  2. I think it's possible to customize your template themes. You could change the global html template and add font awesome premium links there. But a more cleaner way would be a plugin to add font awesome premium. Maybe there already exists one. I've seen you already opened another thread with that question: It's the same anwer I would give.
  3. If you use premium fa icons in your forum you can use it. You only have to find a way ho to use the premium file in you application.
  4. I postet a topic for that few months ago:
  5. I reinstalled my plugin on 3 complete different environments and it worked with 4.4.3. So I need more information what exactly does not work. Maybe there is a conflict with other plugins or you did something I would never do 😞
  6. I already commented my needs in this thread. You can see my comment there:
  7. One simple question: will you ever complete the API with the endpoints your members want / need to have or will you leave everything as it is?
  8. I renewed my license. So it should be available soon. Will have a look what changed in 4.3 the next few days.
  9. For example if you publish your own APP and need to fetch your community data.
  10. Return content a guest would see if no token has been sent with the request. Requesting the forum list (/api/forums/forums/ does not make any sense at the moment b/c you can not differentiate if you have a category or if an item is a parent of another one. Please organize the returned structure in a better way or give the possibility to organize the returned structure via parameters. Return unread content for authenticated members Return the topic a post is related to Upload images and other media Mark topic / posts as read Flag whether a topic / post is marked as read or not
  11. Hi, I looked it up and my plugin is working. Maybe I can help you to get it running? Please tell me if I can support you.
  12. Thanks for that. I will look it up. Didn't know that twitter moved its API to a new system.
  13. @Gilly in your screenshot you don't have selected any group the user must be in to get the icon displayed next to its username. You can only select one primary and one secondary group. Currently it's not possible to include all of your groups. Maybe you can assign a secondary group to all of your users and then select the group here?
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