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  1. I have a request 🙂 Any chance we can get some API Endpoints for the Application? I'd love to be able to GET Member Points Primarily. That way we can display a users Member points in our Desktop or Mobile Apps. And maybe later allow the ability to GET Shop Items and Purchase using Points via API. Thanks in advance and feel free to PM if you have questions about it!
  2. I have a Request 🙂 Can you make the Video App coincide with the Ignore Functions? For example. If someone Ignores a Users on the website. They will no longer see their Videos within the Video Section. And they won't see them on the Activity feed. Thanks for the help!
    The App does exactly what it is intended to do. So that's nice! I just wonder if we can edit the Front End Colors on the Dark Mode? Because some of our Custom Apps don't really work with the color scheme. Thanks for the help in advance!!
  3. Getting an weird error when trying to create a Block to use on other Pages. Is it possible to create Blocks using Landing Pages? Because it's giving me an error saying ErrorException: template_store_missing (0)
  4. Alright, I put the new info in. Now this is what it's showing. I'm not sure what to do really. Just show Video Embed Failed
  5. You can't say that URL here
  6. I don't believe that I set this up right. Can you please send me how to set it up right? Here is the error image.
  7. Disabled it and it seems to be working now! Appreciate the help!
  8. I'm having an issue with Donations. The users are able to send the Donations, and the system is logging it. But after clicking (Send) they are being sent to an Configuration Error Page. I'm not sure what the reason may be, or if it's even an App issue. But would you mind PM'ing me so I can send you this Configuration error? This is basically what it is saying, but it's more technical. UnderflowException: lang_not_exists__mailsub__membersshop_notification_donate_donations (0)
  9. Can you show me how to set this up for B|T Chute I put exactly as the image shows, but it just says (Configuration Error) when I try posting a B|T Chute Video 😞
  10. I tried to say Bit/Chute But for some reason IPS is Censoring the Company. I don't understand why. They are a video sharing platform like YouTube 'Barneys Girlfriend'ute
  11. @Mike John Hey Mike quick question. Any chance we can integrate 'Barneys Girlfriend'ute videos? We'd love to have that as an option for submitting videos. Feel free to DM me as well 🙂
  12. Here's to hoping that when IPS releases their Mobile Apps it comes with a new API with the Endpoint to Upload Images / Attachments. I've been studying this a bit and learned I could create my own Endpoint, but was hoping someone had a way to go about it already without developing my own.
  13. That sounds cool, and would be super useful for Communities that already have Native Mobile Apps and Developers. Or are looking to get a Native Mobile App created. Because we've basically had to Develop a ton of New Endpoints and Apps in order to get ours working. So I understand the struggle.
  14. Since you all are building a Mobile App. Does that mean we will be receiving new Endpoints to build our own Mobile Apps? Because I'd really enjoy having an Endpoint to Upload Attachments / Images. 😛
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