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  1. I tried to say Bit/Chute But for some reason IPS is Censoring the Company. I don't understand why. They are a video sharing platform like YouTube 'Barneys Girlfriend'ute
  2. @Mike John Hey Mike quick question. Any chance we can integrate 'Barneys Girlfriend'ute videos? We'd love to have that as an option for submitting videos. Feel free to DM me as well 🙂
  3. That sounds cool, and would be super useful for Communities that already have Native Mobile Apps and Developers. Or are looking to get a Native Mobile App created. Because we've basically had to Develop a ton of New Endpoints and Apps in order to get ours working. So I understand the struggle.
  4. Since you all are building a Mobile App. Does that mean we will be receiving new Endpoints to build our own Mobile Apps? Because I'd really enjoy having an Endpoint to Upload Attachments / Images. 😛
  5. So I'm confused about this. I tried looking for Followers in the Existing API. However, I only see Follows not Followers. Is there something I'm missing?
  6. You are my hero! I'll let the Devs of the App know.
  7. Anyway we can get that endpoint created? We're not too worried about the pagination.
  8. Correct! Anyway we can pull that list via API? Or some other way of pulling it?
  9. Hello Newbie, I was wondering if you could develop something new for this app. We're in the process of getting our Mobile App created and released But were running into one issue. We don't have a way to GET Followers. The API comes standard with the ability to GET Following But it does not pull the list of Followers, which is a large portion of our Network. Is there anyway we can get an Endpoint Created that GETS Followers? Or do you know of anyway we could pull that information into our mobile app? Thanks for the help!
  10. Was able to fix this myself, just re-made the tournament and manually re-added all the teams. But is it possible to have the option to remove teams in the future? 🙂
  11. We're having an issue. Someone deleted their team. But was part of a tournament, and now it's showing an error. Anyway to fix this? [[Template tournaments/front/tournament/teamsJoined is throwing an error. This theme may be out of date. Run the support tool in the AdminCP to restore the default theme.]]
  12. Right, but if we exclude the URL from auto embedding then we don't get an Auto embed at all. We want the Twitch.TV and Youtube.com URL's to Auto Embed. We just want the Video Players instead of the Rich Embed Format for those Specific URL's. Is there anyway to exclude the Rich Embed, but still allow Embedding for Specific URL's?
  13. Hello @A Zayed So I'm having a problem with this plugin working too well. Basically my website people post a lot of Youtube Videos and Twitch Streams. And with this plugin enabled, instead of auto embedding the video player like before. It's now defaulting to the External Links Rich Embed format. Is there anyway to force the plugin to not format certain websites? While still allowing it to auto embed Twitch Streams and Videos?
  14. Hey @newbie LAC Got a question for you about this. Would it be possible to showcase a specific user, or even multiple, at the top of the widget? That way more people will see their profile
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