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    svit reacted to tomwin in Classifieds System   
    Any fix for this?
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    svit reacted to Adriano Faria in Quizzes   
    What's New in Version 1.4.0 Beta 1:
    Compatiable with IPS 4.4 only! This is a compatibility version to IPS 4.4, still in Beta stage, so you can keep using the app when you upgrade your board. A new type of quiz is being added and will be available in Version 1.4.0 final.
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    svit reacted to ParkerPhoto in Lens Specifications   
    1. Would like to see "Lens Specifications" added to the main EXIF data.  Photographers like to see what type of lens used.
    2. Additional EXIF data...  "Make" is not necessary.  The model is sufficient to know the type of camera.  Don't need to know that the "Nikon Corporation" was the company.  It's already listed in the Model;  "Nikon D300".

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    svit reacted to Adriano Faria in Quizzes   
    Ok, I’ll add in next version, hopefully with a new type of quiz: grade mode - multiple right answers. 
    Just need to finish something I’m working first. 
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    svit reacted to Durango in Classifieds System   
    Ok we solved the problem, you need to add to your custom.css in your theme :
    .cClassifiedsCarrouselItem { width: 170px; min-height: 240px; } .cClassifiedsCarrouselItem .ipsThumb { max-width: 100%; max-height: 100%; width: 155px; height: 155px; } .cClassifiedsCarrouselItem .cFilePrice { font-weight: bold; font-size: 14px; }  
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    svit reacted to Adriano Faria in Classifieds System   
    I will reply this one. This happens in any app (try Downloads for example). The categories list isn’t a widget. It is a contextual sidebar block and it appears above the widgets. It is controlled by the framework itself; not by the third-party app (Classifieds in this case).
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    svit reacted to SecondSight in Links Directory   
    Hello ! ?
    I'm using version 5.2.1. I've cleared cache in the ACP and in my browsers, but the links feed still doesn't look good. It is too small and the text has a problem :

    Why don't you make it look like in the downloads section ? (as it was before in fact, with bigger pictures and text below) :

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    svit reacted to Adriano Faria in Quizzes   
    No. Are you using 1.3.0 on IPS 4.3.0. Just tested and upgraded fine. 
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    svit reacted to Martin A. in Member Map   
    Yes, there is an issue with IE11 not supporting newer coding standards. I'm gonna push out a version for this fix now, and move all new features to the IPS 4.3 version.
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    svit reacted to Square Wheels in Quizzes   
    If you are looking for suggestions, for the timed quiz, maybe make the timer smaller, an icon on the top maybe?  It currently takes up most of the screen, significantly more than the actual quiz does.  Since this is a quiz system, I feel most of the screen should be the actual quiz.
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    svit reacted to InvisionHQ in Classifieds System   
    In the marketplace I've released the Classifieds 1.1.1 that support 4.2 features and Member Store:
    4.2 Compatibility Fixes all issues reported in the Tracker Reactions support (IPS 4.2) Clubs support  (IPS 4.2) Content Message and Promote features  (IPS 4.2) Embedded content  (IPS 4.2) Recommended Questions (IPS 4.2) Added REACTIONS to the questions (IPS 4.2) Member Store (IPS 4.2) Activity stream support (IPS 4.2) Change advert type once posted  Featured and Pinned Blocks for General > Settings > Views Advert posting restriction Disable EDIT feature in completed adverts Dates on expired ads Default option for user Integration to Gallery Some screenshots of member store feature:

    Now I'm ready to get new suggestions and reports on my forum BBCODE.IT.
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    svit reacted to Adriano Faria in Quizzes   
    What's New in Version 1.2.0:
    Compatibility with IPS 4.2 - DO NOT USE IT ON IPS 4.1.X
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    svit reacted to superfuture7 in Classifieds System   
    hi there.
    question on PAYPAL WITHDRAWAL on classifieds. 
    it seems that if setting is set to [ ] PAYPAL -  then on approval the payment automatically gets processed by PAYPAL as a MASS PAYOUT incurring an unexpected 2% PAYOUT fee.
    as we are just processing single purchases is there a 'suggested' way to better set this up?
    current process via classifieds checkout:
    1. buyer purchases product -->Paypal deduct 2.9 or 4.4% from our paypal
    2. seller withdrawal --> Paypal deducts another 2%. from our paypal

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    svit reacted to Adriano Faria in Links Directory   
    What's New in Version 5.1.0:
    Compatibility with IPS 4.2 - DO NOT USE IT ON IPS 4.1.X
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    svit reacted to SJ77 in Not Feeling 4.2   
    Maybe CP hasn't but I've made a few.
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    svit reacted to openfire in BB Code - Google Maps Coordinates   
    You don't need a bbcode for that... Just paste the link in the post and the map will appear.
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    svit reacted to GlenP in Mass Delete Spammers   
    In AdminCP - Members - Member Settings - Registration enter a number of days in the Remove unnvalidated members box and that will remove them automatically after a set period of time.
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    svit reacted to Andy Millne in BB Code - Google Maps Coordinates   
    This perhaps? http://ckeditor.com/addon/locationmap
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    svit reacted to Adriano Faria in Links Directory   
    What's New in Version 5.0.6:
    New Feature:
    Added setting to display links from same category when you're browing a link. It will display 30 random links from same category. Fix:
    Fixed the incompatibility with Member's Country and Custom Username Icon plugins
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    svit got a reaction from Durango in Links Directory   
    Similarly to my post in Classifieds thread 
    Would it be possible to think of reformatting the hook so that it is larger? Currently the thumbnails are very small which makes them illegible and further the formatted text around them has issues. (ideally they could have the same formatting as links stream within the application)

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    svit reacted to Adriano Faria in Quizzes   
    Article from Pages? No. 
    Next version will have a new type of quiz: study mode. This mode has no time challenge and no score, so users will may take the time they need in each question. There will be a button to display the explanation about the correct answer. 
    See it in action: 
    You can paste the content of your article in this field on Manage Questions & Answers.
    I will release it later this week. 
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    svit got a reaction from Adriano Faria in Quizzes   
    Hello, I am struggling find translation for strings>  '20 Questions   0 Players' , I think they have been hardcoded.
    My bad, I wasnt able edit them via translating wizard, however managed to find them via string edit, apologies.
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    svit reacted to EricT in Links Directory   
    I use this on my custom.css : 
    .ipsThumb_tiny {
        max-width: 120px;
        max-height: 120px;
    .ipsThumb_bg.ipsThumb_tiny {
        width: 120px;
        height: 120px;
    .ipsThumb_small {
        max-width: 80px;
        max-height: 80px;
    .ipsThumb_bg.ipsThumb_small {
        width: 80px;
        height: 80px;
    It is breaking on mobile, but I am going to use different sizes for mobile and desktop to resolve this problem
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    svit reacted to Adriano Faria in Member's Country   
    Yes, that's the case. If you disable the setting, it appears:

    I'll change that in next version of both apps.
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    svit got a reaction from Joey_M in Standardised Developers' Support   
    I would like to share my observation I have been thinking of for some time now.  With running several IP presentations myself,  I am facing difficulties with dealing with inconsistency in the way 3rd party developer's are administering their packages, supporting them,  responding client's queries etc. It also due to the fact,  that such inconsistency is (as I assume) not defined in marketplace usage guidelines nor audited by the IP team and as such the developers can suggest their own ways how to support their products etc. For the benefit of end users I would suggest the below are the minimum requirements the developers should be required to strictly adhere to:
    - all applications to be supported via IP forums on this site or via PMs on this site only (avoid requirements for end users to be forced to be logging to private developers' sites to raise support tickets,  I have often been told by developers,  that their products are not supported by PMs on this site ) 
    - all application to have active revision tracking, so that update checking triggers notification on new updates from ACP (currently not the case and many developers' application updates are invisible to ACPs) 
    Could this please be considered or discussed. 
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