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Hump Day: happy bday to me

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Wassup my IC fam?! 

Not to make this Hump Day topic about me, but, well... happy birthday to meeee 😂 🎂 I'm 33 today (April 7). 

Birthdays are always a great time to reflect on the past year. For ALL of us it's been a year of facing challenges and enduring.

Becoming part of the Invision Community team, and becoming more integrated in this community, was easily one of the highlights of my entire year. Love you guys!! 🙏 

Alright, alright, enough about me (😏), check out a mini-roundup of new 4.6 changes below. The list is dwindling down because we're inching near the finish line!

Oh and you didn't hear it from me, but we'll be formally announcing Achievements in a blog post in the near future 🤫. Be sure to follow me so you get the notification first!

- Fixed an issue where content was missing the proper share logo.

- Fixed an issue where post attachments sometimes used different styles within a list. Attachments in a list will always use a smaller 'inline' style now.

- Improved upgrade error messages. 

- .well-known can now be used as a folder name for Apple Pay verification in Commerce.

- Fixed an issue where it's possible to create two Folders with the same name, causing conflicts.

- Fixed an separate issue with the Easy Mode theme editor where a JS could be thrown due to a race condition.


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1 hour ago, Jordan Invision said:

66-years-young then!

Yup, but I tend to leave the 'young' part for others to use lol.  I was playing in a band when I was your age and loving every magical moment of it, so ALWAYS do what you love most and enjoy it to the full.  I have wonderful memories of playing my beautiful Gibson Flying V MkII and bashing out some AC/DC, Deep Purple, UFO, Free and a few others besides.

That was mine on the left, with gold plated machine heads, bridge, pickup surrounds and tail plate, single piece body and the only Gibson that had single coil pickups.


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