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  1. Ok I solved it by changing the link to the twitter app under callback.
  2. Hi guys, i have the same problem, i have the twitter app and i have the twitter account but the social promotion do not work.
  3. Ok, how I insert the image in the titles in the section bar and in the titles of the widget bar? Thanks.
  4. Hello, in the Magnum you can add as texture option as in the Infraskew theme? Thanks so much.
  5. Yes....and coffee Yes ok, thanks for the reply ?
  6. Too expensive, sorry ....... this app on xenforo is installed by default
  7. Yes ok thanks for the reply, but unfortunately i do not have the Commerce.
  8. Hi guys, when i send to make a new conversion i receive this message: The details provided are not correct or the database is unavailable. The database is online and the details for the conversion from old database to the new are correct. Some suggestions to solve. Thanks
  9. Hi guys, when a user made a new status in the sidebar block with a emoticon this do not appear, is a bug? Thanks
    Ottima traduzione che non ha nulla da invidiare rispetto a quelle a pagamento! Grande lavoro e grande serietà, GRAZIE ThunderBlue!
  10. Hi, in the side block manager the custom block (PHP & TXT Widget) is to many large, the image go off screen, with the default theme it's all ok. How resolve? Thanks
  11. Hi, i have a problem with the background image in the footer, do not appear, image opacity nothing. Thanks
  12. Hi everyone, you can create paid subscriptions. I make an example, create the section, and sign up for a subscription and make a donation, and when done, the user is automatically moved to the donor group by having access to a particular section.
  13. Hi, How to shorten subforum titles and put them in two columns? Thanks so much
  14. Ok, the default icons are small as the size increases?
  15. It would be possible to have the same effect on custom icons?
  16. Hi, in the my forum with the my personal icon in the sections categories when you move with the mouse to the icon does not work, with the default icons no problem, how resolve? Thanks and compliments for this theme!
  17. Games of Thrones - The Walking Dead but in this week-enk Formula 1 Singapore Gp, Ferrari with Sebastian Vettel start in the Pole Posistion
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