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Upgraded to 4.2.7: Your URL is not valid.

Gabriel Torres

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1 hour ago, Adriano Faria said:

I had this yesterday on my dev install but working fine today.

Nope, my bad. Still there:


Refreshing the license key won't solve the issue.


I've got 3 local dev installs:

  1. v4.1.9.4....all good (production releases only)
  2. v4.2.6....all good v4.2.7......same issue (production releases only)
  3. v4.2.7.....same issue (beta and production releases)

The above issue actually started with v4.2.7 Beta 5, just didn't get around to reporting it. I'm going to update my v4.2.6 now to see what happens.....AND BOOM!!!!!


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The licensed urls must match 100%, so if you have moved to https from http, or moved your forum from /forum to / or any other url change, the license system will now catch this and it must be updated to match 100%. 

//localhost installs will show a license message, this is expected. 


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