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  1. Trophies and Medals - Supporttopic

    Applying that change in production fixed the issue on the previous version. I haven't added any new trophies or medals since upgrading to the latest version, but I did see that you applied that change.
  2. Trophies and Medals - Supporttopic

    I found and fixed a race condition that results in trophies being awarded to members who do not meet the criteria. The issue is in /sources/Trophy/Trophy.php on line 193, inside the function formatFormValues. #$this->crdata = $data; $values['crdata'] = $data; $this->faicon = $values['faicon']; if ( !$this->id ) { $this->save(); } // ... return $values The problem is that `$this->crdata` is not being set before `$this->save()` is called. IPS will later use the results of this function (`$values`) to update the model, but not before an active background task can assign the trophy. The simplest fix is to simply uncomment the line of code on line 193. I have not encountered this issue after applying this fix, but because of the way race conditions work, that doesn't necessarily prove anything.
  3. Trophies and Medals - Supporttopic

    Fixed this myself with a manual code change, by setting ~/extensions/core/Notifications/TrophyAndMedal.php line 58 to be equal to line 69. Old value: 'author' => \IPS\Member::load( 1 ), // [Optional] The user whose photo should be displayed for this notification New value: 'author' => \IPS\Member::load( \IPS\Settings::i()->trophy_notification_sender ), // [Optional] The user whose photo should be displayed for this notification
  4. Trophies and Medals - Supporttopic

    I set the Notification Sender to a specific user, but when Trophies are awarded, the resulting notifications show as being from the user with ID 1. Medal notifications are working properly. I'd appreciate assistance in getting this working.
  5. Hot and popular

    It is configurable in the ACP under Community -> Forums -> Settings -> Topic Settings -> Popular Now.
  6. I'm an administrator of a website using a self-hosted plan, and I find it useful being able to set up a test instance and unlimited localhost instances, since I can try new configuration settings or create applications, all without affecting our main website. I'm also part of an unrelated organization that is considering a cloud hosted plan (meaning I can't share the license key with other org members), and I would like to know if this plan also allows a test or localhost installation, separate form the live one, that could be used for configuration testing or application development. Is the IPS suite downloadable and the license key visible in the cloud community plan?