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    Fierce God reacted to TheJackal84 in Chat Application ( Support Topic )   
    here's what he said
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    Fierce God reacted to TheJackal84 in Chat Application ( Support Topic )   
    No problem anytime 😀 hopefully @Daniel F will see these mentions and he can give you a bit more info on why the referrer won't work for you, I am pretty sure it has nothing to do with CiC though
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    Fierce God reacted to TheJackal84 in Chat Application ( Support Topic )   
    yeah you can use the pop up, all it means if you edit things etc and it checks for a referrer on saving, it will send you to the chatrooms page instead of the page you are on, The pop up won't display on the chatrooms them self nor the profiles chatrooms as they will just clash so it goes away on them 2 pages, as soon as you save it, if you get directed to the chatroom, change pages and it will show like normal showing your saved chatroom
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    Fierce God reacted to TheJackal84 in Chat Application ( Support Topic )   
    no nothing like that, what browser are you using? try with firefox or something, I remember @Daniel F saying before about using the new ips referrer bit to make sure we put a check as some browsers don't support it, and for it to send you to the 2nd it means your browser don't support it
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    Fierce God reacted to TheJackal84 in Chat Application ( Support Topic )   
    my fault, Re-download it and update 😀 I am human after all he he he
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    Fierce God reacted to TheJackal84 in Chat Application ( Support Topic )   
    Updated to 1.0.8
    New Features
    Added the ability for moderators to post announcements These announcements can be sent to multiple rooms at the same time with a option to send to all Added the ability to use a global popup chatroom what is stuck to the bottom of the users screens instead of using widgets Admins will set a default room for the global chatroom Members can change their default room and choose from a mixture of chatrooms to use as their global room Normal Chatrooms ( Members can select to use any ACP created chatroom they have permission to view ) Member Rooms ( Members can select to use their own or another members chatroom ) Club Chatrooms ( Members can select to use one of their clubs chatrooms ) Added the ability for members to make their profile chatrooms private with and the ability for them to choose certain members what will be able to view and chat in their rooms ( This will also work with the global room if a user tries to add it as their global one )
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    Fierce God reacted to newbie LAC in (NB44) Polls Walls   
    - Content types. Topics, Events + 3rd party apps which support polls
    - Filters.

    - Separate page for each wall
    - Custom title, description.
    - Cover photo
    - Ability to edit wall on front end
    - Clubs support

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    Fierce God reacted to Jennifer M in Choose from default avatars?   
    A quick note though, if you have the Gallery app you can link members to that to set an avatar as well. Image Tools > Set as "Profile Photo".
    Another recommendation would be to enable Profile completion to encourage your new members to upload a photo.
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    Fierce God got a reaction from Adriano Faria in Crowdfunding   
    Much appreciated!!
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    Fierce God reacted to Adriano Faria in Crowdfunding   
    Added you to the proper user group. Try now! 👍
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    Fierce God reacted to SoftwareFactory in Brilliant Discord Integration   
    Unfortunately it seems that there is no "Remember me" feature for external login handlers in Invision Community.
    He will still need to link his Discord account in such case.
    Partial clubs support may be added in future updates. However, multiple server support would require complete code rewrite of the app. This generation of Brilliant Discord Integration is just not prepared for such feature.
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    Fierce God reacted to Rhett in Multiple copies of Digest   
    Our team is reviewing this issue at this time, there have been a couple of reports of this.  I'll post back up here once we have any further information.
    Thank you 
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    Fierce God reacted to Fosters in Profile Privacy - Supporttopic   
    Sorry, I missed your post. Could you clarify what bugs you mean?
    Nope 🙂
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    Fierce God reacted to Markus Jung in Blog dissapointment   
    +1 for this  - categories for blogs and also for posts in blogs.
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    Fierce God reacted to SJ77 in Noticed no promote button for gallery on mobile   
    Surprised no fix for this yet
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    Fierce God got a reaction from Sonya* in Messy look of clubs blog features   
    Yea agree, just seen this, the header is actually at the very bottom of the club (inside the club) and that is......well crazy, as the header should show first? 
    In agreeance with you @Sonya* 
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    Fierce God reacted to Sonya* in Messy look of clubs blog features   
    It looks indeed better with the header. But we cannot use this view because of the mobile view: in the mobile view the menu of the club is placed after activity stream. It means one has to scroll down to find a club card info (somewhere in-between the page) and then navigate. Nobody would do it.
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    Fierce God reacted to Sonya* in Blog dissapointment   
    But in IPS "blog" different authors (not only community owners) write content:

    If one purpose of Pages is to be a blog of the owner then the club owners should have this feature as well. Right now using Pages is not possible in the club and at the same time only club owners can write in the clubs blog.  Additionally club news from the blog are looking quite weird. 
    I think if IPS would use blogs itself (also within clubs) they would better recognize the weakness. 
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    Fierce God reacted to Sonya* in Featured clubs in block   
    Please add a possibility to show only featured clubs in a clubs block.
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    Fierce God reacted to Aetherdan in Blog dissapointment   
    Heres some missing features that I think would be essential to a good blogging product.
    Categories and nested categories Author following (specific to blog) Blog Navigation & internal linking Meta keyword/tagging to populate related article functionality Author blog profile/author blog list  
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    Fierce God reacted to Lindy in Poor Stripe integration for Recurring Subscriptions   
    I'm sorry this has been disappointing for you. It may be of help to note that we do have a payment overhaul roadmapped for the product in the future. Specifically, this would aim to alleviate this sort of confusion and also allow more flexibility such as deciding which payment methods can/should be used for which purposes and explicitly allowing or disallowing recurring payments. 
    With that said, I realize that is not quite what you asked for. In terms of the specific suggestion, I'll be honest in saying I don't love the idea of forcing saved payment methods and recurring automatic payments with no opt-out other than cancelling your subscription. One could make an argument that comparing your community to Youtube or Facebook is apples and oranges. Youtube, Facebook, Spotify, et al will be more familiar with all applicable laws, regulations (which can and do vary) and they will have their own direct relationships with merchant processors. You, unfortunately, will not necessarily have that luxury... in the case of Stripe specifically, their service agreement states you must obtain explicit consent and provide appropriate disclosures to save customer payment information and process their recurring transactions.
    Subscriptions generate the highest amount of chargebacks for credit card issuers, processors and merchants. Chargebacks are very costly... to everyone. This is why PayPal no longer permits you to accept billing agreements using credit card - you must instead use their Braintree payment service, which is like qualifying for a mortgage and one of the questions on the app is specifically "do you sell subscriptions?" As much as we want to offer flexibility and ensure your success, we also need to be mindful of placing you in a position of getting yourself jammed up because of lack of knowledge of applicable laws and merchant regulations and of course it's important to us to stay in the good graces of those we integrate with, such as Stripe. 
    I would rather focus effort on being clear to the customer from the beginning and give them the opportunity to avoid dealing with manual invoices by simply ticking a box to enable recurring billing. 4.4 also improved what happens when a purchase is about to expire, when it expires and if an attempt to auto-pay failed. If we need further improvement to that area, we're happy to do that as well. 
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    Fierce God reacted to ahc in Members Shop ( Support Topic )   
    This is interesting.  I'm looking for a point system so that users can do on-site transactions with others (not as an incentive earning system) and this system looks promising, though I wish they could just exchange their points to account credit and then request a withdrawal after if they meet the minimum without our involvement or having to "purchase" something.
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    Fierce God got a reaction from SerialNoob in Members Shop ( Support Topic )   
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    Fierce God got a reaction from Joel R in Members Shop ( Support Topic )   
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    Fierce God reacted to opentype in Referrer function could use some love   
    An affiliate program has a lot of potential to grow a community and increase the income, since you get your members to advertise your site and your products. The current implementation of the Commerce referrer function is too limited though at the moment. Maybe it can be improved someday. 
    This is how most site-based affiliate system I use work nowadays:
    1. They are HTTP-referrer based. 
    The affiliate partner registers his site(s) and confirms his ownership, e.g. by uploading a special file via FTP. After that, all incoming links from those site are automatically tracked through the HTTP referrer. No special URLs necessary. The current Commerce implementation only allows one homepage link and nothing else. You can’t point the affiliate links to certain forum posts, Commerce products or whatever. That doesn’t really invite users to spread the links. 
    2. Query string for social media
    In addition to the automatic tracking, affiliate partners can usually set up a query string to be used on Twitter, Facebook, in emails and so on. You just add something like ?refby=[affiliate_ID] to any URL and it will be tracked for the affiliate program. That too encourages users to spread links to your site. But currently only the homepage link can be shared. 
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