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    Fierce God got a reaction from Linux-Is-Best in Feature for 3rd party Store Use in Commerce   
    So IPS is used for literally EVERYTHING you can think of
    Gamers, Companies, Gaming/Clan/Team Communities, and a lot more Use IPS
    So seeing that there is A LOT of Gaming/Clan/Team Communities that use IPS, why not give us a chance to be able to sell our own Merch? 
    By this i mean, using a integration feature using 3rd party Drop Ship/Fulfillment Companies 
    Examples - Printful, Printify, CustomCat
    They have a section where Places like Wordpress and other big sites can directly integrate their store with said Places above. 
    This doesn't just have to be appreciated only by us Gaming Communities, anyone who wants to sell their own merch, but bypass all the leg work, this would be good for all, and also IPS advertising they have this Feature for Commerce integration, IMO, would attract even more business, and more conversions to IPS (all the legal/returns/laws, all fall on the hands of IPS cliente, and the actual Fulfillment Platform) IPS would only be responsible for the integration............ a clean seamless connect with Drop ship/ Fulfillment companies to sell your own Merch!
    Looking forward to @Joel R to look at this, break it down, tell us the pros & cons of this...... (Not making a Joke...serious about wanting to see his reply...and others that are well into the skeleton of IPS, and IPS themselves) 
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    Fierce God got a reaction from sobrenome in Embedding of Twitch & Vidme Videos   
    I'm not sure if this was already posted, excuse me if it is
    But the ability to post a link from twitch and it embeds and plays like a YouTube video
    1. Embed a Stream and chat
    2. Embed a Videos
    Ability to embed a Video link from Vid.me
    Yes i know that there are apps in the marketplace for this......but think of the little guys who dont have the money yet to buy a $65 app, or $40 to buy a app
    For the ones dont like messing with having to set up a database/template
    This would be good for those, even me (i have the $65 one & the $40)
    But some would like to just post stuff in Forums for educational, tutorial, or for just quick posting
    For the 4.3 version
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    Fierce God got a reaction from Brainy S. in Only have social media handlers as connect option   
    No i don't want to hide the sign up 
    i just want to not have ppl be able to sign up via social media and only by default email sign up, then have them connect social media handlers via account settings or by a auto welcome msg
    i say this due to auto welcome not being compatible with social media login, and also fosters referral app not being connected with social media sign up
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    Fierce God got a reaction from SoftwareFactory in Brilliant Discord Integration   
    Thank you so much, 
    love the work your doing on this file
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    Fierce God reacted to SoftwareFactory in Brilliant Discord Integration   
    We are currently investigating this issue. Sorry for inconvenience. I'll contact you later in a private message about that.
    Moreover, I can say there is an update planned for the next week, with improved content formatting in embeds and some bugfixes 🙂
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    Fierce God got a reaction from SoftwareFactory in Brilliant Discord Integration   
    Can you check uncaught exception errors for CiC users 
    the app is making system log errors like crazy now, and i had to disable it due to it not letting me open certain things in acp
    can't open > 
    actual member settings
    group settings
    some app settings
    in the system logs there are just too many to display here
    But is saying it is being triggered by guests?
    here is the latest on in system logs..............i am showing this as i don't know how to read code or code errors
    #0 /var/www/html/u285491/applications/brilliantdiscord/sources/RateLimit/RateLimit.php(153): IPS\brilliantdiscord\extensions\core\Queue\_MassSynchronization->IPS\brilliantdiscord\extensions\core\Queue\{closure}(Object(Closure)) #1 /var/www/html/u285491/applications/brilliantdiscord/extensions/core/Queue/MassSynchronization.php(58): IPS\brilliantdiscord\_RateLimit::limitHandle('guilds/{guild.i...', '471734373868371...', Object(Closure)) #2 /var/www/html/u285491/system/Task/Task.php(134): IPS\brilliantdiscord\extensions\core\Queue\_MassSynchronization->preQueueData(Array) #3 /var/www/html/u285491/applications/brilliantdiscord/tasks/runMassSync.php(42): IPS\_Task::queue('brilliantdiscor...', 'MassSynchroniza...', Array, 2) #4 /var/www/html/u285491/system/Task/Task.php(255): IPS\brilliantdiscord\tasks\_runMassSync->execute() #5 /var/www/html/u285491/system/Task/Task.php(224): IPS\_Task->run() #6 /var/www/html/u285491/applications/core/interface/task/task.php(62): IPS\_Task->runAndLog() #7 {main}  
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    Fierce God reacted to Adriano Faria in Staff Applications System   
    No. PBR is to create the item, the open position in this case. Apply requires a member ID.
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    Fierce God reacted to TheJackal84 in FAQ ( Support Topic )   
    Will look into adding a page in the ACP this week where you can drag and drop them to where you want them
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    Fierce God reacted to Sonya* in FAQ ( Support Topic )   
    Some issues with FAQ:
    missing language key faq__select_rows_tooltip  Continue - untranslatable (when adding a new Q&A and selecting a category Category Settings - untranslatable in ACP when editing category Convert to Club feature  - untranslatable in ACP in the list of categories Save - untranslatable when adding a new Q&A Q&A - is not translatable in the Change Q&A string below Q&A on the front side Missing Feature
    Reordering of Q&As within category is not possible (we desperately need it ).   
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    Fierce God reacted to Sonya* in FAQ ( Support Topic )   
    Also needed this. We have to reorder.
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    Fierce God got a reaction from Sonya* in FAQ ( Support Topic )   
    i really need my ordering of Q&A's in the opposite order > First one posted will always show on top
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    Fierce God reacted to Adriano Faria in Staff Applications System   
    You might know but I'll leave a link here to clarify that this is a bug in the Core:
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    Fierce God reacted to Adriano Faria in Staff Applications System   
    No, as you need to edit a .json file and reupload.
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    Fierce God reacted to shahed in Legend Blocks - Supporttopic   
    You mean as "Pages block > Blog feed"?
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    Fierce God reacted to Meddysong in Blog dissapointment   
    Thank you, Matt!

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    Fierce God reacted to Matt in Blog dissapointment   
    Ok, we hear you loud and clear on categories for blogs.
    I've added this to our internal list.
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    Fierce God got a reaction from Adriano Faria in Crowdfunding   
    Thank you!!! Greatly appreciative 
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    Fierce God reacted to Adriano Faria in Crowdfunding   
    What's New in Version 1.3.0:
    New Features:
    Added a tab in profile to list Backed Projects Integrate with Members Shop (@TheJackal84): users will earn points when donating to a project Integrate with Raffles System: project donors will be earn free tickets to specific raffles (still missing work on integration in Raffles app) Add a link to display all donors from the project Add photo from random donors on Popular Projects widget Enhancements:
    Script optimization due to new marketplace guidelines drop columns from members table and use own table to store members preferences Fix:
    Error when editing a project with extra fields Fix missing language bits in Popular Projects widget  
    Compatible with IPS 4.4 ONLY!
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    Fierce God reacted to Joel R in Change 'you do not have permission' page?   
    I totally get where you're coming from.  The error pages can come across as very dry, technical, and unfriendly.  
    You can modify the language strings in the ACP, which is a powerful way to easily customize the error message to something much friendlier.  I've modified multiple custom strings across my continuity, not just the Error pages, but also the Post Before Register, Leaderboard, Reactions, and more.  
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    Fierce God reacted to Joel R in Public and Clan Forums   
    That is correct.  You can control the forum permissions of your clan forums so only users with the Role XXXClan can view, post, download attachments, etc.  
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    Fierce God reacted to Joel R in Public and Clan Forums   
    Sorry, thanks for the correction.
    What's wrong with the screenshot of your forum permissions? Thats exactly how you would control who can access certain forum boards.  Go into the permissions of each of your groups (guests, public, clab) and select the appropriate forum permissions.  
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    Fierce God reacted to Joel R in Public and Clan Forums   
    1. You can control permissions at the group level by using module permissions to control who can access Clubs. 
    2. You can control the membership at the per club level by setting all clubs to be closed or Private.  
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    Fierce God reacted to Sonya* in Emails to Site Address for New Member Validation?   
    This is a confirmed issue that has been solved in the next version https://invisioncommunity.com/release-notes/
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    Fierce God reacted to TheJackal84 in Chat Application ( Support Topic )   
    yes the global one will remove the widgets as they won't be needed, Basically if you set the default room to one what is private it will show the box closed with the title 'Select A Chatroom' to click and it will bring up a list of chatrooms they have permission to view to choose from, or they can choose their own or a clubs room etc, the only time that box won't show if set is if the global room is private and a guest is viewing as guests can't set a option to change the rooms
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    Fierce God reacted to TheJackal84 in Chat Application ( Support Topic )   
    it's your browser, it don't support referrals, it basically checks if there is a referrer what should be the url you are on and if it has one then refer if not go to the chatroom's url, because it is global I can not manually set a url to go to as could be on the forums / downloads / etc so it needs to be a referrer or the next best thing what is the chatrooms url.
    \IPS\Output::i()->redirect( \IPS\Request::i()->referrer() ?: $chatroom->url() );  
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