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Feature for 3rd party Store Use in Commerce

Fierce God

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So IPS is used for literally EVERYTHING you can think of

Gamers, Companies, Gaming/Clan/Team Communities, and a lot more Use IPS

So seeing that there is A LOT of Gaming/Clan/Team Communities that use IPS, why not give us a chance to be able to sell our own Merch? 

By this i mean, using a integration feature using 3rd party Drop Ship/Fulfillment Companies 

Examples - Printful, Printify, CustomCat

They have a section where Places like Wordpress and other big sites can directly integrate their store with said Places above. 


This doesn't just have to be appreciated only by us Gaming Communities, anyone who wants to sell their own merch, but bypass all the leg work, this would be good for all, and also IPS advertising they have this Feature for Commerce integration, IMO, would attract even more business, and more conversions to IPS (all the legal/returns/laws, all fall on the hands of IPS cliente, and the actual Fulfillment Platform) IPS would only be responsible for the integration............ a clean seamless connect with Drop ship/ Fulfillment companies to sell your own Merch!


Looking forward to @Joel R to look at this, break it down, tell us the pros & cons of this...... (Not making a Joke...serious about wanting to see his reply...and others that are well into the skeleton of IPS, and IPS themselves) 

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What would the integration do exactly? Listing products in Commerce but fulfilled elsewhere? Or a product widget? Or what?
I recently started to create Teespring merch for my communties. I just created ads with product shots pointing to my Teespring stores. Not really sure what kind of deeper integration I would need. 

I can’t really see it as core feature. Maybe someone wants to sponsor the development of a connection for one specific provider and put it on the marketplace?

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1 minute ago, opentype said:

Listing products in Commerce but fulfilled elsewhere?

Yes, you would list products directly on your commerce store, checkout directly on your IPS commerce store......then the order is Automatically transferred to said above Companies, and BOOM, they do the printing, invoice, shipping, packaging and returns are sent to them to (you can make your own return policy, but address would be to the printing center


ok, i see your point about Core......but it would just give IPS a lil added bait feature for ppl to consider buying/converting to IPS.............and yes PLZ if not core, let a side author make this (i will pay) i use thses ppl already and have a woocommerce store selling merch and dont do anything but collect profit ----- Author who wants to look at API possibilities https://www.printful.com/api


i am converting to IPS for a broader reason that im willing to give up my direct connection with Printful and wait to see if i can get a API made for me, here is a example of printul.com in use on  my store (woocommerce) 

Shop - https://fierceteam.com/shop/

Category Listing Products - https://fierceteam.com/product-category/mens/

Actual single product page - https://fierceteam.com/product/fierce-world-tee/

After you have selected what you want, go to cart page, then go to checkout page, see how its all done on my website, money goes to me first - i keep profit - then printful pulls out my account on their site and makes order

Just now, Mr. Fierce God said:

Of course, this will adapt to how IPS has their Commerce store look ______IPS look will look WAY better lol

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Suggestions by clients, no matter how big or small, are always appreciated.  

For the drop shipping suggestion, it's usually those services that develop the plugin to become part of the platform's ecosystem. I know IPS routinely evaluates and adds in integrations for the biggest services that can apply to a variety of their client base.  

IPS offers Commerce as an ecommerce solution.  It has several options for admins to manage their inventory, sell, and ship and track.  If you don't have the app yet but would like to explore the Commerce app, you can request a courtesy demo for one free week at a time.  

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