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  1. Zapier Enchantments for self-hosted communities was the right word choice, though
  2. Just 2 features, you might be interested adding when updating this application.😇🙏 1. Possibility to use the "Linked accounts - post as" for links, but also for the comments & reviews section (if you have the plugin installed, of course) 2. The possibility to include the categories in the main forum board like "Club Cards on Forum index" plugin.
    It's not a game changer, but it's a must-have for every blog application owner. It works as described. I can confirm that blogs have a complete different taste on the front page with the block widget. The widget is more appealing and it's easier to redirect users to the blog entries. It's a simple idea that invision should have added by default to the Blog App long time ago. I'm not using the default theme and it also works perfect with my theme. I'd like to thank ReyDev for his time developing this plugin.
  3. Hey Adriano, I recently updated my website to 4.5 and, for some unknown reason, this application can not be updated. It says something that the ID is already in use, but I do not recall installing it on another website. If I ever did (which is possible, but I do not remember it) , it was to test something about a year ago in a website that no longer exists. This application was always meant to be running on the website where I can not update. Is there something I can do ? I don't mind paying again if I have to, but I don't want to lose the links I already have on my website. let me know how to proceed. sorry for the hassle 😔 it's not urgent.
  4. Hi Martin. I still have a 4.4 community installed and I could test the previous version which is free. However, in the free version you can only add one location per category and user. In the paid version description it's not clear if you can add more than 1 location per category and user. Is it possible ? It says "Create unlimited marker groups with unlimited markers for member meet-ups, exhibits, landmarks,.." I want to have a category called: "Favourite Stores", and each member should be able to add as many stores as they want in the map for that category. Someone could add 5 stores, while other users might only add 1 or 2. Or I could create a category where I would add 100 locations.
  5. There was an old third party mod for 4.2, If I recall. I was using it and paid for it. then ... poof 🤷‍♂️ You could click on a topic and be redirected somewhere else. And here we are stuck again with another interesting feature that nobody wants to code. 🙄💨 or update
  6. gabs007


    Hey @Adriano , I have 2 questions about this application. When I import a movie, where is it saved? Do you grab the info from TMDb and add it to a table in the IPS database ? or it shows the info directly from the TMDb database ? I say this because if one day the API is not working, my website would lose all the info. If the movie info is saved in the IPS database then is it possible to update it ? For example, if there is a new season for a series. Same question for the pictures. Do they link to the TMDb website to show the picture of the movie ? or the thumbnail is copied and saved in my own server ? Thank you
  7. Just a question, since I need a system to reward people that join my new website, Is it possible to add the new member to an specific group when he/she accepts the invitation and registers ?
  8. I use 1 application that allows me to select clubs using the block included. You can select all (forums and club forum), or then select club forum and forums one by one. https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/7436-bim-topic-thumbnail/ You can also use: https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/8805-clubs-forums-on-forums-index/ or this one for club awareness: https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/8924-clubs-card-on-forums-index/
  9. And, just like I explain here: If you create a blog in a club section, only the leader of the club can write. It's not a collaborative blog effort.
  10. What am I missing here ? I never cared about this h2, h3 thing til I started to deal with blogs in different communities. Now a few bloggers have asked me the ability to add h2 and h3 titles in the editor, but I can't find the option, unless I grant them html privileges in the editor? Is this something we have all forgotten? Even wordpress has the option to insert a h3 line and others, in the editor. I don't think the website could be vulnerable if we allow users to use those tags, right?
  11. Yes, I wanted to be through , just in case.
  12. I think I have detected a small bug. I will detail it. I created a club. Call it "New club" I created a forum in the club. Call it "New Forum" I added content ( maybe this is not related but I added 2 topics ) Moved the 2 topics to another forum, (not in the clubs) I deleted the forum "New Forum" But, the "New Forum" still appears in the list, not only for the group leader, but also for members. You can click on the link and it redirects to the club main section, since the forum no longer exists. I tried to clear cache using the support tool, just in case it was something stuck there, but the issue still there. The bottom line is that when you delete a forum in a club, it does not disappear. Using version 4.4.3
  13. Achieving a new group level can, sometimes, include a series of "prezies" linked and deserved with such rank. Sometimes users are unaware of that. When members pay a subscription that allows them to have his own gallery, his own blog or his own club, it's very possible that they immediately start creating the content they paid for. It makes sense. I think the "group promotion" tool in the ACP should also allow the admin to display those achievements, adding a window similar to the "profile completion", but warning or forcing or suggesting the user to create the new content they are allowed now. Gallery is an example, but it could be a club, a file, a blog or posting a new a forum section, even a third party application or a database. What I say is that "group promotions" could include more options at the end of the process like suggesting users to create or explore the new assets. Right now, group promotions only moves the user to the next group level, but it doesn't even warn him/her and "profile completion" doesn't allow admins to suggest users to create content like galleries, database entries or blog entries, for example. It can be useful, especially when you are encouraging users to create content. A rule could be... if a user reaches the "gold group" they will be forced to create their own club or their own blog or their own gallery .. or one of those 3 things. What I try to say is if you encourage participation and you have a user that reaches a milestone, then the tools should encourage him/her to keep working with the new features. Right now, unless you use a complex set of conditions in the "rule application", most of the milestones are silent.
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