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  1. There was an old third party mod for 4.2, If I recall. I was using it and paid for it. then ... poof 🤷‍♂️ You could click on a topic and be redirected somewhere else. And here we are stuck again with another interesting feature that nobody wants to code. 🙄💨 or update
  2. Hey @Adriano , I have 2 questions about this application. When I import a movie, where is it saved? Do you grab the info from TMDb and add it to a table in the IPS database ? or it shows the info directly from the TMDb database ? I say this because if one day the API is not working, my website would lose all the info. If the movie info is saved in the IPS database then is it possible to update it ? For example, if there is a new season for a series. Same question for the pictures. Do they link to the TMDb website to show the picture of the movie ? or the thumbnail is copi
  3. Just a question, since I need a system to reward people that join my new website, Is it possible to add the new member to an specific group when he/she accepts the invitation and registers ?
  4. And, just like I explain here: If you create a blog in a club section, only the leader of the club can write. It's not a collaborative blog effort.
  5. Yes, I wanted to be through , just in case.
  6. I think I have detected a small bug. I will detail it. I created a club. Call it "New club" I created a forum in the club. Call it "New Forum" I added content ( maybe this is not related but I added 2 topics ) Moved the 2 topics to another forum, (not in the clubs) I deleted the forum "New Forum" But, the "New Forum" still appears in the list, not only for the group leader, but also for members. You can click on the link and it redirects to the club main section, since the forum no longer exists. I tried to clear cache using the support tool, just in case it was s
  7. Achieving a new group level can, sometimes, include a series of "prezies" linked and deserved with such rank. Sometimes users are unaware of that. When members pay a subscription that allows them to have his own gallery, his own blog or his own club, it's very possible that they immediately start creating the content they paid for. It makes sense. I think the "group promotion" tool in the ACP should also allow the admin to display those achievements, adding a window similar to the "profile completion", but warning or forcing or suggesting the user to create the new content they are allo
  8. Sorry to be the one asking for more features (I hate it,) but ... would it be possible to add the option to allow members of the club to write blog entries for the blogs in clubs ? Right now, only the club leader (or any moderator of the website) can write in a blog included in a club.
  9. I know the blog application is probably the least used of all applications, but I'm not asking a whole rework; only what the Galley application already has or does for clubs. For what I have seen, right now, only club leaders or users with moderator permissions in clubs can write in a blog inside a club. This is the most restrictive permission possible. This is also the case, even for public clubs and it means that the blog application ignores the type of club and has the same permissions. Galleries in clubs have the option to decide who can post images in that gallery: the owner, any
  10. https://coverfriends.org/landing-page/ Website is not working as a guest visitor. I have been trying to check this template for 4 or 5 days now.
  11. Hi ! Would it be possible for a future upgrade to add an option to copy the "messages" of the topic as an extra data ? Messages are those boxes with an editor you can add at the top of the topic. I use that feature a lot, with 1, 2 and sometimes 3 messages in a topic, and It would be very helpful. Thank you
  12. Not stealing. The idea is to use the contact form on their website, introduce yourself and investigate the option to convert their community and merge it into yours. It's all about being polite; saying something like "my software is better and my niche is probably bigger, so you would fit and keep your independence." Many of these guys have issues, like poor servers, poor software and as Joel says, there is always something you can offer that they don't have. In my case, most of these websites have such a small niche, that they would fit perfectly into a club. For example, one of the c
  13. Hey @Joel R I'm considering contacting old communities based on php nuke and phpbb with a similar niche than mine to offer the possibility to work inside my project using clubs. However, I have the feeling that the first question they will ask is, can we export what we have already published? at least the main topics? Have they ever said something like this ? and not sure if that is possible, I guess not.
  14. Hi @opentype I'm aware I'm not always very smart when dealing with "pages stuff". I've been considering to buy this system, but I have a doubt. Imagine I want to review items in Mode#2. For example, a service. Can I have categories on the right side of the page to sort them out? Let me add an example. Imagine I want to review concerts. I'm the "expert" and I review the concerts I pay for. So I have/create categories, 12 categories that belong to months. January, February etc. So in January I create a record for a review with all the data from a concert. Well, in fact let'
  15. When I click on a letter without content starting by the letter, I get the standard blank page of the empty forum. So far normal, but the letters bar disappears. In order to filter again, I have to click backwards on the browser. I tried with the standard template and it does the same thing. Would it be possible to keep the letter bar visible when there are no results ? for future upgrades at least. It's a little annoying but also not very important since most of us using this plugin will have lots of topics to sort.
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