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Blogs in Clubs - Needs reasonable Improvements


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I know the blog application is probably the least used of all applications, but I'm not asking a whole rework; only what the Galley application already has or does for clubs. 

For what I have seen, right now, only club leaders or users with moderator permissions in clubs can write in a blog inside a club. This is the most restrictive permission possible. This is also the case, even for public clubs and it means that the blog application ignores the type of club and has the same permissions. 
Galleries in clubs have the option to decide who can post images in that gallery: the owner, any club member or anybody.  

I think blogs should have the same options enabled. so that members of the club could post blog entries if the club leader agrees. 


Edit to add..  Oh! 😪 only an admin can add a picture cover in a club blog. 🤷🏼‍♂️    and blog cover pictures can't be added while creating the blog. First you create the blog, then you add the cover. This explains why most of my community blogs have no cover at all. 

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I totally agree with if you are a member of a club and that club has a blog and the leader allows a member to add to the blog then it should be allowed.  Its weird that a member of a club is so limited and there is no way currently to give them any permissions to do anything.  So really a member is a guest.  On an open club whats the difference of a member and a guest?  They both don't have permissions to do crap in a club.

Anyhow..  please make it possible for the leader of a club to allow members to have permission to add to a blog.  Its suppose to be a community after all.

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