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  1. Please, go ahead with that plan. I think that'd be interesting. If you do one thing, take your time with this and every app you make. As a developer, there's nothing more rewarding then when you pay attention to detail in a dedicated, and if necessary, or needs be, a slow and purposeful manner. that way, you remember what you already have made changes to, and can still make new features happen as they come up without losing sight of what you've already built as this can run away on you which is where bugs happen. I'll tell you this. You're an excellent web author and I'm excited to see wh
  2. Yeah I'm with you there. All I want is the bar of Arrowchat. That way all the widget based stuff is optional, and you can just minimize it responsively when people want to actually look at the site footer. It'd be really cool to have two way bots. Where you can make a real time chat room into an updated thread or list of threads for private and public conversations sent to the site. either in blogs, forums or which ever else. This would make it similar to telegram where you can view things like files, links, messages sent to the room.
  3. Your points economy review: 

    1.1. Don't expect there to be a way to setup automatic points transfers. The app is missing key core functionality that lets you earn points by posting. Admins must regularly manually give points to users, as there is no way to setup points integration with existing site apps like Forums or Clubs.

    I can easily setup a rule to award point to someone who creates a thread in a forum (as an example).  

    I can even award point for the amount of times a member views a forum.

    Automation rules is super powerful, the main reason it's blacklisted here is people (not referring to you) don't know how to use it and mess up their IPS install - then open support tickets w/ IPS Support and want them to solve the problem they created.  Automation rules is like a chainsaw, if someone doesn't know what their doing they can lose a arm.









    1. Bluto


      I can also set it up for replies to topics if I want and have different amounts based on topic or forum.  I can also fine tune it to award certain points / currencies per topic, making some topics worth more points than others.

    2. Bluto


      If you want to create a thread here:  https://ipsguru.net/projects/points I'd be more than happy to line item your review and check each one of the things you say points economy / automation rules can't do.

      I have nothing to do with Points Economy or Kevin, but I am pretty good at automation rules and I believe some of the things you said it can't do, it can.

  4. Does this remove the ability to use optional widgets? And if the admin default room on all pages is private, or will only show to members, not guests for example, does this mean just the room won't be visible to people who can't view it, or will the entire site be unavailable because a portion of the page is only viewable to certain people?
  5. Presales questions 1. What exactly can you raffle off? Does this work similar to draws where people can put money in a jar and a certain percentage of it goes towards a final win? 2. Say you can collect money with this, is it received via account credit or some other method?
  6. Hello, I haven't purchased this app yet, so please know that I am keeping a close eye on developments because: 1. I'm unhappy with IPS store. I don't like how difficult it is to integrate payment methods through it. I bought points economy to fix this, but Kevin made it so that Rules app is required. It's blacklisted in the marketplace. The lite version doesn't really do it justice. I hate that where developers give a free version but they make you have to buy it off site. Anyways, there's no way to manage points with it. But from what I'm reading, IPS store has very minimal integrat
  7. You're welcome. You strike me as someone who enjoys a challenge and likes to beat it. Glad to help!
  8. Thank you for tagging me in the topic. I should've come here earlier, but I'm new to IPS so am not quite sure how it all works yet as far as the community goes. But I really love what I see here. I love how observational and attentive you are. Your consideration of my ideas here means I'm already hooked but also appreciate your talent and ability to engage in people, as you treat us like we matter as not just consumers, but admins and community relations managers with people, members, and valued users of the forums. Here's some more features to consider if you think of it. 1. Im
    What's not to love about Chat by TheJackal84? The basic difference between this chat app and the Chatbox by The Only Me, is that: 1. TJ84 Chat has private message controls. 2. TJ84 chat app has bots. 3. TOM chat has different modes for displaying chat only. 4. TOM chat app is cheaper. *copyright branding removal* If you care about white label, you'll need to purchase this service by TheJackal84 if you install the chat. It's non obtrusive, but I had to set the chat app so that guests and Google Bots couldn't view the chat because of this feature. When you click the
  9. I already have. After the run around from a few different people, it turned out to be a bug on their end.
  10. Is there any way to archive that forum? I wanted to view one specific sales prequestion that I had about content imports and unique display names. But it keeps saying I have no permission to access the Google Search result that is associated with it. So this must've happened recently.
  11. I can't get any buttons on the CKEditor to have custom permissions.
  12. So you want a group comment wall and have the group be the title. That's easy to do. The app I'm referring to here, refers to custom fields everywhere.
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