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  1. Please, go ahead with that plan. I think that'd be interesting. If you do one thing, take your time with this and every app you make. As a developer, there's nothing more rewarding then when you pay attention to detail in a dedicated, and if necessary, or needs be, a slow and purposeful manner. that way, you remember what you already have made changes to, and can still make new features happen as they come up without losing sight of what you've already built as this can run away on you which is where bugs happen. I'll tell you this. You're an excellent web author and I'm excited to see what's already happening here. Ultimately it's up to you what you wish to build for the app. So please, take my feature suggestions and every body elses at face value, for if you don't see a reason to keep it, you have my permission to disregard my own in that circumstance. But I do think it helps, which is why I look forward to everything made here, as I know it's done with love, care and attention to the best chat app I've ever used.
  2. Yeah I'm with you there. All I want is the bar of Arrowchat. That way all the widget based stuff is optional, and you can just minimize it responsively when people want to actually look at the site footer. It'd be really cool to have two way bots. Where you can make a real time chat room into an updated thread or list of threads for private and public conversations sent to the site. either in blogs, forums or which ever else. This would make it similar to telegram where you can view things like files, links, messages sent to the room.
  3. Your points economy review: 

    1.1. Don't expect there to be a way to setup automatic points transfers. The app is missing key core functionality that lets you earn points by posting. Admins must regularly manually give points to users, as there is no way to setup points integration with existing site apps like Forums or Clubs.

    I can easily setup a rule to award point to someone who creates a thread in a forum (as an example).  

    I can even award point for the amount of times a member views a forum.

    Automation rules is super powerful, the main reason it's blacklisted here is people (not referring to you) don't know how to use it and mess up their IPS install - then open support tickets w/ IPS Support and want them to solve the problem they created.  Automation rules is like a chainsaw, if someone doesn't know what their doing they can lose a arm.









    1. Bluto


      I can also set it up for replies to topics if I want and have different amounts based on topic or forum.  I can also fine tune it to award certain points / currencies per topic, making some topics worth more points than others.

    2. Bluto


      If you want to create a thread here:  https://ipsguru.net/projects/points I'd be more than happy to line item your review and check each one of the things you say points economy / automation rules can't do.

      I have nothing to do with Points Economy or Kevin, but I am pretty good at automation rules and I believe some of the things you said it can't do, it can.

  4. Does this remove the ability to use optional widgets? And if the admin default room on all pages is private, or will only show to members, not guests for example, does this mean just the room won't be visible to people who can't view it, or will the entire site be unavailable because a portion of the page is only viewable to certain people?
  5. Presales questions 1. What exactly can you raffle off? Does this work similar to draws where people can put money in a jar and a certain percentage of it goes towards a final win? 2. Say you can collect money with this, is it received via account credit or some other method?
  6. Hello, I haven't purchased this app yet, so please know that I am keeping a close eye on developments because: 1. I'm unhappy with IPS store. I don't like how difficult it is to integrate payment methods through it. I bought points economy to fix this, but Kevin made it so that Rules app is required. It's blacklisted in the marketplace. The lite version doesn't really do it justice. I hate that where developers give a free version but they make you have to buy it off site. Anyways, there's no way to manage points with it. But from what I'm reading, IPS store has very minimal integration with Members shop. And I don't want to have two store apps on my site. 2. Is it possible to add a custom payment gateway system to members shop? There's no harm in having multiple points systems, if I can set conversion integration rules to go with each ones strengths and core values. Here's what I'm thinking. Members shop, allows someone to add credit into it. that credit through points can be transferred as a payment method directly to pay for items in the IPS store. Another option is to have it transfer to points economy and have a rule setup to both apps to increase compatibility with points, credits and available payment methods for purchases. for example, if I donate points to a member, I want them to be able to purchase or access items with it. But I also want them to be able to exchange cash flow between multiple members. An account credit integration with commerce would allow this to happen through balance links. I want to award members by posting with points that can be converted to cash, and cash that can be converted to points. 3. I need the ability to make shop items movable between the IPS store and members shop, with the option to purchase the same product from both places. Especially if it is a file download, or access to a particular site page. Members shop has a ton of add ons to enhance the functionality, but I need the two linked together to have say, goals be compatible with donations, and or account credit be compatible with points sent as gifts. I want to create a referrals system through an invitations app, that allows actual members to be considered as products to interact with. So integrate referrals with coupon or voucher codes. then get rewards based on the quality of posts your referrals bring in. this way quantity could control what permissions referrals get assigned to if trusted member groups is where someone with a "quality reaction, review or rating" can truly master. So for example, I'm selling an application form potential musicians to be approved into my new band. But, the musicians I want may not all be on the site. So I want all members of the band, to be rewarded for best work made by other artists. The best way to do that, would be to get awarded initially for bringing another artist referral on to the community site. Then the more posts they make with their files they created, and were approved independently by that band organizer, the band member would get a reputation that would increase over time. eventually, they'd be accepted into the band, with the end result being, referrals turn into awards. Awards turn into cash flow. If I wanted to collaborate with other members on a project, I'd want there to be ways in which such a collaboration could be recognized. I could do that with reactions, but only if I were able to browse all reactions a particular member received or had been given respectively. You can't do that yet with IPS. Nor can you do that with trophies and medals because they're only displayed publicly, but not in relation or context to why they existed. Which is what I want to promote, a stream that is more than a bookmark, tied in with the complementary system of points, referrals, awards and shop items. That in itself would be the affiliation all done in house, without a need for products that have no life, like a pizza or a statue from generating renewable income independently. If this can all be done, you got me as a client for life. As such, this ats as my improvement list. I hope to be able to buy this as the achievements turn into reality. Manually managing items like this should also be an option for quick admin approval overrides.
  7. You're welcome. You strike me as someone who enjoys a challenge and likes to beat it. Glad to help!
  8. Thank you for tagging me in the topic. I should've come here earlier, but I'm new to IPS so am not quite sure how it all works yet as far as the community goes. But I really love what I see here. I love how observational and attentive you are. Your consideration of my ideas here means I'm already hooked but also appreciate your talent and ability to engage in people, as you treat us like we matter as not just consumers, but admins and community relations managers with people, members, and valued users of the forums. Here's some more features to consider if you think of it. 1. Import from chatbox. Settings, posts and existing content if available. 2. Add integration with blogs, articles and other databases. 3. Add the ability for admins to be able to customize what chat sound appears. 4. Add the ability for users to be able to invite other users to a specific chat room. 5. Add seen, read, unread notifications. 6. Add the ability to bookmark posts so if users or admins are reading lengthy conversations, you can bookmark your place or just highlight archived messages you wish to view later on. 7. Be able to quote users, as well as mention them in chat. And have this work on a multi-chat room basis. 8. Integrate chat with notifications system, so members get chat notifications when ever they are mentioned or receive a private message or an invitation. 9. Integrate notifications idea with email that is optional. 10. Integrate paid chat with nexus integration. This would be very useful for customer support and product feedback channels. 11. Create a live chat alternative, where staff can talk to users one on one so make users have a one way communication with staff. then integrate that system with nexus support tickets. 12. Add a multiple users documentation system. Where members can communicate in a room in real time, and then merdge each post into an article and submit it. Would also work for topics, where a representing user or groups of users are able to create custom posts by optionally not including members name or date sent in the article. Would work with my convert chat room to article or topic idea. 13. Enable custom fields display for profile fields or other field types. So for instance, a custom chat field type would be location. Where rooms of users could automatically be set if people share a similar location. And or drop down value. 14. Allow users to block themselves from being included or mentioned in a chat room. This works separately from the ban system, in that they aren't banned, they just ignore it. 15. Create a statistics area for chat messages. Number of users online in which rooms, and rooms users may have in common with other users. 16. Add chat as a stream option to activity, following and search for custom notification settings. 17. Add total number of online users in all chat rooms with member photos as an option. 18. Have chat create custom actions. For example, sending 15 messages to a specific user would open a bot based pop up asking the chatting member if they wish to follow that user. 19. Merge profile activity comments with chat. that way replying directly to a comment (new feature idea) could show up on someone's profile page as an activity comment or in their chat box if the user chooses to display conversation history. 20. Allow members to post in multiple chat rooms at once. this is useful, for when you wish to forward messages, or simply wish to make an announcement to save time. 21. Optionally place an online indicator at the top of the chatroom, rather than at the bottom. Or let admins decide what information is included per chat display order. 22. Allow the chat post message area to be at the top or bottom of the chat room. Or let it scroll with you in case you wish to hover over a post to reply to it. 23. Allow members to choose their own chat display order. this way they see messages in an order they prefer. 24. Allow chat to have custom pagination. this way, posts appear live as they are created, but when viewing history, there could be a tab to have chat be in read only mode. 25. Allow rooms to have their own custom buttons on the text editor. this includes deciding how the enter key works. It also includes optionally displaying the button to send a message, or automatically send it. 26. Have custom emoticons support. Where each chat room could in effect, have its own theme. 27. Allow members to choose a background image for chat rooms they create. this way, they can personalize their chat experience. 28. Allow members to leave chat rooms they're already in. This way, they can come and go at will like groups. 29. Allow chat rooms to be able to message members whether they're online or not. This way, messages members could receive as such, could appear in rooms they previously joined, but were not there to view at the time. This is similar to member mentions feature, but the difference here is, the notifications could be forwarded to members each time they are quoted, mentioned or linked. 30. Chat subscribers. Allow members to optionally subscribe to a chat room, and receive chat logs. 31. Allow member created rooms to include custom moderators. 32. Allow the ability to merge or split rooms based on number of people, messages or other areas. 33. Allow silent mode, where members will only see room activity if they're mentioned in any room without having to be online in it. 34. Allow members to type in different colors. 35. Allow members to invite their friends to chat from social media. 36. Integrate rocket chat with chat rooms so that chat integration provided by other chats just extend rooms from a custom API. 37. Allow chat to have times of the day when it is closed to messages. 38. Allow chat to be dependent on checking to see if any guest is viewing the chat page. Don't auto load messages if nobody is currently viewing a room. 39. Allow members to customize chat in their language using google Translate. 40. Allow chat to be renamed to something else, like conversations or interactions. 41. Make it so that clicking on a user's profile takes you straight to a model window where you can choose if you want to view their profile, moderate their chat experience if available or start private chat. this eliminates the need to have a form where you need to enter a members name to chat with. 42. Allow chat to be limited to friends or followers of a given member if any. 43. Have a chat widget that loads from admin and moderator control panels. 44. Integrate chat with the reactions system. 45. Integrate chat with the rating system. 46. Allow chat to have custom polls assigned. that way, voting is done live with users who are interested. 47. Make chat viewable to only people who are of a certain age, location or have made so many posts, or joined within so many days of the community. Some of this can be done already using user groups, but make this independent of the promotion system so that chat appears as an option for user group creation and editing. 48. Keep being awesome. Pat yourself on the back for a job well doing.
    What's not to love about Chat by TheJackal84? The basic difference between this chat app and the Chatbox by The Only Me, is that: 1. TJ84 Chat has private message controls. 2. TJ84 chat app has bots. 3. TOM chat has different modes for displaying chat only. 4. TOM chat app is cheaper. *copyright branding removal* If you care about white label, you'll need to purchase this service by TheJackal84 if you install the chat. It's non obtrusive, but I had to set the chat app so that guests and Google Bots couldn't view the chat because of this feature. When you click the link in the site footer, you're taken directly to his forums site. So be aware that this link does not have a no follow tag on it. Having said that, it's only viewable when accessing chat page, and from what I can tell, does not show in widgets. I bring this up here, because he doesn't advertise that chat app has the copyright branding for free traffic to his forum embedded in it. But it goes without saying that installing the branding removal service works for all TJ84's apps. I personally do not care for copyright branding removal and this hidden link to the forums I've removed it via CSS code. Please in future ask for permission before getting a free advertising spot as a developer on all client sites. You already are getting renewal term paid updates, so the copyright branding for apps that require a license term removal is just overkill and not cool. *features* Here's what's not mentioned in the chat documentation. You currently cannot integrate chat with pages, blogs or articles/databases. You also cannot create custom fields to display when people post in the chat. Other than that, all other features do work as advertised. *features I'd like to see* 1. Chat to post conversion. convert a room you created into a post, or a room admins created into a post. Import posts to chat rooms. Export forums to chat rooms. Real time synchronization between posts of a specific topic or forum, category, or post and chat rooms. Allow specific members to be mentioned in chat. 2. Integration with existing private message system. Members be able to manage custom account settings for chat. Ability to link an existing post they made or someone else made as a chat reference. Ability to send files in chat. 3. Custom bad words filter per chat. Ability to merge chat rooms between users, groups, clubs, and other areas of the suite. Be able to use chat to reply to and create posts in other areas of the site. Chat to have a mobile app. 4. Voice, video and screen sharing calls with streaming. Ability to import and export chat with other apps like Discord, Telegram, Skype contacts and groups. Ability to lnik chat rooms across different sites with custom login functionality. Ability for chat to have its own user group permissions system. *quality* This is the best chat app I've ever used on an online forum. Including taking into account chat bars such as Comet and Arrow chat. This is better than Facebook Messenger by far. It is only the beginning of a very honest and promising future for IPS4 sites and beyond. It also works on cloud, something other apps that aren't specifically designed to work in house have an inability to use. Such as Battle chat. You are not able to change chat sounds per room on cloud, or per chat installation. However you are able to manage how sounds appear, and your other user options per room. *rating* I rate this app 4/5 stars. With a post reputation of 8/10 for performance, usability and customization on a per use case scenario. *improvements* Work on stability as well as gradual feature updates, and you'll have the best live interaction app IPS currently offers. Talk to Kevin Karwile about setting up Rules Automation for custom chat bot actions not currently possible with the default setup. Take note of what features people comment on the most, and also remember to engage your users as an admin of the site in chat when ever possible. Make yourself proud to be a chat app owner by TheJackal84 and you'll have a forum that lasts and treats you well. Including but not limited to any changes you wish to make down the line if your priorities change. *final thoughts* I run a community that is reliant on moderated content to some extent. Having the ability to have moderated rooms, promoting a currently online trusted member on a per user group permission system can be key. Having the ability for users to add other members as mods on their own rooms goes a long way in making chat a collaborated community effort plugin built to stay up and remain up and running for all serious community owners. Thank you truly for being an empowermental developer for IPS4. Your contribution here is definitely honorable and appreciated. Best, Elshara
  9. I already have. After the run around from a few different people, it turned out to be a bug on their end.
  10. I can't get any buttons on the CKEditor to have custom permissions.
  11. So you want a group comment wall and have the group be the title. That's easy to do. The app I'm referring to here, refers to custom fields everywhere.
  12. My only problem with notifications, is that they aren't automatically popping up in a lite box overlay window when they are received and I'm online to get one. Also, it is a lot of work to have to go through several screens just to turn notifications on for most account features, as IPS likes to leave them off by default. I get that it's a preference, but it should be a preference to not get them, as opposed to never knowing they are there to look at. Having to manually click follow reply to topic for example, won't even guarantee I get an email to look at it when I have a new reply waiting. So notifications aren't set by default to be used real well. Members need the ability to customize when they receive notifications for each individual item in their account.
  13. Well let me say this. Google doesn't know to look for your site, unless it is pinged and then regularly referenced using keywords, backlinks and pinged again. Then it keeps track of how many people actually visit by keeping tabs using a bot tracker. Why do you think Word Press does so well? And IPBoard V3? Pings. Yes, they still work. And that's how news sites gets their stories published via RSS pings and site maps. Having said that, to control what topics do crawl pings, is very important. But it's not as important, as Gooogle knowing that you have something available to ping. In fact a cron task should be added into the index XXX posts to make a ping request. Now you're guaranteed, based on unique content, to be indexed in search. Get a few users participating in a topic with a ping crawler on it, and or set up a custom activity stream to manage topics or forums even with a minimum of 200 or 400 words per topic, and you're all set. This way it's all done via category permissions, and your results bring in many members through association. This also makes your domain more desired because it increased its ranking as a whole. What ever google does, bing follows. In fact the primary use case scenario to add your site with Bing, Google, Yandex, Baidu etc, is so that the crawler keeps your domain in its list to check for new content. So what I recommend, is that you include include in your official site map, forums or topics with longer post count requirements in them, and leave the rest up to search engines to see outside of any RSS feeds. AKA, move it to a private forum until it gets enough posts in it that it is moved again to public forums.
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