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  1. I don't think it is good idea do this. Apple and google never think about to close apple store and google play. Marketplace is not making money or it is making more job . But It can make me go to this site everyday.
  2. bing11


    So how can upgrade your apps now ?
  3. "news_category": { "friendly": "category/{#cat}-{?}", "real": "app=news&module=news&controller=news&do=listnews" }, Categories list news is not work well . always show all news list when I click "2" page in any categroy somthing wrong ? pleas help fix this thank you
  4. it is PHP 8 in the directory any help please thank you
  5. yes I go back php 7 and fixed this . So php 7 is better than php 8 now ?
  6. some forums' page HTTP ERROR 500 please help
  7. why some page HTTP ERROR 500 please help
  8. The widget should have an option to add a title that you can add. but where it is ?
  9. My pages don't work now Please help
  10. OutOfRangeException: (0) again please help fix this
  11. thank you do you know anyone can pay for do this now ?
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