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  1. very nice The content can be link or html code ?( I see text image and movie only )
  2. very useful please upgrade it to 4.5
  3. How can I upload the thumbnails for the videos ? thanks
  4. thank you and don't forget change admin fold name in ftp too
  5. hello /admin change to /admindedee please help thanks
  6. bing11


    Affiliate ID is store ID? Can use for Canadian amazon?
  7. bing11


    how can drag and drop audio file like mp3 not only images? thank you
  8. nice job how can add "Fullscreen" option to easy read the Comics? thanks
    Can make the color not change for the member?
    1.0.1 not show htlm
  9. Could you make "view in pop up" change to "view new page " like https://toomics.com/en/webtoon/detail/code/56379/ep/1/toon/2536 . ? and then we can easily to watch thank you
  10. yes I can see the invoice . but the seller how can see the invoice. when someone buy something. the buyer how can check the orders. and make the order finish like shipping.... (not need contact the buyer again ,wait he answer )
  11. how can see the invoice after the buyer buy?
  12. I just install this . anything look good now. But I have 100 forums now . How can fast set up give 1 point Per Topic for all forum ?
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