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Marketplace: The Next Steps

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7 minutes ago, Square Wheels said:

I gotta say, this is a pain.  I have to contact each provider, hope they have a site, then register, then keep up with many different sites.

Over time, there will be fewer and fewer providers, eventually most of them will probably give up.  Especially the ones that created one or two fun apps.

It's far from ideal, yes. I think once the dust settles it will be fine. It could have been worse though, and I applaud Invision for offering a workable solution for itself and the developers. We could have all just been shut out from 3rd-party entirely, which I am sure was on the table at one point of the discussions.

Many of the authors of some of my plugins and apps have long since left the Invision developer community and I'm already engaging the pro-active and reputable ones to reproduce those that are genuinely needed. I'm using it as an opportunity for a "clean-up", to be honest.

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