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  1. Hello, has this been fixed in 4.6.6? Thank you!
  2. Thank you Nathan. Was this added recently or it's always been like that? I can't see the plugin in my plugin list.
  3. Also, what are the ckeditor plugins which allows to open this window when you double click on an image? I may try to update the plugins and see if the problem is fixed. Thank you!
  4. Hello, I think there is a bug in the button "add similar event" (the one used to copy an event with the same template of another one). When I create a new event in the normal way (Create-Event-select calendar) and I do not add any Cover Photo, this is what I get: But when I copy the event using the button "Add similar event" (link: app=calendar&module=calendar&controller=submit&do=copy&event_id=25503) and I save it, I see a black background image: If I edit this event, I see a 0B cover photo uploaded. If I delete this file clicking on the X, the cover image will be deleted and I will get the same effect of the first picture I uploaded here. Is this a bug or some of my settings are causing this? And if so, what should I change in order to not get the cover photo uploaded when I copy an event? Thank you!
  5. Hello, after I updated to the latest version (I was using 4.5 and I upgraded to, the "Keep original aspect ratio" is not selected by default: How can I set it to selected by default? Thank you! Where should I put that condition? Thanks! EDIT: I see on this forum is selected by default, but on my forum is not.
  6. Balto


    Hello, I have a question about this plugin. Is it possible to add questions without adding a correct answer (like for predicting a future event)? And then the owner of the quiz will add the correct answer later and points of users will be counted. For example, the question might be "Who will win the 2022 peace nobel prize?" Users will answer and then after the nomination of the nobel prize the correct answer will be added. Thanks!
  7. Then they can fix the bug and you have bold for unread posts, you click, read, go back to index and the topic will already be showed as read. The unread marker will be disappeared because the user has read the unread posts.
  8. Hello, any news if this feature will be back? Thank you!
    Traduzione perfetta, complimenti a chi l'ha realizzata. Assolutamente consigliata!!
  9. Hello, any news about this feature? It would be extremely helpful to remove the messenger to certain users who would abuse of it. If that is not possible, is there any other way to remove the messenger to certain users? Thank you!
  10. Hello Nathan, thank you for your reply! Yeah, I can run a query. But in case that would be necessary, would I get further instructions about that during the update? Or it will just tell me something like "run this query and try again"? Thank you!
  11. Hello guys, I wanted to upgrade my forum to the latest version (IPS Community Suite 4.6.3), but during the update I get this message: I am not sure what does that mean and what should I do, so before to proceed I would like to hear from you the steps I would need to do. Has anyone else faces this problem? Thank you in advance!
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