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Google AdSense Warning

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We have received a report from Google that we are in violation of their adsense policies by displaying ads on certain pages without content. the example URL given was the login page but I assume other pages without 'valuable content' also apply. We are using the standard advertisement option within IPB. I have asked IPB support how to exclude ads on the non-relevant pages as we do use the ads to fund our VPS hosting and IPB renewals but the answer was "There is no way in which to stop these from appearing on those pages at the present time". 


We have a total of 4 ads setup in the advertisements section of ACP

  1. Matched Content : set to custom location so we can add to specific location in sidebar
  2. Header Ad : set to 'just below the page header'
  3. Sidebar Ad : set to custom location so we can add to specific location in sidebar
  4. Footer Ad : set to 'just above the page footer'

We also have the "Disable Ads on Specific Pages 1.0.1" plugin installed and I thought it was working fine ... but based on the email from Google, I guess not !!! 

I am assuming/hoping that someone else has run into this issue and may have an idea how to resolve? I do not want to remove all ads for the reasons I mentioned above, but equally I don't want to fall foul of google and end up getting our account revoked or suspended. 

Anyone got any ideas ? 




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I am using 4.19.4 and it does seem to work. When I enable it I get no ads on the login or sign-up screens and when I disable it I do get ads. I did drag it to the top of the list in the plugins page on ACP. I have asked google to review the page. If it still doesnt pass the sniff test then I may have to go down the route of the custom blocks and place them manually. I dont have a lot of adverts so its not going to be a ridiculous task to set them up on forums, articles and blogs only

Would be nice if this could be addressed in a future version of the software though. 


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I just got hit with a violation because of this.

This needs to be hard coded into the forum immediately, it should be a major priority to fix.

Thankfully that plugin above looks to have fixed the issue (and since that's the case it shouldn't be hard for Invision themselves to fix it for good) for now.

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No need for plugins, do not use below the header and above the footer default advert locations, use define your own location and set a custom key then place them manually into your templates

This is the homepage

forums > front > index > index

This is the topic page

forums > front > topics > topic

This is the forum page

forums > front > forums > forumDisplay

At the very top and bottom of each template add your keys, I use





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Is it an issue? Think they will say it's working as intended. They probably should add a warning below the header and footer options to make people aware that it's not compatible with Adsense.

The advertersing options are not just for running Adsense, people that sell ads direct or just affiliate links will not be under the same t&c's.

The custom keys work just fine, takes an extra 2 minutes work each upgrade.


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It's a major issue considering how widespread Adsense is, how much of a problem it is for this to occur, and how little it will impact on non-adsense users (it takes away advertising from less than a handful of pages that have no content on them).

The custom keys work just fine, takes an extra 2 minutes work each upgrade.

Easy for Invision to fix then.

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