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New 3.4 quote..


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I cant believe they changed this. I moved from another forum to IP Board mainly because the old forum did not show the quote tags and members put their replies in the quotes. I spent hours editing posts every day and already after upgrading last night the first few posts this morning needs editing because replies have gone into quotes.

Most ordinary members have no idea how the use things like this, the quote tags must come back or this is going to cause big trouble for many forum owners. I am not prepared to start editing hundreds of posts a day because of it.

Terrible idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Edit... OK I can see the quote box now, had to clear browser cache after upgrade, panic over..

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Please keep this topic for feedback.
I also recommend clearing your browser cache and cookies if the editor is not working for you.

There is a good news and a bad news.

The good news is that it splits the quote in the test forum.
The bad news is that it does not split it here in this thread.

I did clear my browser's cache and the cookies before the trial.
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Hello, i have a problem with the IPBoard 3.4 update with quotes.

Some threads works fine but not others, the quoted text are not in the box, example:


System has been recached and my internet browser, after that, the Quote works fine in the reply options but do not appear correctly when you post it on the forum:


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