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  1. Ausy

    Mark as Sold

    There are possible alternatives. Mark Topic for 4.4 works ok on 4.5 OR
  2. The way the software handles PDF's is not great and could do with some improvements. One or two PDF's on a post looks ok but some of us have sites that want to display lists of documents on pages. 1. PDF's when clicked on should open in the browser and not download (yuk), or add the option to do both. 2. If you have a page (pages) and want to list many Docs or PDF's it looks horrible in the current format. There doesn't appear a way to fix that unless I do what I did before, upload by ftp then link to them but that's no use for non administrators. Any chance you can look at this for some improvements going forward or am I missing something?
  3. Will you make it 4.3 compatible?
  4. Totally agree, my subscription year ends 31st March each year. Many real associations and clubs do it this way. I have people joining throughout the year and I constantly have to manually edit their invoices.
  5. These work for our site using Gmail smtp.gmail.com SSL Port 465
  6. Unable to download latest version. File not available.
  7. Hidden content is available in Moderator CP I believe.
  8. You can change this in ACP System - Streams - Edit the Stream then change "Clicking Unread Items" to "Take me to the first unread comment"
  9. Ausy

    New: Clubs

    This is awsome guys, any integration with Commerce? Will members Club show in their customer data or can you have different subscriptions based on different clubs?
  10. You have to add the slider widget from the block manager.
  11. Yes, thanks team, great software and service
  12. Have you tried what the message suggests, as in upload the new files manually. If you have and it still will not update open a support ticket.
  13. Are you saying what's circled in the image is missing or are you looking for a button on the top toolbar?
  14. Be aware the commerce ticket system does not work for guests. Commerce costs $75 and $35 every 6 months for self hosted. Read about what it can do here
  15. No it's how they are in 4 and I wish it could be fixed as they look horrible.
  16. Do you have the commerce App? It allows you to move a user to a new group once a payment has been made. That new group can be granted specific gallery permissions.
  17. Seems nothing to revert on any of them. I tried it on a fresh test install and same problem.
  18. @onlyME Updated to latest version and responsiveness is gone.
  19. Ausy

    Mark as Sold

    Thanks, that worked but all previously marked topics had to be remarked again. Not too bad for me as there were not to many but hopefully this won't happen on each update @Tom Irons
  20. Ausy

    Mark as Sold

    The badge is back but as sulervo says the button is missing.
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