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  1. It looks like the templates I created for the record view are causing the problem. I've reverted to the standard Supergridrecord for now and will have to see what's causing the issue. Thanks!
  2. Hi all, my install has been neglected for a year or so and I've discovered that none of my pages are linking correctly. I'm sure I've had this error before and it turned out to be this plugin. I'm happy to pay somebody to take a look at this as I'm fairly sure it's a quick fix. Below is the error I get when trying to view any records.
  3. Surely this should default back to the share image if no images are found, rather than defaulting to this for every type of content shared? I've deleted my sharer image.
  4. Fixed! The problem was that ipsContained had not yet been inserted into the misc.css.
  5. I have just been through the typography.css(which I believe contains the word-break element) and reverted to the stock file and it still seems to be happening.
  6. I must have changed something in the CSS or templates to cause this but after hours of searching, I cannot find it! Basically, this icon should appear on the same line as the Title. This is happening at several locations throughout the suit. If somebody could take a look that would be brilliant! The badges have been changed somewhere for my custom "Review" pages template but that should not be affecting topic titles etc. I'm a little lost on this one. Here is the link to interrogate: http://www.kartreview.co.uk/forums/forum/8-kart-review-site-information/ Thanks in advance guys.
  7. A lang bit per type would be great Adriano, that's all the above would essentially be doing anyway. The COMPLETED terminology is probably something which is more suited to when TRANSACTIONS are enabled. If you go on any for sales site, they will always use the term "SOLD" when an item "SELLS" so that was my main reason for initially changing the language bits. Indeed COMPLETED "works", but it feels like it's a compromise. On an application dedicated to classifieds, I don't think it's unreasonable to want to change this terminology. Maybe this is something which is dependent on which is the spoken language.
  8. Oops, I didn't think of this situation. Is there any way of adding some fields into the "Type" settings, a bit like Pages does with articles so you could change the lang to something specific to the Type? Settings for For Sale Type Description - "This item is SOLD" Item Status - "SOLD" User Action - "Mark as SOLD" Admin Action - "Display SOLD adverts?" Settings for Wanted Type Description - "This item is no longer wanted" Item Status - "FOUND" User Action - "Mark as FOUND" Admin Action - "Display FOUND adverts?" Settings for Swap/Exchange Type Description - "This item has been exchanged" Item Status - "EXCHANGED" User Action - "Mark as EXCHANGED" Admin Action - "Display EXCHANGED adverts?" The Admin Action is probably not required though. Complete would be fine for this area. I think this is necessary as there is no good way of using the same wording for each sale type, other than "Complete" which, as @CP_User mentioned earlier in the week can get confusing for new members.
  9. Yes, this is only for Classifieds
  10. I'm pretty sure if you change that language string it is specific to classifieds? If not, can anyone tell me where else this is used as mine has been changed to "Sold" which could get confusing somewhere else in the suite..
  11. Its messing up the category listings on the Classifieds app @Ohio Guns. Thanks TAMAN, that's worked!
  12. Thanks for the help TAMAN. Could you use a partial URL in the data-baseurl?, such as: [data-baseurl="http://www.kartreview.co.uk/classifieds/category"] .ipsDataList .ipsDataItem_main which would target pages containing that URL? For now I have added some inline CSS on the template of the category template which seems to do the job but is not ideal for upgrades etc.
  13. UGH! This didn't work as it messed up the CSS on the main page with the categories listing. Is there any way to target a single page within an app??
  14. Sorted! Probably not correctly mind. I just copied all of the CSS selectors in the big list and set the display to "table-cell" and it seems to have sorted it..
  15. I can usually muddle my way through these kind of things but this one has me stumped. Basically, as you can see in the above screenshots, I want the Title, user, price and questions data to be inline with the record image on mobile. If I uncheck "Block" on the firefox rules, the content moves to where I want it. I tried this code: /* Smartphones (portrait and landscape) ----------- */ @media screen and (max-width: 979px) { /* Styles */ [data-pageapp='classifieds'].ipsDataList .ipsDataItem_main { display: inline; } However, this does not work. I'm obviously not using the correct classes and it is inheriting "block" from somewhere else. It looks like there are loads of classes using the same CSS and I don't want to mess up anything by using unnecessary classes. If somebody could point me in the right direction it would be appreciated. Thanks guys.
  16. @opentype, I did a quick test and it appears as though the settings i mentioned WILL re-size the image on upload I uploaded a 4mb file as an attachment and the largest I can then view is 350KB (Original large image discarded) Thanks for pointing out the setting, I will probably set them all to unlimited and let the re-sizing methods above do the work.
  17. I cannot find a setting in the suite for "Maximum Upload size" so I'm assuming that the setting "Maximum image dimensions to save " will re-size the large images using the compression setting in "Image Settings" Can somebody confirm this?
  18. I'm wondering if you could help me with something.. This is what I currently have as a layout: If I de-select the "Block" and "Padding" attribute, I get this result: However, I cannot find a way to alter the custom.css to introduce these changes. Which classes should I be targeting to achieve this? I'm also looking for a way to further target only this page within the application. I have tried [data-pagecontroller='browse'] alongside the existing [data-pagemodule='classifieds'] but this just cancels out both of them. Is there a specific way to implement more than one "data" selector? Thanks. EDIT: Just realised which forum this is in! Sorry. I will start another topic in appropriate section.
  19. So, simple! I have it the other way around for similar edits and it seemed to work fine.. Oh well Thanks @opentype!
  20. Hi, I'm trying to target a specific app to hide some data in mobile. I have managed to hide the data on mobile suite wide, but I cannot target the app/page. This is what is says in the body : <body class="ipsApp ipsApp_front ipsJS_has ipsClearfix" data-controller="core.front.core.app,core.front.widgets.manager" data-message="" data-pageapp="classifieds" data-pagelocation="front" data-pagemodule="classifieds" data-pagecontroller="browse" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/WebSite"> So I tried using; [data-pagemodule='classifieds'] & [data-pageapp='classifieds'] Both do not work Can you offer some advice? -------- Code looks like this (works without the [DATA] info.. /* Smartphones (portrait and landscape) ----------- */ @media screen and (max-width: 979px) { /* Styles */ /*Hide extra details on Classifieds category (Mobile)*/ .ipsDataItem_size8 [data-pagemodule='classifieds'] { display:none !important; }
  21. The thing i love most about forums is that the discussion is documented, organised and therefore searchable. Trying to find something social media is a pain.
  22. Dear IPS, If such a small matter is this users biggest problem and can cause 4 pages of discussion then you must be doing something right! Well done
  23. I'm not sure if something is wrong on my board, but when a user sends me a message, I get a notification AND a new message alert. So basically I get alerted twice for the same action. Is this intended? I have switched off the notification for "When I receive a message" to see if this helps. ------------------------- This seems to have solved it, I don't think this really makes sense to have two notifications if you have the notifications enabled when "I receive a message" If I turned this off, I would expect NO notification whatsoever...
    I have been using this for a few weeks and it's now at a stage where I am REALLY HAPPY with the results! We use it for a simple classifieds system with transactions disbled for the most part. However, having the commerce integration and being able to offer members packages to feature their ad, as well as the ability to offer coupons, really makes this application stand out from a basic Pages based system.
  24. Any chance of supporting the new Classifieds app from Adriano? On classifieds we can have a package which has the option to FEATURE the ad. If these ads could be placed in your slider that would be fantastic!
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