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  1. ok I did purchase it and am experimenting with it. will pm you in day or so to check it.
  2. I have. and I also have 2 letter acronyms, abbreviations, etc that sphinx handled well as well as faster updating (using crons) of the search database. sphinx is a search server. it works better for searching.
  3. please re-add it. some rely on it for wildcard and 2 to 3 letter acronym searches. works so much better than mysql
  4. looking at this right now which would (I think) help wit the tags issue but I am also needing to find a way to replace the IP Content media system Marcher built and am closely looking at this also. right now getting ability to create a media tag on the fly (so to speak) is first priority. right now its just one site but there are others like cspan and related I would need ot do too.
  5. did I see in earlier post (cannot find now grr) that you were going to add ability to define media tags like in 3.4.x series board? thanks edit this post was what I was looking at
  6. crap. oh well, progress...or something LOL
  7. maybe I am looking in wrong place (been a bit since I was here) but not seeing any updates. abandoned?
  8. sweet another app I was going to check up on. thanks MJ
  9. was wondering about this app and glad to see you are working on it. if needed I can try to help beta it, would not be able to devote the time others can but if it will help let me know. iirc I am due to pay license on this one too so will take care of that shortly.
  10. ​sweet. it really is that important a mod for me. was going to try to see if I could hack around on it on test board to adapt it. that way if it breaks its just test board LOL
  11. ​so is this to be supported? I would be hard pressed to justify upgrading to v4 w/o this mod as its so useful.
  12. ok I am a little behind here. there will be a different product for ipb 4+ and if current on our promenu plus renewals (which I plan on doing tomorrow) we get a break on price of new product?
  13. I am way behind in updating and not used to v4 formats, was there a v4 version of this added yet and I missed it in market? am going to hold off updating until I see if this one is updated.
  14. can't do 3.47 as lic expired and waiting a bit before renewing so hoping it works ok on 3.46. will do backups and test tomorrow and see if I find any issues.
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