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  1. It's because global topics does an array merge with the topics list and the global topics array. This reorders the array indexs setting the first one to 0, and since you're using the array index instead of the topic id value within the array the first one is 0 and gives the Meta ID missing error. ~.~ I've tried fixing it on my end by doing array() + array () instead of array_merge and in my testing it works, but apparently not for everyone. :/ You can fix it by just using the topic id value in the array instead of the index.
  2. FWIW I have seen them try multiple attempts at helping resolve any issues that come up before giving the "we can't help you because of your server config" line. They even suggest changes that can be made to the server config sometimes I believe.
  3. Admittedly those passwords and my server crap are all special circumstances and deserve better passwords. But we're talking about forums here.
  4. Am I the only one here who uses the same password for everything?
  5. Sometimes I join sites just to ask a quick question or post something stupid. I always use the password "123456" cuz I just don't care about those sites. You're saying you want me to make it "12345678"? Or stick some letters in there? No. Unacceptable. Don't you dare.
  6. Could also do a skin edit so that only that user can't see the button lol
  7. FWIW it already exists as an admin option in case you didn't know.
  8. They probably won't be. But I'm sure there'll be a way to fix it.
  9. "Content count" Hmmmmmmm And god those warning/error messages or whatever are so huge. Guess it's just relative though.
  10. Rimi

    4.0 - Messenger

    So I finally got to watch the videos. I'm not really liking the mobile view right now, but I guess I'll wait to try it out myself before I hate on it. What are those sort by and filter by options? Does messenger even have a search anymore? Most importantly though, does logging in as anonymous prevent it from showing that you've read the PM? >_>
  11. Ogeez what is with people trying to make it look like ips needs to do something about the exploit? :C
  12. Uh oh calliejo. Looks like you're on to me. :ph34r:
  13. That thing that copies settings across categories is so great...is it this super simple method that can easily be implemented by any other application? Seems to be how things are going for the framework so I expect so. That's just too cool.
  14. You can just delete the block from the skin. But while we're on that topic (lol) I wish that logging in as anonymous made it so that if you read a pm it doesn't say that you did.
  15. So has the opposing opinion. :D At least IPS is willing to listen unlike you. :sweat: How is that a bad analogy? I'm literally referencing the exact hypothetical situation that callie wants to see in the forum software. xD Ahahaha, and then you go on with your own terrible analogies. This is just too fun. Wait what? What does this...I mean. Like. What? I'm confused. How is this relevant to anything? What? Huh? o.O Dammit. I missed something good. Never sleeping again. But that's not how IPB works anymore
  16. I've done it before. .-. It's why xenforo sucks so bad. So many people block off their profile that I just don't stick around those communities for that long. Maybe what you're saying applies to members who've been around for a while, but not for completely new members.
  17. Nah. You pretty much got it. High five.
  18. This analogy is so terrible. :D It's kind of a fact of the internet. It's like sending someone naked pictures of yourself. Do it privately or not, it's going to end up on 4chan eventually. No matter what "privacy options" you give yourself through the software, once you submit a piece of personal data into the database it's out there and you do not control it. Lets say you want to put your skype information on your profile for your friends to see, but you absolutely hate my guts and don't want me to see it. Let's say that your forum software of choice helps you accomplish that. What stops me from getting one of your friends to give me that information? Who knows, we might have a mutual friend. Maybe the admin of the site is a buddy of mine and will give me that information. What if I made a new account, acted like a completely different person, and managed to befriend you all in order to get that "private" information? What if I manage to hack your account? What if I manage to hack your friend's account? What if a bug in the software allows me to bypass the privacy blocks? The point that IPS is trying to make, and the point that is constantly flying over your head is that once you submit a piece of data onto the internet you are no longer in control of it. You may think that you control it with "privacy options", but fact is that if I want your contact info and I'm dedicated to obtaining that contact info and you've submitted it in some way shape or form into a site's database, then I will get your contact info eventually. IPS doesn't approve of giving people a false sense of security with "privacy options" when so many methods of bypassing them exist. Seriously. All I have to do is get on your friends list or get close to someone who already is on your friends list and suddenly I have access to everything. I mean think of all the thousands of girls who send pics of their tits to their boyfriends which all end up on the internet a few days later. In fact it even happened on an old site of mine. A girl on there showed her tits to a guy in a PM (you know - a PRIVATE MESSAGE). That guy showed the picture to all his friends (including me - oman those were some amazing tits o.o ) and completely humiliated her. It's a fact of the internet. If you submit personal data online in any way shape or form, you lose control of it. Face it. You are asking for fake security, and that is not what IPS is going to set out to do. Your other concern is only allowing friends to comment on your profile. That's not really privacy at all, and is what Matt and co. are referring to when they say that they want this topic to focus on privacy and the (lack of) validity thereof.
  19. Uh. I mean. I agree with what Charles said but last I checked Twitter has an option to make your profile private so that only your friends can see your tweets. lol
  20. Cool cool. So question...let's say I'm viewing a list of 300 downloads if which five are featured. If I hit that checkbook does it use Ajax to reload my results and only show those five? Sorry if it's in the video. Phone.
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