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  1. Hehe...Those offers are coming to me now! But because I have a good heart I may redirect half of them to your email address free of charge... ...all of them for a cent for each. My bank account number at the Whole Universe Bank: 1234 567890
  2. A conversation which should be private could be turned into a thread visible to the members?
  3. Copying a post to a different part: That post can be a thread starter without disturbing the original thread. Standard in vB and XF.
  4. Seems you are an admin but not in the group of moderators.
  5. What's wrong with "Sign Up" there? Create my Account or Cancel Perhaps they want to "Sign In"?
  6. You would force the "awol member" to use a VPN.
  7. #1 Delete the database. #2 Delete the forum's folder. Done.
  8. Put him in a user group with no permission to access certain forums?
  9. From the ACP login as that member and edit his/her notifications.
  10. Can you moderate their first 5 posts? Let them use the PM system only after that.
  11. Adding manual variations would be an endless job. Warning then banning is the solution.
  12. No, it is not. What I mean is to export-import it from mysite.com/forum to mysite.com/testforum. Only the site's owner has access to it.
  13. Import it to a spare forum not accessible to anyone else? (Such as other admins with full access to the original forum)
  14. There are no refunds. You can sell, provided you pay the renewal.
  15. There is a need for that. It could be used instead of a ban. vBulletin's earlier versions had it named: Tachy goes to Coventry. Edit: Currently they have it as: Global Ignore This option allows you to effectively add a user or users to every member's 'Ignore List'. However, users in this list can still see their own posts and threads...
  16. No, it's not a DDoS attack. DDoS attack would be when there would be an attempt to access your site not twice in a second but hundreds, thousands of time.
  17. Be careful: *.outlook.com will block all potential members with an outlook address.
  18. Did you check that single file what could be wrong on line 508?
  19. Thanks, the quote started to work in IE11.
  20. Don't wait for presales, open a ticket.
  21. Agreed. Maybe instead of closing the window I would register as "Dontbaitme" some@some.com
  22. It's happening in this very forum, can't open a ticket for it. Just today: Numerous IE11 fixes. Unfortunately the bug still exist, cannot quote parts of a post.
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