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  1. A conversation which should be private could be turned into a thread visible to the members?
  2. Copying a post to a different part: That post can be a thread starter without disturbing the original thread. Standard in vB and XF.
  3. Do you have HP Support Assistant installed?
  4. Perhaps some HP files are missing which were included on the recovery partition to setup the Pc ?
  5. How did you install Win 10 to that partition? Do you have a spare Windows?
  6. That partition is not for Win, it includes the raw Win files to be installed on Drive C: . The recovery HP program installs Win and all the other original programs(HP, MS, etc.) from there.
  7. HP ships PCs with such partitions. It's in the manual to create recovery DVDs as soon as you setup the PC . If the drive dies then from the recovery DVDs the PC will make a recovery partition on the new drive and then possible to setup the PC again FROM the recovery partition.
  8. They are too large and too expensive to replace the current phones.
  9. You would force the "awol member" to use a VPN.
  10. From the ACP login as that member and edit his/her notifications.
  11. Then try Amazon, they might give you better deals.
  12. The list would be too long. Your saving is 100% !
  13. No, it is not. What I mean is to export-import it from mysite.com/forum to mysite.com/testforum. Only the site's owner has access to it.
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