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  1. I missed 777 posts. :(

  2. From what I understand, you're asking for something similar to IP.Content?
  3. Welcome to IPS! I hope you enjoy your new and improved community, I'm sure your members will. :)
  4. Strictly speaking from a technical standpoint there's no need to upload the Credits.txt file, that wont affect the working of the patch itself. As for Giuseppe, he's a former developer, and it's not a nom de plume. :)
  5. 666 posts. :devil:

    1. Audentio


      Hurry. Post something.

    2. Farcaster II
  6. If you have the Stop Forum Spam plugin installed, I can't see it hurting your site along with the new Spam Service changes, as the Spam Service would catch the spammers before they got to the Stop Forum Spam plugin.
  7. That Rhett, he loves breaking things. :tongue: (Records, mainly)
  8. In addition to what Brandon said - could you try clearing your cache and cookies for this domain and see if this solves the problem? You should see the quote in the editor like so: " alt="Screen%20Shot%202013-04-10%20at%2017.11.">
  9. The mod uses PHP's strtotime() function which uses Server Time so it's possible that you are in a different country to where your server is (for example, in the UK the clocks just went forward, however in the US that happened a few weeks ago) - which may be why you're seeing this.
  10. Hi Ben! You can already create a pretty good skin without knowing any html or css code - by using our Visual Skin Editor. You can access the Visual Skin Editor from your AdminCP, under the Look & Feel menu. All you need to do is click the 'Create New Skin' button and (pending your license is active) you should see the following pop up: Simply select 'Visual Editor' here and you'll be taken to an interface where you can create a skin and select colors for different areas without a single line of code. :smile: (As you can see, I'm no designer, this is simply an example shot showing you can easily change the look of your skin with this tool. :smile: )
  11. Mikey B

    4.0 - Tables

    And the reason you see it in the screencast is because Mark is using a webserver on a Mac, which is IPv6 native. :)
  12. Pfft...giving up red bull.

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    2. inuyashademon


      I remember drinking Monster like that too.

    3. Mikey B

      Mikey B

      Red Bull, Monster, Relentless, Rockstar, Kick / KX (Tesco Brand), Blue Bear (ASDA Brand), Mountain Dew Energy (not sure if that counts) - you name an energy drink and I probably drank it regularly. I was seriously hooked! (probably some of these are UK only)

    4. inuyashademon


      We got the mountain dew one in America called kickstarter mountain dew.

  13. Still rocking the pre-sales forums, Ian! :)

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