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  1. What happened to the menu?

    https://invisionpower.com/clients/ Which is under Support -> Client Area Additionally when I clicked the verification link to clear one of my license's URL it sent me to a /clients/ URL however it does not work, changing /clients/ to /clientarea/ fixed it. Manage Purchases only takes me to purchases I've made in the marketplace, I was looking for the client area in which I can manage my IP License, renew them, etc. There is currently no link anywhere to that portion of the client area.
  2. What happened to the menu?

    Client Area is broken I only see my marketplace purchases, no where to manage my IP software stuff. Edit: for anyone else https://www.invisionpower.com/clientarea/ (I didn't have it bookmarked or memorized)
  3. You just go to the Client Area -> Purchases -> Select the community you want it on -> Manage Your Community (Tab) and select IP.Nexus
  4. Users Sending Email

    Perhaps because it may be a little redundant when you get emailed when you get a new private message?
  5. editor has gone astray

    Check here? http://community.invisionpower.com/resources/bugs.html/_/ip-content/
  6. Option for image quality

    I don't think they like adding more and more settings for things not everyone will use. What images are you referring to, uploaded attachments? I've never had any issues as far as quality.
  7. New unread post behavior

    You could change the image to be more noticeable... But if you really wanted to change the Topic Title Link to go to your first unread post you can just edit the template: AdminCP -> Look & Feel -> Manage Skin Sets & Templates -> Manage Templates in Your Skin Find: <a itemprop="url" id="tid-link-{$data['_tid']}" href="{$data['_url']}" title='{parse expression="strip_tags($data['title'])"} {$this->lang->words['topic_started_on']} {parse date="$data['start_date']" format="LONG"}' class='topic_title' Replace with: <a itemprop="url" id="tid-link-{$data['_tid']}" href="{$data['_url']}?view=getnewpost" title='{parse expression="strip_tags($data['title'])"} {$this->lang->words['topic_started_on']} {parse date="$data['start_date']" format="LONG"}' class='topic_title' This will add "?view=getnewpost" to the end of the URL so it will go to the last unread reply.
  8. I think that your changes will contradict the original intent of the spoiler tag. From your example it seems your are labeling the spoiler tags, doesn't that do the opposite of what the spoiler tag is meant to be used for? If I'm not mistaken the spoiler tag is meant to hide possible spoilers from people so something doesn't necessarily become ruined for them. I understand that the spoiler tag has more uses than just preventing spoilers, such as collapsing large images. I would much rather see either a new "collapsible" tag, than to take a current tag and have it go backwards in it's original use. In the end some communities use the spoiler tags literally for spoilers and may have different CSS variations for their own, such as having black text on a black background. Some might use it for collapsing large images, blocks of texts and/or spoilers. I don't really see this happening without either adding a new BBCode or removing the spoiler tag and going to a collapsible bbcode with the option to make it act like a spoiler tag.
  9. You could add a little bit of a bottom margin to blockquote.ipsBlockquote in ipb_common.css. I did margin-bottom: 5px; and it looks better.
  10. https in youtube

    You could add them yourselves if it's really that important to you. Look & Feel -> Manage Media Tag You can just copy and paste the current ones and make new HTTPS ones.
  11. New 3.4 quote..

    Not sure if it's like that in case you want to add a line to a quote or not. If you changed the CSS for your quote boxes, the the coding for quotes has change a little. Previously it was like the following: div.blockquote { CSS WENT HERE } But it has since changed to be: blockquote.ipsBlockquote { CSS GOES HERE } It's a simple and quick fix and it can be found in ips_common.css
  12. New 3.4 quote..

    I think there is a difference of when you try to split a quote. For example if did the double enter at the end of a sentence it will split the quote.(Enter x2) But if you do it on an empty line between 2 lines, it will not.
  13. Sending Bulk emails a farce

    If Amazon SES has SMTP (which it does) there is nothing stopping you already from using it. They likely chose Mandrill because of easier integration and ease of mind.
  14. Sending Bulk emails a farce

    It's not saying you can setup custom SMTP settings for Amazon's SES, like you can now.
  15. The success of a product is not done by copying other products, but innovating and creating features that those products don't offer.