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  1. +1 on having a minimum size as an option in the AdminCP. I have received several complains.
  2. @Mark sorry for the blatant tag ?. I imagine the answer is no to the question above, but just want to confirm.
  3. Question... Does the update offer the option to translate older emoticons used in the past to emoji if an admin wanted to do that? Let's say in case I wanted to completely remove the old style emoticons but didn't want them to appear as just some text/characters.
  4. I am a plus one for this request. Pretty much what you said describes my scenario. I don't want people bumping old (archived) threads and at the same time I want to take advantage of the archive for speed but I also want users to be able to search through old content because in my forum old content is used to call people out (there is a lot of sports talk in my forum so when someone gets it wrong they get called out, hehehe, yes, even after years).
  5. Getting the same error even after applying the patch in the ACP. Time for a ticket I imagine.
  6. I want to disable the ability to set custom titles. When I go to Ranks and select to never allow users to change their user titles it says the setting is saved but the setting doesn't really get saved. Once I open it again it is unchecked again and users can edit their titles. Changing the amount of content needed doesn't work either and it remains at 0. Has anyone run into this or knows what could be wrong?
  7. I just want to say thank you for this plugin. Quite the welcome addition.
  8. Haha that game was EPIC indeed! I am thinking about going to Florida - Michigan at Jerry World. (Michigan destroyed us last time around ).
  9. I think you have to enable that in the AdminCP by going to Forums -> Settings and enabling the option to allow users to select layout. (Or type fluid in the search and clieck the option that shows up and it will take you there).
  10. Haha, you see... Thousands... I've added like 5. That's what happens when a theme expert shows up right after you say something.
  11. I don't think the Theme Editor was really thought out to use dark backgrounds. One of my users loves a black theme so I created one with the Theme Editor (I wanted to do something quick and dirty and not create a theme from scratch) but many things were off. You will have to manually overwrite a lot of the CSS. This is something I had done in 4.1 and even back then still had plenty missing. Not sure how it will fare with 4.2. You enter this where it reads 'Add custom CSS' /* Alert menu */ .ipsMenu_headerBar, .ipsMenu_footerBar { background: #171717; } .ipsMenu, .ipsDataList_readStatus .ipsDataItem:not(.ipsDataItem_unread):not(.ipsDataItem_selected):not(.ipsModerated) { background: #222222; } /* Alternating rows */ .ipsDataList.ipsDataList_zebra .ipsDataItem:nth-child(2n):not(.ipsDataItem_selected):not(.ipsModerated):not(.ipsDataItem_new):not(.ipsDataItem_success):not(.ipsDataItem_warning):not(.ipsDataItem_error):not(.ipsDataItem_info):not(.ipsDataItem_status) { background: #353535; } /* Widgets titles */ .ipsWidget.ipsWidget_horizontal .ipsWidget_title { background: #101010; } /* Widgets content */ .ipsBox:not(.ipsBox_transparent):not(.ipsModerated) { background: #202020; } /* Text like topic title */ .ipsType_pageTitle { color: #dddddd; } /* Post author and maybe other section heads */ .ipsType_sectionHead { color: #eeeeee; } /* Text in posts */ .ipsType_richText { color: #bbbbbb; } /* Quotes */ .ipsQuote_citation { background: #444444; } .ipsQuote { background: #303030; } /* Rep box in posts */ .ipsLikeRep { background: #1b1b1b; } Like I said the CSS above is still lacking; more changes are needed... And it was done back in 4.1 (forum only). You can use it if you want to which is the reason I am posting it. You might even be better off getting a custom skin.
  12. I am certainly glad there won't be inline styling alllowed. I despise it. :D
  13. I don't know if this has been suggested before. I searched but didn't see anything recent. Currently the monthly folders that get created in the Uploads folder are in the format monthly_month_year. Which means that all the folders for January of all years go first, then February of all years and so on. I would like to suggest to change it to monthly_year_month, that way the listing will be organized by year first and then month making the organization more logical (I think).
  14. In my forum it is kind of a big deal to quote old posts to rub in something someone said... Or when someone submits a post and says something somewhat dumb the fun starts immediately. This led me to completely disable edit capabilities even for one minute (they wanted it that way). Which means my users can't correct grammar errors or formatting errors. So having something like this (post history) built in would be pretty awesome.
  15. The thing with triggers is that debugging may become problematic. For a product that is not written by me I prefer to have the queries visible in the code. I am also for the change to date/timestamps. Enums are OK depending on what they are being used. But not just use them to use them.
  16. I agree. Also, I think there should be a breadcrumb at the bottom like there is at the top. My users complain about this all the time.
  17. I had not thought about this. I like it.
  18. With the perpetual you don't have to pay ever again to get the latest version of the software. You do have to pay for support if you want it. With a regular one you lose access to upgrades once your time runs out so you have to keep renewing if you want to upgrade. You get other things like chat, spam service, etc., etc.. Not letting my perpetual go. :D And the people that have lifetime, that's the best because it is like the perpetual but it does come with support. However if you want the other perks you do have to convert to regular.
  19. Philip, you forgot the picture. :P
  20. I prefer the browser spell checker.
  21. I also hope this will never happen for the text editor (this is the same thing I say every time it comes up). I like that users have to work to change their font if they want to. If people could set defaults the amount of different fonts, colors, and sizes would get really annoying really fast.
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