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I appreciate Matt and the team have their own plans and are probably well on their way with 3.2, but here's what I'd like to see for CycleChat:

  • View new content - Show what is actually new (unread) content; show topics only (as opposed to multiple posts from the same topic).
  • Hover preview (really liking the new version) - To work on forum view, all search results, and personal conversations - with ACP options for trigger time, and post-hover fade time.
  • Thread marking - to mark up to where I have actually read in a thread, rather than marking the whole thing as read. (Matt has said this is on the list - yippee! :thumbsup: )
  • Lighter CSS - There's tons of the stuff ... can it be made lighter by making more "global" style attributes (with the option of adding custom code if needed)?
  • Better editor - I've lost count of the number of "issues" people have had with the post editor. Hopefully some improvements for 3.2? Emoticons as a pop-up perhaps?
  • Simple alerts, likes, and trophies - Not strictly an "everyman" feature set, but after playing with xF this is something I think would greatly improve member-engagement at my site.
  • Simple out-of-the-box Article system - IP.Content is great, but confuses the hell out of me. I just want a simple, categorised, article system where I select from a pre-built template, apply my site "style" as a wrapper, and then start adding articles.
  • Expiring notifications - Once I've read a message, remove the notification about it.
I'm sure I can think of others, but that's not a bad start for now.

Shaun :D

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Portal needs love. Looks worse than the forum index and the widely better v2 portal (or just this app to no longer be neglected this much, if hoping for improvements would be demanding the moon). It's not even in display here. Says enough.

Custom thread prefixes/fields (also identifiable by portal), to allow for news category display -and- filtering on the portal (like to limit portal items to ps3 news, site news, or so). Ideally without requiring multiple forum sections (like with the very limited Unreal).

A much simpler post editor that loads fast, like vBulletin's and the IP.Blog comment editor, with just the necessary minimum buttons. Or if this falls on deaf ears, a way to remove excess function accesses from the editor (without risking breaking it entirely), or allow the use of IP.blog's comment editor in the forum for wuick replies.
Whoever really wants to post with the advanced editor can always click on "use full editor". The quickreply editor should always be expanded and active, the excessive amount of functions for whom quick access got crammed into it does not justify to have it deactivated till clicked.

A userCP overhaul, with watched content in the home grouped in a single page (threads + sections), like in vBulletin's userCP.
Ideally, with threads listed by last update date regardless of section (not the opposite and per-section). Keeping updated with anything watched is a chore, and unnecessarily hidden within options.

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While the IPB staff have stated previously that they'd rather have 1 suggestion per topic, I'll reply to this:

  • View new content - Show what is actually new (unread) content; show topics only (as opposed to multiple posts from the same topic).

I disagree with this. As I said in the original topic about this, I think that "view new content" is a feature that works exactly as it should be doing. It lists the latest content, thus letting the user "view new content". What you want is a "view unread content" which is an entirely new & different feature - one which I fully support being added, as long as the "view new content" doesn't get removed.
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The ability to post 1 topic in multiple subforums easily.

Announcements for example are not there to be replied too, or to use as polls, and when you have many subforums, moving it and keeping a link in the previous area just gets tedious.

May not be ideal for all, but it could also be set by permissions in the ACP, such as admin could have unlimited forums to post too, set usergroup1 can only choose upto 2 pages and so on. as for something like a sports forum, the ability for set user groups to be able to add match topics could really benefit each teams community from something like this by having a joined topic, instead of 2 seperate ones.

Prob wont be something that gets added, but i can dream :)

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These 'throw every suggestion you have into one topic' topics are really hard for the devs to sift through, please just submit your suggestions into their own topics so they can see which individual ideas have the most support.

Discussing a general list of expectations for 3.2 still has a place.
Suggestions that already had a thread submitted can have it linked here for aggregation.
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1. Easy way to delete spammers. Sorry, going back and forth to delete spammers is boomer and when they start leaving messages on other users profile, it's mess.
2. Easy way to change default options for notifications. No SQL query works at present to change those settings.
3. Contact us.
4. Clickable IP address as default rather then just IP address in user list. (i know there is one tutorial for it)
5. Drag and drop feature to move PM to other custom folder.
6. Default skins need some nice polish. Need to make it little compact and nicer.
7. Pop Up when u select watch topic button rather then going to UCP and select options. (I had suggested this during 3.0.5 or 3.1.1.)
8. RSS feeds. It's horrible in present state.
9. Ability to short topics in category.

+the rest of above suggested by others :)

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