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  1. Zhana


    Mark is nice developer, friendly, polite and super fast. He created an awesome theme for my forum in less than 24 hours. He's talented and highly recommended.
  2. I am using elasticemail at the moment, but if you find a solution for this then please let me know, would be nice to save some $$ and use phpmail.
  3. Thanks, had to disable it on my board as they were abusing it for spam.
  4. Not sure what you mean by quoting that, anyways I contacted kickbox, let's see if they block it.
  5. Hi @Makoto I just bought this app, tried to register with a temp mail "xglultjmivbupbhgyh@awdrt.com" and I was able to, could you please add this domain in the blacklist. Thank you.
  6. Awesome, would have loved dark mode for front-end, but you already said no 😞 Nonetheless thank you very much 😍
  7. @Hugo_S4 I would suggest that you contact @ASTRAPI, he's the server expert.
  8. @MorriganThank you very much
  9. Hello, Is there a way for moderators to delete reactions from post, via modcp or any other way? Thank you.
  10. Hello, I recently upgraded from 3.x to 4.x and members on my forum are also reporting problems with logging in. I ran the SQL query and got 14984 results. What is the best course of action from here, should I ask IPS support for help in this matter?
  11. I noticed something unusual, sometimes ads don't show in firefox (74.0 x64), tested the same url in chrome and ads were showing.
  12. Nevermind, problem found, thank you.
  13. Thanks, it's already checked, however the group still can't see the deleted content menu link.
  14. Hi, Is there a way to give permissions to moderators to see the deleted content from modcp? Thank you.
  15. Hi, Just upgraded my board from v.3 to v.4, I cannot find today's top poster or newly registered members list. It used to be there in v.3. Is there any way to get this info? Thank you.
  16. Thank you @pequeno @newbie LAC I'm not sure how to use ipsType_center, I entered it before the ad code, but ad stopped working
  17. Hi, Is it possible to move the ad to the center of the page? Thank you.
  18. Hi, Is it possible to show topics with X prefixes (linked with Radical tags)? Thank you.
  19. Zhana

    Radical Tags

    @Makoto thanks for fixing the bug quickly, however how do I update existing tags to prefixes (with colors)? And is it possible to have list of prefixes as a drop down when creating new threads? Thank you.
  20. Why am I unable to purchase the plugin from store? Is it under development or has it been abandoned?
  21. Are you using any sort of control panel, i.e cpanel, directadmin, etc.?
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