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  1. Why am I unable to purchase the plugin from store? Is it under development or has it been abandoned?
  2. Zhana


    Dawid is my go-to programmer for any custom jobs. Simply the best.
  3. Dawid is my go-to programmer for any custom jobs. Simply the best.
  4. IPS community is installed in /forums directory, and was hoping to show latest threads in fluid view from root directory. Is this possible or has to be requested as a modification/plugin?
  5. Would it be possible to show activity stream in fluid view on domain root, and normal forum view in domain/forum/? Example: warriorforum.com Thank you.
  6. That's very unfortunate, as our community is using Social Groups. Is there any way to move topics from groups to regular forums?
  7. Anyone using this plugin with cloudflare? My forum members are reporting that thanks button is not working anymore.
  8. Hello mate, are you still alive? :p

  9. I saw that website, but not useful in my case too as I have hundreds of registrations in 1 day.
  10. I'd like to say thanks to the whole team for the hard work you've been doing. With that being said, I've always wanted a feature to translate the whole board, same thing like, http://www.vbenterprisetranslator.com/ I would really love to have that feature on my board. Thank you once again.
  11. A few not in the list, bund.us brennendesreich.de dropcake.de fly-ts.de sky-ts.de ama-trans.de ama-trade.de malahov.de e-postkasten.eu e-postkasten.info e-postkasten.de e-postkasten.com lags.us 6ip.us I've updated the xml file. SpamEmailFilter.xml
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