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  1. From my understanding it was a caching issue from the server side, but not 100% sure. The guy who fixed it for me is welcome to post more details 😄
  2. Thank you everyone for your help, highly appreciated. It has been fixed already.
  3. One block has permissions, and it shows to those who have permissions and doesn't show to those who don't. Other blocks (like "recent topics) are shown to all members. So the issue is not the blocks not showing - the issue is the location.
  4. I did open a ticket. But since this is a custom theme, they are not able to help. And the theme was developed years ago, I don't have the author contact info anymore. And my webmaster is temporarily unavailable. But why it would work properly for admins and moderators only? I would be willing to pay to someone to take a closer look and fix it. Please PM me if anyone is interested.
  5. The blocks are on the forums page - https://steadyoptions.com/forums/ and they are not displayed to guests (not sure why). Here is what I see as admin: And here is what I see as a regular member: The blocks are moved to the bottom of the page:
  6. Hello, I have few blocks at the main forum page. For some reasons, some members see those blocks at the bottom of the page. Only members in admin and moderator groups see the block properly (on the right side). I did not change anything recently, before all members were seeing the blocks on the right side like admins. Any feedback what could cause the issue?
  7. Any reason why the topic is not approved? Wrong forum?
  8. Hello all, Is it possible to remove the "Send me news and updates" from the registration screen? The member still will be able to disable it later, I just don't want to give them the option during registration.
  9. Thank you very much! I will test it later today.
  10. Wow, that would be great, really appreciate it! I assume it will be mobile friendly?
  11. That's great thank you! And the ability to ask guests to register is what I was looking for for a long time!! Do you see any way to improve the look?
  12. Just purchased it, looks good. Couple questions. This is how it currently looks: How I get rid of "Just now"? Looks like it indicates the time it has been changed. Also, is it possible to change the background color of the whole popup? Thanks!
  13. Can you please describe how to do it? Specifically: I want to cut the content only in posts with title containing specific word. And I want to cut content only on new posts, but not replies. All the rest will continue to be sent with full content.
  14. Is it possible to select which emails are cut? For example, based on title? Or what if I want to cut only new posts, but leave the content in all replies to existing posts?
  15. Yes, thank you @Fostersfor great app and great support!
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