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  1. What you're talking about sounds like "Single sign-on" (sharing the same userbase across multiple forums) which, I think, is a different prospect altogether; what IPS are doing is making the "community" the top-level application with a *single* forum, gallery, blog, store, etc. underneath it - as opposed to the "community" app supporting multiple *same* child apps. The change means that you no longer *have* to use forums, you can just run blogs on their own, or have a shop (without forums) - but still only a single instance. If you want multiple forums, shops, blog sites, etc. you'll still need a community licence and product license for each site. Of course I defer to the IP staff if I've got it wrong ... :) Cheers, Shaun :D
  2. Congrats on the new post :)

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      Erm, position ... erm, job ... well, you know what I mean. :)

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  3. Okay, so your current board expiration date becomes the new bi-annual renewal date for everything under the new structure. Good. I think I get it now ... lol :thumbsup: Thanks, Shaun :D
  4. So if I renew IP.Board today for $25, will my renewal last a full six months or can I expect to pay again (part thereof) when you move to the new licensing structure? Not a grumble BTW - just wanting to understand how the change will be applied. :thumbsup: Cheers, Shaun :D
  5. When CycleChat was on IP.Board 3.1.4 I used Sphinx for search and it made a good job of speeding up search results, but as someone who uses ES with XF I would second your suggestion for an add-on for IPS. It's not a solution that most small sites would need (or even want) so an add-on would be the best way to provide it. The instant injection of content data, fast speed, and small resource footprint of ES (combined with the reduction in MySQL overhead because it's not being used for fulltext searching - something it's not good at once you pass 1 million records) would be great for larger sites - and with the ability to use stemming in searches it makes a big difference to relevance. I'm not plugging my XF board, but just offering it as a "live" example of a site with 1.7+ million posts using ES for search (on a 4 year old Debian server with 8GB RAM): www.cyclechat.net Judge for yourself whether you feel it is fast/relevant or not? Cheers, Shaun :D
  6. My apologies - I thought you were taking the proverbial ... :twitch:
  7. Hmmm ... ridicule me by all means, but it isn't very helpful really is it? I understand the difference between them but having two search boxes in similar positions quite close to each other can quite easily lead to confusion - and that's all I'm pointing out. If I'm the only one who thinks this, then fine, but there's no harm in passing comment is there?
  8. Just something that is a personal niggle really, but may be a similar issue for others: the two search boxes at the top-right of the IPS community forums - one for the forums, and a second one below for the Resources. Resources can be selected in the forums search box so why have a second one below? I've regularly entered a search query into the Resources box by accident - so how about removing the resources search, or perhaps flip the Resources search box so it is on the left side, with the links on the right? This way there won't be a visual cross-over between the two search boxes. Just an observation ... :thumbsup: Cheers, Shaun :D
  9. I suspect this is related to the recent changes to the community - I believe "lifetime" license holders and those who are secondary contacts on an account are now treat differently in terms of permissions and what you can access. I'm sure IPS will explain in due course. Cheers, Shaun :D
  10. I think it could be done better next time; I'm thinking in particular about 3.1.4 --> 3.2.0 The communication of removals was done through the various blog entries and spotted around a number of threads during the 3.2 development (which went on for months) - very handy for anyone who followed the development keenly, but not much use for anyone who didn't. It meant that the "removals / change" list was disparate and anyone coming at 3.2 without reading all the announcements, blog entries, and threads - would be doing so somewhat blindly. At release / upgrade time it lead to a good number of people rushing back to complain that x, y, and z feature were no longer present - because they hadn't been advised, specifically, before the upgrade, that upgrading to 3.2 would impact on x, y, or z. A couple of things could have helped: A list of removed features/options in the 3.2 release announcement A warning in the upgrade routine advising of the changes/differences before you pressed the button - perhaps with a link back to the removals notice in the release announcement I don't think IPS should continue to hold on to (and support) outmoded features, but there is probably more that could be done to better communicate those changes to all of their customer base and not just the ones that regularly participate in the forums here. Cheers, Shaun :D
  11. Ah, okay, fair enough. I haven't renewed because I'm moving to another platform in a matter of weeks, so I won't really see any benefit. (Not that I'm complaining, mind you - the renewal fees are very reasonable). :thumbsup: Thanks, Shaun
  12. Hi, I'm unable to access the Customer forum. Is this because my IP.Board license needs renewing? Cheers, Shaun :D
  13. I read "Global ignore" to mean ignoring more of someone's content; extending the current "post" ignore facility to perhaps include status updates, comments in blogs, etc. Not for EVERYONE to globally ignore that person (in the style of the vBulletin 'Tachy gone to Coventry' feature!!) - but to globally ignore that person's content? I could, of course, have it wrong ... :rofl:
  14. Just as an example here are some "support" topics that are currently unanswered - they go back over the past 7 pages of the support forum, to 5th September (although there are likely more if you persue it further through time): http://community.inv...-produce-a-404/ http://community.inv...n-requirements/ http://community.inv...e-topic-author/ http://community.inv...t-missing-dots/ http://community.inv...ng-error-topic/ http://community.inv...t-translations/ http://community.inv...ter-conversion/ http://community.inv...update-records/ http://community.inv...-saving-option/ http://community.inv...-external-urls/ http://community.inv...x-edit-problem/ http://community.inv...t-skin-problem/ http://community.inv...produces-error/ http://community.inv...pecific-forums/ http://community.inv...rum-query-help/ http://community.inv...a-proxy-server/ http://community.inv...-template-vars/ http://community.inv...ding-page-info/ http://community.inv...in-header-gone/ http://community.inv...ble-signatures/ http://community.inv...-ips-community/ http://community.inv...ontentline-342/ It's easy to make an assumption, when seeing unanswered questions such as these, that there isn't a full support system in place. This is what I mean by impression - there's possibly some merit in looking at it from a non-customer's point of view and wondering if there is anything that can be done to either; respond to ALL support topics within a given timeframe ... or ... make it clear that this isn't the primary support system. To change the impression that the forum is the only support point. Cheers, Shaun :D
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