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  1. I'd agree. Personally I kinda prefer a light theme. But seriously, if its as easy as they say "just edit the css" then IPS should get an intern on that job every new release and make it in-box so we all have a template to build from. It's awful trying to do it from scratch at the moment - all the relevant colours aren't even in the theme editor. Hello, ".ipsBox" I'm looking at you!
  2. I like this topic. But it's an almost impossible thing to continue for an individual. Long answer: For my community I: - Had to get a dedicated host due to traffic - Had to to get a https: cert due to google / expectations - Had to buy software (IPS/Photoshop) to update site - Had to learn PHP to make IPS software meet my needs (Had to edit IPS since 1.2.x to do what I want) - Had to learn linux hosting and give up countless hours for fixing issues - Had to get a Authenticode code signing (physical) certificate to sign my code - Had to pay the month
  3. I didn't take it down but can't seem to see any of the files I uploaded - don't know what going on there. I'm just upgrading my site to 4.4.0 this week so just making sure everything still works and updating if needed.
  4. Thanks, I'll take a look at the ipv6 thing.
  5. The cron task command returns immediately if it's already running and it generally is coded so that it takes around 45 seconds to run. Which means that you are missing out on about 10-15 seconds worth of processing. You can do a script to run from cli that attempts re-running the cron command every second so that you minimise the downtime. It only slightly speeds things up, but I think it's faster than using the browser option as that adds http delays in as well. #!/bin/bash while : do /usr/bin/php -d memory_limit=-1 -d max_execution_time=0 /var/www/vhosts/......./task.php a0b84115c9f762d
  6. Ah, you can't do that when tethering. It gets replaced with a blue hotspot link that takes you into settings if you touch it. I'll try it when I disconnect
  7. I was going to chime in and say that I installed such a plugin on my board because I find it so annoying to browse this site on my phone and get RSI scrolling back to the top. Must check out this double-tap you speak of! Edit: Hmm, can't seem to find anything that does that. What am I clicking the web address at the top? Just asks me to overtype the address.
  8. Yeah I was going to log a bug/feedback ages ago because the archiving runs under the normal task scheduler every 5 mins and only does a few posts each cycle. When I tried it I moved it to every minute and then edited the task to do a few thousand at a time. Otherwise the estimated time was measured in weeks :/ It should be a background task really like the post rebuilds after a new upgrade. In the end I realised that archived topics couldn't be searched and that searches on IPS 4 happen in a separate table now so archiving wasn't as important so I unarchived everything.
  9. My plugin does exactly that. It checks for a https version if available before falling back to proxying.
  10. I've found that stuff like that doesn't really help most of the korean spammers appear to actually be human!
  11. Arrgh the marketplace is driving me crazy, how hard can it be to upload a zip file Edit: Should be fixed now...
  12. Possibly. I've no idea how attachments work but I can have a look if the relevant bits are exposed when my code runs.
  13. Ah sorry, I meant the "paste without formatting" button. That's gone.
  14. There used to be one but it's vanished. Not sure if it's a bug or they thought it was no longer required with the recent changes. My members have been asking for it too since my 4.1 upgrade,
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