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  1. Thanks for the suggestion, much appreciated 🙂 But, no. I've been with invision since v1.0 and I'm at the point where I won't run any plugins/apps unless I wrote them myself. I just don't have the time to maintain customisations. I've been away for a year and now, and on return I'm having to contend with getting my site from 4.5.x to 4.7.x and in that time PHP 8 has gone from IPS support "We do not support PHP 8" to "PHP 8 is required". Exhausting. So yeah, zero plugins from here out!
  2. Sigh. Thanks for the support. So it's an all or nothing thing now - I'll break it to the users. Not sure why searching for custom member title didn't find me that post myself 😕
  3. Hi, On my forum we used the feature where when you reached max rank you could use a custom title that displayed next to your name/avatar. I've just upgraded from 4.5 to 4.6 and these have all vanished and I can't see a way of enabling them. This feature hasn't been removed has it? I had a scan of the 4.6 release notes but can't see any mention of it. I can see that you can add a member title in the profile but that's an all or nothing setting rather than being enabled on rank.
  4. I've just had the same email. They can't really be asking for account creds - my first thought was that it was spam. Anyone done anything with this?
  5. I'd agree. Personally I kinda prefer a light theme. But seriously, if its as easy as they say "just edit the css" then IPS should get an intern on that job every new release and make it in-box so we all have a template to build from. It's awful trying to do it from scratch at the moment - all the relevant colours aren't even in the theme editor. Hello, ".ipsBox" I'm looking at you!
  6. I didn't take it down but can't seem to see any of the files I uploaded - don't know what going on there. I'm just upgrading my site to 4.4.0 this week so just making sure everything still works and updating if needed.
  7. Thanks, I'll take a look at the ipv6 thing.
  8. I've found that stuff like that doesn't really help most of the korean spammers appear to actually be human!
  9. Arrgh the marketplace is driving me crazy, how hard can it be to upload a zip file Edit: Should be fixed now...
  10. Possibly. I've no idea how attachments work but I can have a look if the relevant bits are exposed when my code runs.
  11. I've not uploaded the new version yet, currently testing it on my 4.1.7 live site and it's looking ok.
  12. I've reworked the plugin (the auto moderation parts) based on some new API features in 4.1.6 -it makes the code much neater and hopefully fixes any problems. I'm upgrading my live site this weekend and if all goes well I'll release the new version then. It will require 4.1.6+ though.
  13. I just upgraded my dev site to and as far as I can tell everything is looking ok. I looked at the code changes and there doesn't seem to be anything that should have changed. Is anyone else able to replicate this? Edit: Nah, something is a bit screwy, I'll have to investigate more. Edit2: Actually the bug I saw was nothing to do with the plugin, some sort of advanced search error that happens even without the plugin.
  14. I've not had chance to check it with the latest version yet - I need to get my site updated as well. I'll make a note to recheck everything.
  15. Thanks. I'll update with that list next time I do a release
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