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    It isn't deleted, it's soft-deleted(<- meaning; recoverable). You can delete a file from your harddrive(and trashbin) and still be able to recover it with special programs. Is it not wrong of Windows(and Mac OS X) to call it delete then aswell? Ohwell, the point of this topic was to start a discussion, not an argue - which it seems to be pointing towards. It also seems like I was the only one feeling like this so we'll just have to wait and see how it feels to "hide" an offensive post instead of "soft-delete" it.
  2. Tanax


    In that case they can rename the "hard-delete" aswell if you set up a trash forum since all that does is move the content to the trash - e.g. it's not really deleted either. I realize that what soft-delete actually does is hide the content but with one important difference and that is that the content should be viewed as deleted.
  3. I'm not really a fan of the naming of this feature. I realize that it's a simple phrase in ACP to edit but I still wanted to start a discussion about it and see what others think. The problem, as I see it, is that content that has been deleted shouldn't be viewed as "hidden", it should be viewed as "deleted" - even if the content is in fact only hidden(e.g. soft-deleted or "deleted in-line"). Having it say that content is hidden decreases the severity of it and it almost feels like a feature that regular members would have access to. So what could be a more suitable name? I don't know. I just feel that "hidden" sounds "not-deleted". If a member posts something bad I want to delete it. Instead I now have to "hide" it? Should I send a message to the user in question, stating that his message "has been hidden"? Soft-deletion was PERFECT(almost) and it really didn't lack many things at all. It allowed you to let users see soft-deletion notices aswell as letting them see soft-deleted content with the appropriate permissions. After this update, will I be able to let them see hidden notices? Not very hidden then? To me, it sounds like you've started out with a great idea to simplify possible confusion between unapproved content and soft-deleted content by merging them into a "hide" content but couldn't really come up with a good name. IMO, go back to soft-delete and just remove the ability to unapprove content. What are your thoughts?
  4. [quote name='Wolfie' timestamp='1322750407'] So basically, the option to 'unapprove' content has been replaced by the soft-delete function (being named as 'hide'). In a nutshell, yes. I'm not sure I like the naming of this. "Hide" doesn't sound as serious as "Soft-deleted". Content that has been soft-deleted should be viewed as DELETED and not HIDDEN. Ohwell, could be fixed in the ACP I assume :)
  5. OH! Then it's great. Didn't really come out very well in the blogpost but thank you for clearing that up! It will be very weird telling members though. "Your post has been hidden due to being spam..." <- Member will be like "what? :P" ^_^
  6. Uhm.. maybe I've misunderstood the "Hide"-feature but doesn't this combining-thing complicate things even further? Today; Member A who has content moderated posts a topic which is automatically unapproved. Moderator A comes and approves it. To delete it(hide it), Moderator *whatever* can soft delete it. All clear and dandy. After update; Member A who has content moderated posts a topic which is automatically "hidden". Moderator A comes and see's a hidden topic, how will he/she know if it's a soft-deleted topic or an unapproved topic?
  7. Great to see new updates :) When will we see some tutorials(preferably video but written is fine too), guides or a better documentation? ^_^
  8. I'm not being hostile but if we're going to be like that then your ignorance and stupidity is quite counterproductive aswell. How productive is it when someone suggests a new feature, you come along and say that moderators take care of helping members with *everything* (which is what you're implying or at least what the result of what you're saying means) and then refuse to hear when someone else(me) says that moderators can't do everything and that not all members reads everything. Yes, let's not implement a feature that can help members because we have moderators that does that! Or let's not implement a feature because on your board every member reads all your announcements, stickies, rules and everything. Very productive there.
  9. Yes, but having moderators doesn't help a newbie realize that someone who has 90 rep got 90 rep in the offtopic section unless that newbie specifically asks. Seriously, are you trying NOT to understand why this feature would be beneficial?
  10. I'm sorry but that's not how it works in reality. Maybe the majority of users on your site reads the tips but the majority of users on all sites do not. How many people reads the EULA when registering for World of Warcraft? Or on iTunes? Or when signing up on IPS, did you read through all of that? Even if you did, how many other people do you think does that? The tools are there, sure, but the tools doesn't compensate for the fact that people are lazy and does not want to read through a lot of text just to sign up for something.
  11. And how many people reads through that? How many people even read the rules of a site they're register on?
  12. Yes, for members who know that the feature is there. However, for newer members it might go unseen thus creating the issue that we're trying to avoid.
  13. Well, if I posted a lot of suggestions here in the feedback forum that lots of people liked, +rep me, and then I go to the support forum and post a reply there to some new member who has a problem. They'll see me with lots of rep and think that I'm probably right. I think that this is what the OP wants to avoid by this feature -- which I fully support. Also perhaps a way of seeing in what sections a member have received rep. Like if I have 100 rep, you can enter my profile, click my rep count and see 80 of those are in feedback forum, 20 in pre-sales(or even which topics.. but that might be overkill).
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