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  1. As you've vastly over-exaggerated here... ...and here... ...I can't help but think that this is an exaggeration too... Sadly, with the removal of the ability for an end user to turn off viewing images in posts, it doesn't cater to the needs of some of my customers.
  2. And the solution for my users who don't have the necessary access rights due to work / school IT policies?
  3. I understand you wanting consistency, but consider usability. If you're actively looking for NEW content, as people using VNC obviously are, why not make it as easy as possible for them to get to the first unread post by simply clicking on the thread title (as they've been used to doing for the past two years) Plus there's inconsistency all over 3.2 anyway (mobile skin - clicking on any topic title takes you to first unread rather than first post; star symbol is used to indicate unread posts in mobile skin but star indicates having posted in a topic in the full skin; some buttons have hoverover images but some don't; some areas use the old 'forum jump' style selectors for users to make choices whereas others like the selector to choose which area you want to search in looks like a button. The default 3.2 skin feels like an exercise in showing off Rikki's skills, rather than an attempt to provide a consistent, user-centric front end.
  4. It disappeared in the purge of user settings, with the explanation from IPS that it isn't the job of the software to control this sort of thing, when the end user can achieve the same thing via their browser settings. That would be fair enough were it not for the fact that a lot of my users browse my forum from their work environment where the facility to change browser settings has been taken away from them by their IT departments. So I'm stuck with the possibility that I'll lose users who used to use this facility if I upgrade to 3.2
  5. I really miss Forum Jump. Even if Quick Navigation is moved back towards the bottom of the page, I find it more awkward to use (with a laptop trackpad at least) than Forum Jump. My current 3.1.x experience. I read a topic in the IP.Board forum. I know there's nothing else in that forum that I want to read, so with the Forum Jump already visible in my reading pane (and my cursor probably already in the vicinity if I've been using the scroll bar to move down the page) I click on the Forum Jump arrow, it appears instantly, I scroll up or down the forum list, hover anywhere over the forum I want to jump to, and click and I jump straight to it. The 3.2 experience (even assuming Quick Nav is moved to a similar location). I click on the Quick Nav, wait for the Quick Nav to appear, track my cursor over to the scroll bar, scroll to a forum I want to jump to, then have to track over again to the forum title before I can click on it because the whole row doesn't act as a link. On the face of it, there's not a vast difference between the 2 experiences, but for someone who uses Forum Jump a lot currently, that rapidly adds up to a lot of extra dragging your cursor around the screen.
  6. There is an action button on the left hand side. Probably the most useful one there is - the "go to first unread post" button. I'd suggest moving the topic preview button to between that and the topic title.
  7. But what should take precedence? Usability, or making it look pretty? Also, there's already a fair amount of info on the right hand side - last poster info, photo, replies and views stats and "Hot" indicator, plus until it's "activated" the topic preview icon doesn't show, so moving it won't change the visual look of the right hand side.
  8. I really like the implementation of topic preview in 3.2 (a great improvement over 3.1) but would you consider moving the positioning of it to the left of the topic title please? If you're using a trackpad, it's a pain to be hovering over a title that you're wavering between clicking and previewing, deciding that you want to preview it and then have to move your cursor a fair distance over to the right (probably triggering the preview icon in the row above or below in the process) All of the things that an average user is likely to want to click in the forum view are the left side of the screen (topic title, jump to first unread post button) so from a usability perspective, it would seem to make sense to have the preview button in the same vicinity.
  9. Thanks for that lesson in how to use a mouse. I do sort of know what I'm talking about though, what with having a background in human factors and observing how people interact with websites as part of my day job. ;)
  10. It's about usability. When clicking through to a forum from the index page, a user should be able to scroll up and down the topic list and easily click on a topic of interest to them. Why should a user need to move their mouse / pointer a few centimetres to the right to avoid hovercards? (or for that matter, why should they have to move their pointer over to the right to get to something useful - the topic preview, when a more intuitive position for it would be to immediately to the left of the topic title. But that's probably an argument for another topic)
  11. Great idea surfingsisters It's been available for ages though with the Member BBCode (unless I'm missing something)
  12. [quote name='Matt' timestamp='1299104339'] Those asking to exclude forums, you can elect to show items you follow only so this will remove topics from forums you don't follow. Worth noting you can follow a forum without having to receive notifications. What if a board has, say, 50 forums and a user wants to exclude only one of them? They'd need to follow 49. I'd have thought the majority of people would only want to exclude one or two forums, so a "mute this forum" may be useful?
  13. While logging a suppport ticket for an unrelated issue (708379), I mentioned that I still don't have access to any IP Board downloads in my Client Area. The response I got was "...as a Hosting Customer, you're effectively "leasing" a forum and space to run it from us. You don't actually own a software license. So the downloads won't be available to you. We must perform all upgrades, and would be glad to do so how and when you wish. It's part of your Support, free, and only requires you to file a Support ticket requesting it." Is this a recent policy change, and if so, what's the reason for it? I was able to download and upgrade to 3.1.1 (and 3.1.2?) myself, but since 3.1.3 I have no longer had access to the IP. Board category. I still have access to IP. Downloads, IP. Chat, IP. Subscriptions and IP. Converge - which seems somewhat inconsistent, as I have a copy of Downloads 2.3.0 ready and waiting to install, but I can't until I raise a ticket to upgrade me from Board 3.1.3 to 3.1.4. On the odd occasion when I've asked Support to perform an upgrade for me, it's always gone fine, so I guess it's not the end of the world, but I did like the flexibility of being able to schedule my upgrades to the exact time that I wanted to do them, rather than having to raise a ticket and potentially end up in a queue of other support requests.
  14. No it's not. You can change your VNC method in your UCP to show you all content that you haven't read.
  15. Please consider the people who want a nice clean interface. I have a lot of users who view the forums (rightly or wrongly) when they're supposed to be working, who would object to avatars / profile pictures appearing more than they currently do.
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