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  1. Similar game links open the links in the current tab, rather than a new tab, any way of changing this?
  2. ignore, wrong app 😄
  3. Think there should still be the option to join as a club member for public clubs, but still allow those who wish to post but not join, the ability to do so
  4. Football teams: You could create a page for: Tables Fixtures/results Squad list Stadium info etc.
  5. Sorry if it seems I am talking to myself 😛 but I been having a think on how something like this may work. Or even how it could be implemented. Keep the 4 options as is. But allow each feature a separate setting. For example, when you select the forum, you have the option to edit the forum. That menu gives you the option to edit the title. But could it also include an option for non public groups to "allow guests to ....."? Guests being signed up members of the site but are not members of the club (not all guests, prob could be worded much better :p) For Forum: Title Description Allow guests to reply to thread - if Yes: Allow guests to create a topic For Calendar Name Allow guests to create Events Allow Comments - if Yes: Allow guests to comment Allow Reviews -if Yes: Allow guests to review For Blogs Name Description Allow guests to create blog Allow guests to comment on blog Enable RSS feed I think clubs is a great feature, I just feel it also has room for improvement to make it useful to a much wider audience. Id also like maybe one day that we can utilise pages within clubs. For example, if running a football site, you could create a pages tab, that would allow you to place league tables for that club, or even fixtures/results tabs. Even if that is just allowing the creation of a custom page, where we could place the template key. Club enhancements allow the creation of a home page. But the ability to add custom tabs in the same fashion would be great
  6. It should be easy to implement as even when the club is public, there is still parts that use the member list feature even though its disabled. Shows which clubs you are a member of (the green tick) The list of 'my clubs' shows member count. This would cause users to think they are not able to join the club, and wonder why when there are already a number of current members.
  7. My suggestion is something like so: Public - Everyone can see the club and its posts, and can participate without joining. Semi-Public Semi-Public - Everyone can see the club and its posts, and can participate without joining. Everyone can join. Open Open - Everyone can see the club and its posts, but only members can participate. Everyone can join. Closed Closed - Everyone can see the club and who's in it, but only members can see posts and participate. Users need to ask a leader to join. Private Private - Only members can find the club and see its posts. Users need to be invited by a leader to join.
  8. Another thing that stops working when clubs are set to 'public' is that you can't add members as 'leaders' and 'moderators' as there is no member list to work from. Yet this would still be handy to allow, as even though a club is publis, you should still be able to set leaders and moderators to the club.
  9. Can we allow clubs to have an option where even public clubs show and allow members to join. Clubs is a great add-on, but if for example you are creating fan pages where you want members to join their favourite clubs (example football teams) but still allow other fans to comment, you lose the member feature. Example: You support Manchester United - so you join it as a member and join the list of all other Man Utd fans Your rival is Liverpool, they won't want to join as a member (fan), but still would be able to post in that club for a bit of friendly banter between rivals. Something like this would be useful for any site that would utilise clubs for things like sports and so on. But the current options of making a club public, kills the way you could utilise the members join/list as fans of that club. I hope this makes sense 🙂
  10. When it first started, you could create a club, it would still allow users to join the club, but also allowed those not joined to post. When you view the club listing, it still shows the ammount of members in a club even when its public, but the option to join is no longer there. So if a club was set as open, and had 50 members, they would be listed in the member tab, if you then set the club to public, it still shows as 50 members in the listing screen, but the member list and the ability to join is removed. This wasn't always the case. (nvm must have been a caching issue yesterday as today the member total is not showing when made public) I tried editing the heading template to show those links even if public, but when you click the link, the page doesn't exist. edit: there is still a listing of members somewhere for the page, as if you make it public, and remove the 2if statement" for public groups, the club card shows total members. Its just getting that option back within the club and to work is where I am having the issue. It would be handy if i could get it to work, as you could create a club for each team, allow users to join it as a 'fan', and still be able to talk with fans of other clubs
  11. When clubs first came out, clubs was able to be set to public, and still allow members to join. Anyone know how this can be done again? Its nice to know who is a fan of a club (football) without the need of stopping other fans joining in the topics Basically I want the "open" club, to allow members to join, but open up the topics to all members of the site, not just the club.
  12. Why would a club leader have the permission to change the owner. Isn't that like saying the supervisor should be able to change the manager? Same goes for disbanding, only the club owner should have that power IMO. If you want the person who is club leader to have those powers, just make them the owner. I as site owner, may create default clubs. I set a user up as leader so he can manage the club fully for me, however I don't want him to be able to remove me as owner, or to be able to disband the club. The rest I agree with
    Fantastic plugin thats adds functionality that really should have come with the official app. Without it clubs wouldnt work for us. The ability to have a home page for the club rather than an activity feed is a must for anyone interested in using clubs on their sites.
  13. I have that plugin. It provides a very handy home page, but no way of custom tabs. And adriano said he had no way of adding that option.
  14. Just a suggestion to allow for custom content within clubs. Anything we add in the "custom settings" goes onto a single page, and doesn't look very good other than for basic info. For me, this is something that would add to the clubs app. If we are asking our users to create clubs on things they like, surely we should be providing them a platform to be able to give us more information about their club too, not just basic stuff that looks out of place on the Activity page. It doesn't have to be anything special, it could just be a custom tab that uses the regular editor. I for example run a football forum, I would love to be able to set up a club page for each team, and then add custom tabs for things like: Stadium Info: Information about the ground, directions for travelling fans, places to eat and drink for away fans and so on. Club contact Info: Information about contacting the club, including website, contact numbers, link to their online shops etc. Staff and Players: A list of current staff and squad members, including some information about each player.
  15. Why clubs has no category view on the home page seems a bit of an oversight in my opinion. I also find the club homepage far too bulky if you were to have a lot of clubs. I have been playing around to use a custom page, to act as a club home page for the time being. To do it I set a custom setting within clubs for league selection (my site is about football clubs) and from there created a custom block with my own code to list them. It does what I want it to do, as in act like a forum listing, but link to clubs rather than the way the clubs home page looks. As I am going to have over 90+ clubs, and that would be horrible using the clubs homepage.
  16. I would like this too, as my site is for football clubs, having a pages tab, or even custom tabs would be ideal. Would be able to include a tab for league tables, fixtures and so on.
  17. Having played around with 4.2 for a little bit now, one thing I am struggling with is creating an rss feed for club topics. I am not sure if I am just doing it wrong, or if there is another way of doing it, but when going to the RSS Feed settings, and selecting topics, the only list is from the forums, nothing from clubs. If there is currently no way of creating an rss feed for club topics, can this be added?
  18. I am also having this problem, when trying to upload the XML file, its giving the warning that the xml file size must be less than 2mb. However the XML file to be uploaded is over 5mb. IPS version Theme version 4.1.19
  19. Could this be used as another form of verification? Such as the email verification.
  20. Also when using the "quick links" option for the footer, as regular text, for example to use as a donate box, the text does not come up the same as that chosen in the options. Its using the body text rather than the text set by the footer options.
  21. How do we change the font of the titles? I have set the body font and header fonts, however the font remains unchanged for a few things. The breadcrumb bars The title in the sliders h1 pagetitles Is there also an option for body font-size?
  22. It's not a new topic stream though, it lists the topics with the latest replies. For example, I set it up as above, and this topic is listed as 51 minutes ago, which is the last post, not the time the thread was created.
  23. I have 3 sites, 1 live, 1 dev and 1 test. I have created an app, and there is a pagetitle set as 'matches' for one of the pages. On the dev site, the pagetitle shows as 'matches'. So I have built the app, and downloaded it, then uploaded it to the test and live site. On the test site the pagetitle shows as 'matches' But on the live site the pagetitle shows as 'Home' Any ideas what might be causing it?
  24. Thanks Nathan, I will have a good play around with that, it would certainly make it easier for him. Inside Edge, I currently use zoho spreadsheets, but will look into google docs too, thanks
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