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  1. (NB34) Month Top Posters

    Thank You.
  2. (NB34) Month Top Posters

    So You can do it. Great news. I will wait for next version Month Top Posters
  3. (NB34) Month Top Posters

    Could You make new option - posters and topic starters for a selected year? (all year not only month of the year). I need know which user wrote most posts and topics
  4. Overall score for:http://matma4u.pl 65/100
  5. Advanced Tags & Prefixes

    Hello, I must export RSS with prefixes to another site, where topics are sorted by prefixes. For example I wrote two topic (on forum): [Prefix A] Topic title 1 [Prefix B] Topic title 2 Now I need export it (with prefixes) to RSS Could you help me? I will pay for that. Tell me how much cost it (PM)?
  6. Advanced Tags & Prefixes

    Ok. I found it. Thank you. Could you make something like it for Export RSS? For example I wrote two topic (on forum): [Prefix A] Topic title 1 [Prefix B] Topic title 2 Now I need export it (with prefixes) to RSS
  7. Advanced Tags & Prefixes

    I installed AT&P 2.1.6. How apply a prefix to topics imported from RSS?
  8. Delete My Account

    Thank you. I will wait a working version
  9. Delete My Account

    I'm not sure but I think that I must change something in code <if test="$cnt['total'] > 0"> <a href="{$this->settings['base_url']}app=core&amp;module=modcp&amp;fromapp=members&amp;tab=deletemyaccount">{$cnt['total']} <if test="$cnt['total'] == 1">{$this->lang->words['delete_account_request']}<else />{$this->lang->words['delete_account_requests']}</if></a> </if>
  10. Delete My Account

    Something is wrong. Now users who can't access the Admin CP (moderators) see only numbers (for example 1) without text "Account Delete Request"
  11. Delete My Account

    and find in xml: - line 347 - line 53 and find file deletemyaccount.php (in public_html/admin/applications/members/modules_public/ajax) and change line 59. Am I right?
  12. Delete My Account

    It does not work well because the new tab on ModeratorCP will not appear but still you can see text: X Account Delete Request X Account Delete Request = X Żądanie usunięcia konta
  13. Delete My Account

    I can't edit my previous post but I have next suggestion: ability send email to user with information: the account is deleted or request wasn't accepted
  14. Delete My Account

    Yesterday I bought this hook. Good job. Could You do in the next release one thing: ability (in ACP) which groups can approve new request. For example: only Admins and Junior_Admins can approve new request and delete accounts, but Moderators can't do this. It would be very useful.
  15. (NB34) Month Top Posters

    Names of the months are hardcoded