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  1. So You can do it. Great news. I will wait for next version Month Top Posters
  2. Could You make new option - posters and topic starters for a selected year? (all year not only month of the year). I need know which user wrote most posts and topics
  3. Hello, I must export RSS with prefixes to another site, where topics are sorted by prefixes. For example I wrote two topic (on forum): [Prefix A] Topic title 1 [Prefix B] Topic title 2 Now I need export it (with prefixes) to RSS Could you help me? I will pay for that. Tell me how much cost it (PM)?
  4. Ok. I found it. Thank you. Could you make something like it for Export RSS? For example I wrote two topic (on forum): [Prefix A] Topic title 1 [Prefix B] Topic title 2 Now I need export it (with prefixes) to RSS
  5. I installed AT&P 2.1.6. How apply a prefix to topics imported from RSS?
  6. Thank you. I will wait a working version
  7. I'm not sure but I think that I must change something in code <if test="$cnt['total'] > 0"> <a href="{$this->settings['base_url']}app=core&amp;module=modcp&amp;fromapp=members&amp;tab=deletemyaccount">{$cnt['total']} <if test="$cnt['total'] == 1">{$this->lang->words['delete_account_request']}<else />{$this->lang->words['delete_account_requests']}</if></a> </if>
  8. Something is wrong. Now users who can't access the Admin CP (moderators) see only numbers (for example 1) without text "Account Delete Request"
  9. and find in xml: - line 347 - line 53 and find file deletemyaccount.php (in public_html/admin/applications/members/modules_public/ajax) and change line 59. Am I right?
  10. It does not work well because the new tab on ModeratorCP will not appear but still you can see text: X Account Delete Request X Account Delete Request = X Żądanie usunięcia konta
  11. I can't edit my previous post but I have next suggestion: ability send email to user with information: the account is deleted or request wasn't accepted
  12. Yesterday I bought this hook. Good job. Could You do in the next release one thing: ability (in ACP) which groups can approve new request. For example: only Admins and Junior_Admins can approve new request and delete accounts, but Moderators can't do this. It would be very useful.
  13. Names of the months are hardcoded
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