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  1. People typically complain shoutboxes steal activity from forums. Having shouts stored as forum posts would take the best of both worlds (like a floating topic). No relation.
  2. Thoughts on storing shouts as replies to a predefined existing topic (possibly one populated with only shouts)? Be it as a duplicated copy of the regular shouts, or directly submitted into the topic.
  3. When new sections in the forum and ressources get added, clearances are not get fully updated. Try grabbing ressources you're supposed to be able to (like Cleancut skin/ipseo/nexus addons).
  4. - Random 'follow' options, especially the public display of watchers. - Ignoring individual or all signatures. A unique feature many would likely appreciate. - Liking posts. - The subtle postcontrol buttons (displaying them clearly only after hovering the post). Keeps the content in focus, and distractions away. - 'Avatar' display on forum and topic indexes. - ...and while at it, the notification of new replies while you're posting. - By far, the option to display either of your pictures as the global photo instead of random dicerolling avatars next to posts in the regular theme and exclusively use photos absolutely everywhere else (even in the mobile theme).
  5. A welcome improvement. Surely all IPS products would get the update? (even without wysiwyg) Thinking shoutbox, chat, blog, tracker...
  6. That'd actually be a safety (against tag cloud poisoning) and much less ressource-wasting. So, autotags, no thanks.
  7. Does that mean avatars will be the default picture used everywhere (also in mobile skin) except within user profiles? On an aside, thumbnails for those (like for photos) would be welcome.
  8. Tags could be later tied together across apps. It would be too soon for that as its IMO what has stalled this for so long (blog tags werent extended into board). Add tags for individual apps. When done, then we'll talk about the possibility of tying those together across the suite.
  9. One more vote from voiceless peasants. However, keep them separate between applications, no 'integration' (tying tags to other apps strikes me as complete nonsense). Tags exist for blog, the same could just as well be done for threads. Where's the alleged difficulty? Tags created for threads arent necessarily any relevant to nor welcome for IPC, blog, downloads...
  10. Keep every component separate. Any decent FTP app or server OS will merge folders (and even if they did, you should be prompted for a choice). Out of curiosity, how do you think the 'suite' should be versioned, since components are not all updated at once? (putting aside the issue of separate support expiration dates for IPB modules)
  11. While not functionalty I would use, I have to express amazement at the ease of use and integration here. Is Plesk on the table?
  12. 3.2? I believe it was mentioned that slimming down for better usability was planned. Blogs and Gallery went that way already, so it shouldnt be surprising that the regular board would follow. Especially with how much interest people online displayed for that. In fact, I take slimming down was allegedly considered before xf showed its mug. For quotes, google, the integrated IPB search and 'find my content' are your friends.
  13. Kinda sad to see people crusading against basic features that benefit those who use its organisation and search filtering merits. Even if implemented, prefixes would already be 'off by default' (since no prefixes are created). 'guess haters still gonna keep hating. Observation can lead to all sorts of conclusions or actions from IPS. Rushed comments may ruffle the feathers of either customers or the modder. There's still no reason why such core features would be the exclusive domain of any person or, by virtue of existing, should forbid IPS from implementing this important feature. Mirrored features in forum apps tend to be so due to used features from other software. If vbulletin users looking to migrate need prefixes, thats reason enough already to have it (the usefulness of prefixes shouldnt be considered limited to only existing customers among those who use prefixes, and who by chance found this thread and posted comments as well).
  14. Basing your livelihood on features that easily can join the core featureset any moment is bad risk assesment in the first place. Even moreso with valuable basic functionalty. IPB still needs to provide a way for users of others scripts to migrate to IPB (not migrating prefixes would count in my book as data loss across migrations). For forums that significantly rely on prefixes, that alone would be a showstopper. If you hate profixes, by all means dont use them, just as any other feature you dont feel like using (and which still dont constitue "bloat"). Its not like an installer for this mod is being snuck into IPB packages and needing to be separately installed. Much more valuable functionalty was available as mods (commercial ones, even), and that didnt stop IPS from introducing the same, nor should it have, after all.
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