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  1. Your login requires email address and you have inserted display name, please insert email address for the ACP credentials. Please also be sure to be PHP 8.1. As you're on PHP 8.0 right now.
  2. What Randy is talking about would be on your server, not in our software.
  3. The language is very secure that is why 😄 Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention! I can confirm this should be further reviewed and I have logged an internal bug report for our development team to investigate and address as necessary, in a future maintenance release.
  4. As Randy mentioned, this is not something which we support, nor do we recommend it. There is a ton of potential for mistakes and errors. If your hosting provider has verified that in the database copy that had the crashed search index table has no other crashed tables. Have you tried regenerating like Nathan suggested above? Assuming no other tables are corrupted, that may be the solution you're looking for here.
  5. Apologies for the confusion. Just for clarity, this is what I was referring to but either works as they lead to the same place: Glad to hear you were able to resolve the issue. While I understand you're not happy with this change, it is actually done to ease the support process and make it easier to find answers yourself and get help faster. For years, we have been saying that forums are an amazing resource for support but have never used it, value answers sat behind tickets, never to be reused again, along with our community laid to waste. We decided about 2+ years ago now to transfer all the start of technical support from tickets to forums; essentially "eat our own dog food" type scenario. We sent out emails alerting all our clients of this change and posted in our community here. Many had the same mentality as yourself, it was a downgrade, support will be horrible, etc... I think a lot of those individuals, after actually using it now prefer our community/forum support over tickets as they can find/get help faster and compare what they're facing to previous issues. As you have seen here, a very high percentage tickets are still handled by our staff (hi, I am a staff member 🙂 ) . However, we do have third party providers who provide third party services who tend to answer as well and that is benefit too because you get aware of their services and get assistance from them. Then we also have clients who just like being here and interacting/helping everyone. Just like on your community, people like to help others and discuss something that bond them together for no real monetary gain. That is what makes a healthy community, and, in this case, it is centered around our product. Sorry, believe there is a misunderstanding here or misremembering. Even in our previous support pattern of allowing tickets first, we did not provide support for hosting environments, such as PHP, database, etc... That has not changed as we moved to this community pattern. If you have questions on software requirements of the server, etc... we can answer that, but we cannot tell you specifics about your hosting environment or how to configure/perform an action in them. That is for your hosting provider to perform or tell you. If you do not have a support contract with your provider, you may wish to hire a server administrator or switch to our Cloud platform where you won't have to worry about those items. Also, in the classic support forum that we're in now, we do allow server-based questions to be answered by fellow clients so you could post that up here and gain insights. Ultimately, while we do not directly support server environments, there's no reason to struggle on your own. You have options. Apologies, this is indeed something to improve on in the software. Those not using UTF8MB4 are few and far in between and may have missed the upgrade step where it was required to change. I will bring this up internally. As mentioned above, this is indeed a gap in the software and of that, few and far in between are not using UTF8MB4. However, is indeed something we need to correct.
  6. Check that you have all files up to date. You disabled any third-party applications/plugins. You are on PHP 8.0 or 8.1.
  7. This looks like a template file being executed incorrectly. What is the 500 Internal Server Error which you are receiving?
  8. I will address this before your support concern as there is some confusion here. Your account has not been downgraded. You still get the same great support that you used to before except it is now started here via our community. Not only will our staff be attending to your requests but also our clients (handy when you have an issue outside our support hours). You can also search our trove of support requests here for similar to issues like yours (like the below). Our staff still have the ability to securely access your community via the stored details in the Client Area or transfer your topic to a ticket if it requires further attention from our developers. In accordance with the below topic, please go to ACP -> Support and ensure that your database is in UTF8MB4 and in InnoDB.
  9. I’m afraid, the software is pulling directly from your php configuration used for where the software is located. You will want to have them check if multiple versions are on your server or if you have a separate configuration file elsewhere causing this variation.
  10. Pages Databases implements our review system so you can certainly create a database system. Create a Database for like "products" or whatever you want your users to review. Create a new record of those and then they can provide a rating and review to it. You can read more about our Pages application in our guide below: https://invisioncommunity.com/4guides/pages/core-concepts/introduction-to-pages-r149/
  11. This is available in a few areas: On registration a user can opt in or out. Through the widget, the user can opt in or out. Then in Account Settings -> Notification Settings -> Newsletter. Then, obviously, when the user receives a bulk mailing, there is an unsubscribe option.
  12. It never has. You're more than welcome to suggest that though in our Feedback forum.
  13. That would be for your hosting provider or server administrator to tell you as this is part of your PHP configuration, not the software configuration.
  14. Currently, only Forums topics and posts can be anonymous.
  15. This is indeed the same place: You can try exiting, clearing browser cache, and coming back in if you are not getting the above.
  16. When going to the upgrade page, I am no longer seeing the issue about the date / time function but rather just a session issue: We were unable to start a PHP session. You will need to contact your host to adjust your PHP configuration before you can continue. The error reported was: session_start(): Failed to read session data: files (path: /var/cpanel/php/sessions/ea-php71) If you are indeed running PHP 8.1, likely the path listed in your php.ini is incorrect for sessions as lists PHP 7.1: /var/cpanel/php/sessions/ea-php71 Please contact your hosting provider or server administrator to correct this and ensure that the path listed in the php.ini for sessions exists and is writable.
  17. As instructed by your hosting provider, you would also need to change the username. Sorry, database restoration is a hosting provider task as they have the tools, access, and responsibility to do so for your database. As a software provider, we are limited to assisting in such tasks. You would need to work with your hosting provider to find a backup where the table has not crashed, if they cannot restore it.
  18. That is correct. You would go in and edit the Administrator permissions for your account and save. This should, hopefully, tell the system to resave with full permissions.
  19. I'm afraid, we would not be able to provide support for any data inconsistencies which stem from third party add-ons. As the copying via a third-party add-on caused the Mod Queue anomaly, this would be outside our scope of support and up to the third-party author to resolve. If you delete the forums/topics/posts which you copied via this third-party add-on, it may resolve your issue.
  20. Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention! I can confirm this should be further reviewed and I have logged an internal bug report for our development team to investigate and address as necessary, in a future maintenance release.
  21. Would apply the patches which are present in ACP -> Support. Then also save the Administrator permissions that you are a part of as that is really odd that those are gone. Unless someone has manually modified your files to remove those buttons, I do not believe we have an option to remove those.
  22. Would ensure you're using PHP 8.1 and then also check to ensure that your server is inline with the requirements checker: If all is well, what Randy said will be required
  23. The configuration file can be found in conf_global.php . The database name and user can be set in that file. Please let us know if you need any further assistance.
  24. ACP -> Members -> Members -> Import Member List.
  25. Unfortunately, the reality here is that we do not know the way which items were copied or if there is an underlying issue there. Therefore, we would not provide support on something which was not done natively in the software. To answer the question about recounting posts, you can do this via ACP -> Members -> Members -> view any members -> go to Posts -> Recount All.
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