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  1. is there any way to hide an advertisement placement when a user is visiting on a mobile device? I have an ad block with two banners in it, so the "smaller version" option won't work, but the banners are too wide for mobile users and are breaking the mobile layout
  2. Interested in this plugin, but it hasn't been updated ina while. Does it still work? Is it still supported?
  3. Add Verotel and Authorize.net to payment methods and I'd be a buyer!
  4. We had a few more issues, but a final patch (coming to all boards in the next update) fixed our last problem and the board is now running smoothly. Was a good mix of old server software and a very large community to upgrade with a couple small invision patches, but Invision (and b.farber specifically) got it going for me.
  5. Figured it had to be there somewhere, thanks Meddysong! The broad permissions is good for now, though the user-selected feature would be great if Invision sees this and others agree.
  6. I can't seem to find where to set permissions for blogs in 4.0? I have many users that like to have their blogs restricted to registered and signed-in users and not the general public. Am I missing the permission table somewhere or is this a feature we need to suggest?
  7. Doing much better today. With Invision's advice my host fixed some things in sql and I am back to manually processing the tasks. Still about half a million posts to go... but I can see the light! Thanks for letting me get some frustration out yesterday - I was mentally and physically exhausted after babysitting the site for several days and nights to keep it up as much as possible. And yeah, I should have done a test upgrade. Thanks for the reminder. We did do backups, which we reverted to thrice. I guess I got lazy from years of easy upgrades from Invis. Like Lindy pointed out, this was my first major upgrade
  8. Requested Upgrade on 06/03 Upgrade Started on 06/16 after a delay caused by requirements not at that time updated on IPS's home page Since then we have had two failed upgrade attempts, and now have Tier II patching things by the minute as the server goes up and down with crashes, database lockups and more issues from the massive amount of background tasks that have to run. Each error comes with more delays while I wait for support to get to me and now 8 days later I have a non-functioning community that is down more than up and my members are raising hell and fleeing. My community suite is the core of my site and I am losing a lot of money by not having people on there to convert to customers. Badly need this worked out and I wish I could get a dedicated person at Invision to step-in and see this through to a complete and working upgrade. Not a patch or restart and then go away for me to have to call back again, but someone who won't quit until the process is complete and functioning 100% I've been a customer for 10 years and this is the first time I have had this level of frustration and downtime.
  9. Ecnad

    Error EX145

    Appears it was a crashed table in mysql. Was able to repair it. Will have to see if rest of Background Processes complete.
  10. Anyone know what error code EX145 means? Site has failed twice while in the background tasks portion of post-upgrade attempts. Working with Invision but it is taking forever and I'm suffering a lot of downtime on a very active forum.
  11. Ecnad


    Installed, and it created the tribute post in the proper forum, but no content block on the forum. I see a hook installed at the time I installed the module, but it is titled "v" and has no content
  12. Specifically when viewing the "new content" panel, myself and my members would like the option to opt-out of following certain forums so you only see the new content that interests you. For example: we have a role-play sub-forum whose topics are mainly meant for two-members to go back and fourth... so those not in role-plays would like to be able to exclude that forum from their new content list so they don't have to read through 50 threads not of interest or meant for them.
  13. Strange. Installed this on two boards. One works, the other won't. Settings are the same, board version are the same.
  14. Ecnad

    (DP33) Forum 18+

    When using the IP.Board Iphone app, this hook produces a blank screen with no way to continue.
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