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  1. We would need to review the given issue so whatever it takes for us to review it.
  2. Was the rule deleted? I am not seeing it present or have this user attributed to that rule.
  3. You will want to check your permissions in S3 as it cannot write in your given settings.
  4. I have moved this to a ticket to further investigate this for you. Seems unarchiving has completed but there are still some left over.
  5. It is provided as a means of what may have happened. Not a way to verify all. As mentioned several times in the topic, the hole here isn't the software but rather the human. Humans are using the same credentials on multiple sites and one of those other sites (not associated to IPS) gets breached, their credentials are now known. Thus, these spammers are logging in. The way around this would be implore Two Factor Authentication because this requires another set of actions to log in. This won't help past users but will help in the future. The other option would be to force password resets to all members but there is no guarantee that your users will insert already breached credentials.
  6. We are working with you on your ticket with this... Please be sure to reply there.
  7. Odds are their username is also in that breach.
  8. As mentioned several times in this topic, you will want to check to see if those email addresses have been compromised from other websites (non-IPS). You can look at https://haveibeenpwned.com/ Then take measures outlined in this topic.
  9. You would upload the full file set to the location of your community on your server, overwriting what is there. Then go to ACP -> System -> Applications to install your missing applications.
  10. This would indicate you're missing files so would want to do the manual upgrade.
  11. As you're updating from an old release, you may wish to perform a manual upgrade if the automatic upgrader is causing you problems.
  12. Yes. Users would supply their own answers, that is what makes it secure 🙂.
  13. You can select from a list or make your own questions. The user would select a question and insert their own answer.
  14. The install/upgrade utility will do a cursory check over your system. It also is available in ACP -> Support.
  15. MP3 and other audio files supported by browsers can be embedded in topics and played by the browser. The same goes for MP4 and other video files.
  16. In our Spam Defense settings, you are setting it up that every member needs to be manually reviewed prior to continuing on with validation settings. You will want to change this in ACP -> Members -> Spam Prevention -> Spam Defense. We recommend the following flow:
  17. You will want to read through the whole topic, as it discusses how spammers are logging into accounts which have had credentials compromised through other sites and posting spam on yours. Enabling Two Factor Authentication is the best way to combat this for the future. You may also wish to use the force password reset function, which is also discussed in that topic, on all members if you see this happening a ton.
  18. I would recommend reading through this topic here as it is related to this, if not the same issue:
  19. Custom buttons allow you to create what you want, like a button for a horizontal line. Stock replies are completely separate feature. You can also install CKEditor plugins.
  20. This is the purpose of the custom button 😉. You set it up in HTML but your users just click the button in the toolbar to evaluate it.
  21. It would take some server configuration and potentially break areas of the site plus be outside our scope of support. I wouldn't recommend it because it's a decent amount of work for a short-lived breath of freedom as the attackers will find it again. The best solution would be to simply block the incoming attackers at the network/server level via a firewall or advanced WAF.
  22. Could you please try clearing your cookies for your domain and seeing if that improves?
  23. Unfortunately, I am not able to reproduce this but thank you for reporting. We will try a few things on our end to see if this is still happening in specific areas. This is evident of a caching error, as detailed above. Could you please try clearing your cache and cookies?
  24. As mentioned here, please clear your browser cache as the issue has subsided since 4pm EST yesterday. Apologies for any inconvenience.
  25. Please ensure you are clearing your whole browser cache for your domain. Not just a keyboard shortcut to do so for 1 page.
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