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  1. Do you have rewrites enabled on your server? That would be the first thing you need to check there
  2. The only way to stop people from adding any search would indeed be to disable the search. There isnt really any way around that. What you could do however is to ensure you have a reasonable flood control enforced. That way it really shouldnt matter
  3. The first thing I would advise there is ensuring you are not using any 3rd party applications and running the default theme, before asking him to check again. If its then working, you would need to trace back which one is causing the problem. Also check he does not have any plugins running on his browser that may be causing this
  4. Ive just created a ticket for you that you will have got an email on. Could you please respond to that with the details needed instead? We can then take a look
  5. Thats what we're here for. Let us know if you dont see them going through once you have done that of course
  6. Please would you update your access details on file? We can then get that looked at for you
  7. Unfortunately there isnt really much we can assist you with. You would need to inform them that the URL is actually being altered by the email provider when its being sent
  8. Do you have an example search criteria, topic, and member? I can then take a look for you
  9. Yeah, unfortunately it was never posted in your ticket so there isnt anything I can really give you there, other than you stated they asked you to add something to DNS
  10. I can only really suggest contacting your hosting company at this point, as something there is amending the URL as you know, and they will very likely be able to tell you what causes that/how to switch it off
  11. No problem at all. Either that or ensure its not showing as I have done there. But ticket is no problem
  12. Just to clarify on this, our product is tested an built for on an apache based environment. Therefore technical support for non-Apache based web servers may be limited. We do not recommend or provide support for Windows server environments at all. Of course, we do have many users who decide to use alternative environments such as nginx, and there are people who even use nginx rewrite rules for example. But by doing so, you would have to bear in mind that at times, support will be limited as it can be caused by the environment rather than the platform.
  13. I see from your ticket this was being caused by an invalid content security policy in admin control panel > system > settings > advanced configuration, which my colleague has reverted for you.
  14. It looks like your hosting company stated to add that subdomain to your DNS, but you didnt state there if that was your solution. I believe this is a tracking option they have set
  15. Ive created a ticket on this for you so that we can take a look and see what is going on there. Someone will be in contact as soon as possible
  16. You would need to contact your email hosting company, as its them who are amending the URL there. If I remember correctly from hearing another customer talk about this, its related to tracking on emails, so it would be worth taking a look at that.
  17. Taking a look in chrome here as an example, you should be installing the application in order to get system notifications. Could I confirm this is what you are doing?
  18. Unfortunately your site URL is not showing up on file for me to check this, but please could you confirm the version of our product you are using? We do not have a 6.2 as mentioned, so Im assuming here you are referring to 4.6.2? If so, you need to upgrade your site first of all and test this again, as you are a few versions behind there
  19. If your site is quiet, its likely these are not running through, as by default they will run with traffic. So if there is no traffic, they wont run. You would be best to set up a cron job on your server to run these. Please see the following guide on ways in which to run tasks on your server https://invisioncommunity.com/4guides/advanced-options/configuration-options/task-methods-r343/
  20. Also please disable any plugins you may be running on your browser which may be causing this
  21. The only way in which to do this at present would indeed be to create 2 products. I will move this ticket to our suggestions forum so that it can be considered. Based on what you have said there though, it sounds to me like its not actually 2 different costs for the product that you need. It sounds more like something you want to add to the paypal payment method as a whole. Charging x% of the cost of an item for example.
  22. Just taken a quick look at your ticket there to see where we are at. As of yet we can see the issue happening, and can replicate, but it only seems to be on your site. This is still being investigated by our developers, but just wanted to give you a quick update
  23. Simply, there is no function for doing that without a working installation. I will see if we can get your ticket escalated to see if there is anything can be done with it for you.
  24. In the first instance, I would suggest visiting Support in the top right of your admin CP, and seeing if there is anything showing up as an inssue in there. Also, check to ensure you are not using any custom templates for your pages Failing this, we would need you to update your access details on file. Please also add your URL into the notes, as it doesnt appear we have one on file
  25. Glad you managed to find something you would like there
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