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  1. You cant see the similar content block, because the similar content block is already on that page in the top right. Its not showing anyhing, because there is nothing it deems to be similar
  2. Please disable 2 factor authentication, or add question & answers, adding these to your client area, so we can log in temporarly
  3. I would need to know which site, so I can take a look for you. If its not already on the page then it should be available.
  4. If its only happening to yourself, I would suggest contacting your email host on this, as its very likely they are blocking your emails
  5. That sounds simply like its cache that you are seeing, nothing more really. I would need to know the user
  6. Courses are really build around members doing the course and being marked as having completed it, so they havent really been built for use by guests
  7. Looks like there was an issue on one of the nodes somewhere, which has been resolved and we're monitoring
  8. That would be correct. They can view the course, but not the lessons themselves
  9. Thanks for getting back to me. I will pass on the information so someone can take a look
  10. There are no known issues on cloud at present, no. Is there any particular action you are seeing this on more than others?
  11. You have a lot of javascript errors relating to content security policies, which is likely what is causing you problems
  12. Did you change the conf_global.php file as stated, and does it still show this in the support area?
  13. If you go to System->Settings->Login & Registration, you can change where that button points to, by changing the 'Allow new registrations?' setting to point to an external site
  14. Alternatively, you can add an alternative contact within your client area, with a different email, and contact us using this
  15. For others, this requires the country prefix, so ensure this is added. I have however opened a bug report to see if we can validate this better
  16. Thank you. Just responded and we can take it from there
  17. Do the above, and once you have found the problem item, you will need to contact the author to correct this, or remove the item
  18. You would need to change this within the stream settings for whatever stream you are looking at. If you take a look at the following guide, you will see how do amend these to your liking
  19. As mentioned above, I need both the item of content and the person who is getting those
  20. As mentioned, please upload all of them. If you are missing one, the chances are you will be missing others
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