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  1. Hi Adriano, This is not a big deal, just a pesky cosmetic thing... but I thought I'd let you know. On the landing page for tutorials (v2.5.2) if you hover your mouse over the description of any tutorial (not the picture) you get a link balloon popup that repeats the words of the description including the html code. See attached.
  2. I am trying to update to latest version released today (from 1.4.0 to 1.4.1) through the marketplace using IPB v4.5 and the update fails with: Sorry, you do not have permission for that! 1S111/1 Column 'cg_crowdfundingspertime_period' cannot be null any thoughts? I am signed into the Marketplace as well as running as a full admin. Just to test, I siged out of Marketplace and back in again, but still the update continues to fail.
  3. Yeah... I've done a complete reversal on this after thinking on it for several hours. I should have paused and given it some more thought before only seeing it as a negative. This new change will work just fine. Thanks for the positive reinforcement, it's appreciated.
  4. Thanks! I'll keep an eye out for the new version.
  5. Ok.... I've played with it some and I see the setting is "persistent" and that's a little better. At first, I was thinking you'd have to login in publicly each and every time and then go to account settings... yada yada yada... Which would have been a nightmare. I guess this is the end of switching visibility around as I know I'll never remember to turn visibility back on under this new scheme.
  6. So... they have to login "publicly" and fully visible to all; then navigate to account settings and hide themselves? I am sorry, but that makes zero since to me. Granted.... having the ability in the account settings is nice for those that need to switch to annoyance while already signed in.... but, for those of us who like to just log in quickly to do or check something and then leave without anyone noticing we are there... that option is now gone. And, people will see us before we ever make it to account settings to hide ourselves. One step forward... three steps back.
  7. Maybe I missed an announcement somewhere.... but, what happened to the "login anonymously" check box on the default login form? In version 4.5 (using default template it's completely gone after upgrade. Yet, that very option still remains under the group settings in the ACP (to give user groups permission to login anonymously). How can they login anonymously... if you strip the option from the login form?
  8. Hi Adriano, Just an FYI.... On the latest version of Quizzes available through the Marketplace, 1.5.0 there seems to be a minor appearance issue with the buttons on the quiz result page using the default Invision template. Perhaps the buttons are not uniform for another reason that I am not aware of just yet. Not sure, but I thought I'd give you a heads up anyways in case you did not mean for it to be that way. I fixed it on my install by editing the Quizzes > front > view > resultQuiz template.
  9. So does this mean that "self hosted server licenses" will be phased out at some point? It sure seems like that's very much on the table.
  10. Thanks... I keep an eye open for the 4.5 version.
  11. Hi, I just wanted to point out that this is still an issue in version 3.1.0. Are there any recommended workarounds besides turning off image links? The above quote seems to reference actions that can be performed in the ACP and then fails to list any. I temporarily removed the {{if $table and $table->canModerate()}} code from the recordRow template, which eliminates the checkbox that does not work properly. But that seems a little counter productive. It's true that it's not critical, but it's one of those little things that with time... becomes increasingly annoying.
  12. No worries, like I said I found a work around for the issue.... I just create it as a paid raffle, assign it to a quiz and then convert the raffle to a giveaway and the quiz function still works. It would just be easier to not have to go through the extra conversion process. But I do think you missed something in my earlier point.... You are correct it would not make any sense if they could just click the "participate" button in the raffle section - which is why I "lock" the giveaway / raffle tied to the quiz as I mentioned before. With the giveaway raffle locked, they cannot just go to
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