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  1. Browse Guidelines, Staff and Online Users It does not make sense to me for having them in the same place in the menu as Forums, Gallery, Blogs, Calendar. Somehow they do not fit together. Maybe move them next to Activity Stream and Mark site read as before? Or somewhere else? Or add separator in the menu, even something simple like | ? In this way the 2 groups can be separated. CC: @Charles
  2. It loads pretty quickly for me. I do not see any significant speed issue at the moment.
  3. Few answers by Charles that helps clarify further ​ ​ ​
  4. Thanks for clarifying @Lindy! This helps me understand much better! I will open support requests then for few different important items that are impacting my community, rather then waiting fixing in the Bug Tracker.
  5. Hello IPS, In the last weeks, there seems to be not so much attention paid to the Bug Tracker as before. Bug Tracker has now 20 pages of bugs and they seem to keep growing. I have not seen so many pages with bugs untouched/unresolved in the recent past, or at least I do not remember. And I start to be a bit worried. It looks to me that you guys suddenly decided to focus all/most of your efforts on something else (support tickets, main site upgrade, next version with new features like 4.1 or something else maybe?). I guess it is a strategic decision, but some more clarity would be much apprecia
  6. Exactly. This is a solution if you have one block only. But I have multiple ones.
  7. I really need this option back again. It was present in 3.4.7 - where I can hide some forums from search results, make them non searchable and not appearing in the New Content section. The use case is that my community is focused in one direction and then we have few forums that are not so important for most of the members of the community but very active for different reasons. Most people of the community do not care and do not want to see many posts/topics daily in these non important forums. I use widgets to hide such posts/topics, but still they appear in the New Content section and flood
  8. Great, thank you! Looking to hear from you!
  9. @Adriano Faria, I just installed and this is helping me very very much! Thank you! One issue though, it shows ok Featured Products, but when I choose New Products, it does not work. It shows blank widget with text Error on top right. Can you help? I'm with 4.0.3. Is the plugin tested with 4.0.3?
  10. I just finished configuring my Commerce 4.0 store and it works perfectly ok. I have one important suggestion. I really would love to have a field for extra info about the shipping method. In that field I could just fill free text in WYSIWYG mode about any specifics for the shipping method. And during checkout this info to be presented to the client in case the shipping method is chosen. This is important for cases like ours where shipping has some specifics and payment is done to the shipping company. Please consider this suggestion for the future dev of the product! This will be very helpful
  11. Yes, I got it too! 6 messages. @Lindy can you please delete all messages/conversations from this account?
  12. estan


    See this bug: http://community.invisionpower.com/4bugtrack/402-guests-cant-show-all-forums-r5327/ Please submit a support request.
  13. Hmm, seems I was not right. URL submission for downloads is a group settings. See attached below. So, we are all good I guess. The option is available in IPS 4.0
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