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    Robert Angle reacted to Adriano Faria in Invision Community 5: Tagging Reinvented   
    I would add the ability to set my own order of tags (in the content item) if I don't want to order them alphabetically. I was also hoping for multiple prefixes, colors, etc.
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    Robert Angle reacted to Matt in Invision Community 5: Tagging Reinvented   
    Added a note on your account, thanks! 😂
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    Robert Angle reacted to Matt in Invision Community 5: Tagging Reinvented   
    Invision Community v5 takes a fresh approach to tagging and content discovery. It overhauls the concept to bring content across different sections together with a beautiful new tag page.
    Tagging is a powerful concept but underused with Invision Community 4 due to overly complex interfaces in different areas of the suite, a confusing open tagging model option and no real benefit in content discovery beyond a simple list of content items.
    A driving force behind Invision Community 5 is the question of how we can help time-pressured community members find the content that most interests them.
    Invision Community has robust taxonomy through forum and category structures, but what about content in less visible areas such as Blogs, galleries or Events? How can we bring those together to homogenise the type of content and focus on the content itself?
    Taxonomy via tagging across all applications in the community suite is the answer. However, we needed to re-approach how tagging was implemented in the Invision Community to bring our new vision to life.
    Out with the old
    The current tagging system is implemented loosely, allowing open tagging, which is more akin to hashtags than high-level taxonomy. Allowing forums, albums, and blog categories to define their own tags turns tagging into more of a status label, which does nothing to help bring disparate content together.
    In with the new
    With a new focus on taxonomy and content discovery, we set about rebuilding tagging for Invision Community 5. The UI to tag items is the same, but now each defined, globally available tag has its own page with cover image and ability to feature items within that tag page.
    A uniform approach to different content items in the UI breaks down the barrier between content types and focuses solely on the content.
    Tags featured on its page are automatically displayed on the community Featured Content page.
    Finally, tags can now be followed, allowing your community to get a daily or weekly digest of all new tagged items, bringing people back to read more of the content they love.
    Let’s take a closer look
    In Invision Community 5, all tags are defined in the Admin Control Panel. The ability to use open tagging and per-node tags has been removed, but don’t worry—the upgrade system will offer conversion for those tags.

    Once defined, the tags are available for all content types and feature on a dedicated new tag page. This page features cover photos and more information on the tag via a description.
    Content from across your suite will be displayed on this page. If a single piece of content has multiple tags, it will appear on every relevant tag page making it easy to have content in multiple areas.

    If you want to permanently or temporarily feature individual content, perhaps your latest news or product release, you can do so right from the tag page. Featured content will show on the community’s Featured Content Page.

    Blurring the lines
    Now that we have an attractive and focused page for each tag, we can start to blur the lines between applications and, indeed, forums and categories, offering a new way to organise content.
    For some communities, the need for multiple forums to categorise content is diminished, and instead, tagging can be used to separate and find content from across the community.
    Tags can be featured in the menu system, offering new ways into your community for new visitors, regular community members, and even those who visit daily.

    Invision Community 5 is fearless in challenging past decisions or streamlining features to make them stronger and more focused. Our new approach to tagging takes a vague and underutilised concept and pushes it front and centre in any content strategy.
    How will you use it in your community?

    View full blog entry
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    Robert Angle got a reaction from SC36DC in Introducing Live Topics   
    I hope you consider it in the future, even as an additional paid add-on. 
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    Robert Angle reacted to annadaa in IPS usage feedback   
    I initially used IPB around 2010, then again about 5 years ago, more for fun. However, I continued to follow the evolution of IPS and today, I am starting a serious and monetized project with a community.
    Currently, in rebuilding a site with IPS, I am noticing significant progress from the team. The introduction of a gamification system, improved ergonomics, push notifications, and the recruitment of Ehren are major advances to stay at the forefront of UI and UX design, as well as for PWA integration.
    In the past, with IPB 4, we had grievances regarding the design, mobile navigation, and the absence of a dedicated app. These issues are now resolved, eliminating any hesitation to stay on this platform rather than looking for another to manage a community.
    Regarding the marketplace, I remain optimistic, convinced that even without development expertise, the decisions made by IPS aim to improve and accelerate the product's evolution, while reducing bugs.
    This contrasts with WordPress and its vast user base, where major changes are risky and can hinder development due to the many interferences between applications and updates.
    Despite debates on the number of user applications available on IPS, the possibility to install applications remains, ensuring their availability for a few more years since they have not been completely removed.
    There are aspects that we must accept and adapt to.
    Apart from the absence of an Elementor-type editor, available on WordPress, I do not perceive a significant gap in IPS's current offering. This feature, although not urgent, could be added to enrich content management without impacting the ability to maintain a community.
    I believe we must stop seeing IPS solely in terms of forum installation, but more so today in terms of member and group management, as well as interaction between them. So even if forum participation may decrease, there are still many possibilities to use that can facilitate support, interaction, and individual tracking within the community.
    That's why I hope the upcoming products will allow for better online meetings directly on the site, live quizzes, coaching, personalized assistance, interaction within clubs, etc.
    Unfortunately, and maybe I'm wrong, IPS is not used and known to the extent that it should be despite being a very stable product. Many turn towards WordPress filled with plugins from different builders (thus bugs), and to try to build a community, which IPS already does in its core with group and member management and is surely less expensive when adding an app for gamification, another for the community, etc.
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    Robert Angle reacted to opentype in Feature request: better control of bulk mails per time   
    There is already the BULK_MAILS_PER_CYCLE constant to solve issues with hosts that have trouble with many emails at once. 
    Equally, if not more important, is how many emails are sent in a given timeframe. It’s normal for hosts and email services to have some kind of limit in that regard, but with the way IPS sends out bulk mail, it unpredictable when these limits are being hit and there is no way around this problem when the limits are hit. 
    I suggest a solution like a MAX_MAIL_CYCLES_PER_TASK constant or setting to limit the amount of cycles run each time a cron is being fired. So, for example, I could set 1 run of 100 emails with the cron running every minute resulting in 1000 mails in 10 minutes. 
    I understand that IPS isn’t all that focussed on features that would only help self-hosted customers, but it seems like an easy implementation which could help a lot of users. It’s actually the behaviour that people are already expecting. 
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    Robert Angle reacted to Marc Stridgen in Banned User - Can still react to posts... how do I stop?   
    I would need an example of that member. If they are still able to react, I suspect they are not actually banned, as they would only be able to see the ban message
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    Robert Angle got a reaction from SJ77 in Two Accounts - Same Username & Email Address   
    I recall @SJ77 experiencing a similar issue....
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    Robert Angle reacted to Marc Stridgen in Two Accounts - Same Username & Email Address   
    Indeed. Unfortunately we could not replicate it there either
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    Robert Angle reacted to Jim M in Moderator should be disallowed to edit other staff profiles   
    Whether someone is paid or not, they are still representing your “company” so I would still suggest vetting that individual and formalizing the relationship to a degree. If little things like this are making you think twice on someone, it’s likely for the better you don’t make them a moderator. Or vice versa, if you as an admin are having second thoughts relinquishing control over small things like this, are you ready for/need staff or can you get by with the bare minimum? There are a lot more critical details staff will need access to as you grow so plan how that gets attributed/promoted too.
    I don’t think many people know this but many of the IC staff became staff through having communities of our own. So I don’t mean to say these things from a “I know better” place but we do have real world experience, yet are happy to be proven wrong or if there are other scenarios.
    I typically don’t have a “contract” for my community staff but a do/don’t list, minimum tenure before becoming staff, quick questionnaire wouldn’t be unheard of, training steps starting them out, etc… all a good time for you to vet them further or for them to opt out 😉 .
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    Robert Angle reacted to Jim M in Moderator should be disallowed to edit other staff profiles   
    To play devil's advocate here: Why make them a mod if you do not trust them to not do something like this though? Especially, something small like editing a profile of another staff member on the front-end. If you can't trust them not to do this, you can't trust them not to do something on moderating a topic.
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    Robert Angle got a reaction from WebCMS in Moderator should be disallowed to edit other staff profiles   
    Make it a Staff policy, and then fire them if they do 😄
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    Robert Angle got a reaction from Daniel F in Moderator should be disallowed to edit other staff profiles   
    Make it a Staff policy, and then fire them if they do 😄
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    Robert Angle reacted to igniteyourfeelings in Sub-admin group unable to edit profile   
    Check over their group ACP restriction if they have this 4 checked on :
    Since they are considered as being "admins", they need the permission to edit admin accounts for the profile picture + other informations.
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    Robert Angle reacted to Jim M in Sub-admin group unable to edit profile   
    Could you please provide an example user who cannot and we can take a look?
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    Robert Angle reacted to WebCMS in How to enable Publish Date for members while posting forum topics?   
    That's what it seemed like.
    I guess allowing members to specify future Publish Date would encourage them to post more with more freedom, like posting future news, etc. Suppose there is a new movie release on a future date, they could post a new topic with the future date inviting reviews and discussions from other members and when the date/time arrives, the topic would become visible. It would let them set up future topics and forget without having to post exactly when the topic is needed at which time they may not be available to post.
    For articles, they could line up to post articles in future leisurely when they have ideas instead of being able to post only when needed and there is no way to defer its publish date. It gives them more freedom and encourages to post more. Not having access to Publish Date/Time is too restrictive as members may not be available to post when needed.
    These are similar to posting blog entries in future or allowing members to comment on a topic without registering to encourage more registrations. All these would still go through usual moderations. Most members would be too happy to use the Publish Date/Time to their advantage and freedom if they are given an easy way to see/filter their scheduled content to make any edits and such.
    And with config settings to control publish date, the default behavior could be retained with ability to grant access to these fields to members and other groups.
    These changes would bring consistency across various modules and expected behaviors.
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    Robert Angle got a reaction from Marc Stridgen in tage   
    If you just want to award "badges" that aren't connected to secondary groups, then create a custom profile field that only Staff can edit, and set that field to display with content submissions.
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    Robert Angle reacted to David N. in Move article comments to forum topics   
    Sometimes, new members mistakenly comment on an article when really their question is completely unrelated and belongs in a forum instead. I wish there was a way to move their comment to a forum. 
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    Robert Angle reacted to Jim M in User Post Missing...   
    Not sure what you mean by "never got to Intents" was that meant to read as Invision? If it never made it's way back to your community, it could be your firewall blocked Stripe's webhook request or the webhook is invalid. The log should be in Stripe if that's the case.
    Glad to hear you were able to resolve that!
    Unfortunately, the only possibilities are:
    The user was deleted after the email was sent. The user changed their email/display name after email was sent. A backup was restored after email was sent which the user does not exist.
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    Robert Angle reacted to Rich N in User Post Missing...   
    the mystery has been solved... as suspected by evidence it was never there, haha. The user posted on another forum in reply to the same user. 🤪
    Does not help explain the new user getting a email when the member record was not actually in the system thou.. but im going to overlook that unless I get another. 
    Other than that new spin up is working well. We did have a member try to process payment 2x (stripe) for an order, Just went to spinning gif and stuck, it it did hit Stripe API log for Payment Methods but never got to Intents. Nothing in Invision. Hoping it's his connection, see when he tries later. 🤷‍♂️
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    Robert Angle reacted to opentype in Post or article with guest comment enabled   
    There is no specific database-setting for that. You can only turn commenting on or off, set group permissions who can comment and you can decide if all comments are moderated or not. There is no exception to have just guest-posts moderated for a specific database. 
    For guest-specific settings, global posting settings would apply (e.g. Post before Register settings). 
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    Robert Angle reacted to Nathan Explosion in Cross-posting of Articles into Forum topics   
    Youre overthinking it there...
    EVERY field in a Pages database has a "topic format" field - make use of it:

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    Robert Angle got a reaction from WebCMS in Cross-posting of Articles into Forum topics   
    The forum copy of an article should be able to be an excerpt, truncated, with a URL to the full article, imo. 
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    Robert Angle reacted to Matt in users that are mod queued can edit topics without approval   
    Yeah, I think we can stick in a bug report for this. It does make a pretty big loophole for spammers and bad actors.
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    Robert Angle reacted to Marc Stridgen in users that are mod queued can edit topics without approval   
    This is correct at the present time. If a post is already approved, and the user has the ability to edit, they would indeed be able to edit that without moderation
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