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I initially used IPB around 2010, then again about 5 years ago, more for fun. However, I continued to follow the evolution of IPS and today, I am starting a serious and monetized project with a community.

Currently, in rebuilding a site with IPS, I am noticing significant progress from the team. The introduction of a gamification system, improved ergonomics, push notifications, and the recruitment of Ehren are major advances to stay at the forefront of UI and UX design, as well as for PWA integration.

In the past, with IPB 4, we had grievances regarding the design, mobile navigation, and the absence of a dedicated app. These issues are now resolved, eliminating any hesitation to stay on this platform rather than looking for another to manage a community.

Regarding the marketplace, I remain optimistic, convinced that even without development expertise, the decisions made by IPS aim to improve and accelerate the product's evolution, while reducing bugs.

This contrasts with WordPress and its vast user base, where major changes are risky and can hinder development due to the many interferences between applications and updates.

Despite debates on the number of user applications available on IPS, the possibility to install applications remains, ensuring their availability for a few more years since they have not been completely removed.

There are aspects that we must accept and adapt to.

Apart from the absence of an Elementor-type editor, available on WordPress, I do not perceive a significant gap in IPS's current offering. This feature, although not urgent, could be added to enrich content management without impacting the ability to maintain a community.

I believe we must stop seeing IPS solely in terms of forum installation, but more so today in terms of member and group management, as well as interaction between them. So even if forum participation may decrease, there are still many possibilities to use that can facilitate support, interaction, and individual tracking within the community.

That's why I hope the upcoming products will allow for better online meetings directly on the site, live quizzes, coaching, personalized assistance, interaction within clubs, etc.

Unfortunately, and maybe I'm wrong, IPS is not used and known to the extent that it should be despite being a very stable product. Many turn towards WordPress filled with plugins from different builders (thus bugs), and to try to build a community, which IPS already does in its core with group and member management and is surely less expensive when adding an app for gamification, another for the community, etc.

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Thank you for your feedback on the product. Quite often people will post feedback only to say what they dislike or what to change on a product, while remaining quiet if content. Thats fine. Its just the way of the world 🙂 So its nice to hear details on why someone likes the direction we have been taking

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